Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FOX International Channels: Where Sports Goes BOOM

FOX International Channels (FIC) announced last Tuesday, August 15 its new sports platform, consolidating 3 sports channel, FOX Sports, Star Sports and FOX Sports Plus into FOX Sports Network as part of strengthening its brand and uplifiting sports broadcasting in the Philippines.

FOX Sports will remain FOX Sports airing football and other sports, while Star Sports will become FOX Sports 2 and will still feature tennis and baseball, FOX Sports Plus will be FOX Sports 3 showing martial arts and motosports and retaining FOX Sports Play and FOX Sports News, its sports program catch-up portal. 

All of these new channels will be available to Cablelink subscribers starting August 18 and hopefully this September for Sky Cable and Cignal Subscribers.

Other exciting things happening to FOX New Sports Channels to thrill sports fans:

1. PBA Games and playoffs with English Commentary.
2. AFF Suzuki Cup in November
3. A Pinoy version FOX Sports Central with a virtual studio set in High Street.
4. The Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana rematch
5. AFC Champions League

'Where Sports Goes BOOM!' is FIC's newest tagline to celebrate sports by giving full experience to sports fans. FIC Head Jude Turcuato also said "Fox Sports goes beyond the definition of boom by featuring not just literal hits and scores in sports but also the rush of the win, the euphoria of victory, and other emotions felt in the playing and viewing of sports'.