Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Somebody to Love (Film Review)

'Somebody To Love' started a little messy but ended with a glow of warmth. Joey Reyes' brilliance in directing and script writing made sure it will have enough dynamism to keep it out of the rom-com bargain bucket. It was light and predictable but still ended charismatic and delightful.

There were a lot of times in the movie that it was just too cute and funny that you wouldn't care laughing without poise.

Jason Abalos character was boring and there weren't enough scenes for him to establish well his character. Isabelle Daza was lifeless all throughout the movie. But if that was really her role, Hey you are effective! Iza Calzado may have been over acting at times but still managed to become classy and charming.

The movie may have some blemishes but the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.

Lead Stars Carla Abellana and Matteo Guidicelli were really good to create lasting chemistry despite working from rival networks. When we can have a stake in seeing the couple together at the end, then we say that the movie is decent and worthy.

Commendable performances by Kiray, Manuel Chua, Cai Cortez and theater actor Vince de Jesus. 

Also Terrificic support from Ella Cruz, Albie Casino, Betty Gonzales, Maricar Reyes and Alex Castro.

'Somebody to Love' is enjoyable from moment to moment after the first quarter of the movie. It was smartly done and delivered without turning to cliches.

I just hope they can still change the trailer when they promote it on TV to make it more enticing. This movie is more endearing than most films in this category.

My rating is 3.8/5 and I'm recommending this movie!