Monday, September 22, 2014

Honda Brio and Honda Brio Amaze

Honda releases its most affordable vehicles, the Honda Brio and the Honda Brio Amaze.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. recently launched its newest line of vehicles, the Hatchback Brio and the Sedan Brio Amaze. These models are currently priced at P599,000 for the 1.3 Brio S Manual Transmisson and P629,000 for the 1.3 Brio Amaze E Manual Transmission. Both models are available in automatic variant and still project Honda's high level durability, quality and reliability.

Honda Brio has a similarity with the Honda Jazz measuring 3610mm (length) 1680mm (width) 1485mm (height) with 2345 mm wheelbase while the Brio Amaze was designed in line with the City's concept, a longer hatchback version. 

Honda is settin a new standard in the small car segment with the launch of these new models and making it the most affordable from their vehicle line up.

Brio has a sporty black interior while Brio Amaze has the beige interior (those that you normally see in luxury cars). Both models have fog lights and chrome grilles features and comes with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen functions including Wifi Connectivity. 

Brio is an italian word for cheerful and energetic.

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