Monday, August 4, 2014

Luke Jickain

I did an interview with Luke Jickain a few months back but I didn't have the time to actually sit down and write the article about him. Been really busy travelling and attending events that I've been becoming a little unfair to him.

Luke confessed during the interview that he was observing abstinence. He restraint himself from indulging to night-outs, drinking, sex and even masturbation. He wanted to achieve an inner peace by doing so and he did.

Luke has been in the industry for 13 years now. Most of those spent on modeling and doing campaigns for brands on tv, print and the runway.

He went to San Beda and studied Marketing and was discovered for Milo Commercial in 2001 while jogging. Luke believes he is more of an actor than a model. March of last year, he was included in TV5's Boracay Bodies, followed by Misibis Bay and Madam Chairman then Beki Boxer which recently ended. 

Right now, Luke has joined the Pilipinas Aguilas and has been training for the upcoming football game in Thailand this November.

Luke's first TV project was for Marina, as a love interest of lead actress Claudine Barretto. He also appeared on Imortal and Maria ladel Barrio.

Luke wants to become a character actor. He wants to show his talent in acting that he learned from Acting School for Film and TV in Manhattan New York. He knows that he can only enhance this skill through personal experience and workshops. 

What I like about Luke is that he wasn't cocky at all despite having that toned body and incredible sex appeal. He is sweet, funny and talkative.  He's also a good subject for interviews because he tells it all. Anything you want to know, he'll be more than happy to answer even the things he does in the shower. 

There's so much more about Luke that you need to know. Fall in love more with him on this exclusive video interview.


  1. Gwapo talaga ni Luke Jickain.. Crush na crush ko to morgy thank you sa article :)

  2. love ko talaga to si luke hehe he's into sports na din pala, model pa kaya pala super hot niya

  3. HOT!! kaya pala kasi may football na din siyang ginagawa gwapo talaga ng boyfriend ko hehe joke

  4. thank you sa article morgan! may bago nalaman about kay luke super fan super crush:)))

  5. Idol ko to pagdating sa pagmomodel ey hindi ko alam nagfofootball na din siya hahaha kaya sexy..

  6. Idol anung sekreto ng magandang katawan HAHAHA gayahin ko yang katawang yan..


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