Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blink App now accessible to SMART and SUN Subscribers

Movie geeks out there will definitely love Smart Communications latest campaign as they partnered with Solar Entertainment to give their subscribers instant access to the largest video-on-demand streaming service, the Blink App

The Blink App is available both in iOS and Android phones. Other than than free live cable TV, it also has a large library of Hollywood movies, and TV series. 

The Blink app will also let you watch the upcoming Pacquiao-Algieri fight this coming November 23! For busy people like me who is always on the go, this feature is a big help. I get to watch the live broadcast on my phone without commercial break thus being able to write the event real time.

You no longer need a credit card! As long as you have a Smart or Sun load then you're all good and ready to stream. For postpaid subscribers like me, we can just charge it to our bill.

To subscribe, Just text Blinksports 199 to 3161 or 2354 for Sun.

You can also try these other categories:

KEYWORD CATEGORY                  Rate

BLINK 60                 Catalog Movie P 60.00
BLINK 99                 New Movie Release P 99.00
BLINK 250               Unlimited access P 250.00
                                  to all TV series 

After sending the keyword, you’ll receive an SMS with the purchase confirmation and the ePIN. Then log-in to and enter your ePIN as a promo code

Imagine not missing your favorite TV shows when you are still in the office or stuck in traffic or at the airport. You have something to do! 

Check the Blink webpage for more details: