Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nice Day Coffee

Ellen Adarna is the new face of Nice Day Coffee. It comes in 3 variants; the Nice Day Coffee Cleanse which has 10 active ingredients that helps in cleansing the body, the Nice Day Coffee Slim, a 6 in 1 coffee mix that contains L Cartnitine and CLA Fat Burner which helps in shrinking the fat in the body, and the Nice Day Coffee White that will your skin a lighter and radiant complexion. 

Here is Ellen Adarna's Banned Coffee TV Commercial. Yes this is definitely hot but I don't think this is offensive for TV Viewers. Let me know your thoughts after watching this video!

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Here are the full products description:


- Nice Day Coffee Cleanse is a master composition of all the health beneficial sources from Ganoderma, the most nutritious medicinal mushroom, that actively combats cancer cell growth and proliferation;
- Grape Seed aids to improve blood circulation in the cardiovascular system resulting to lower cholesterol, hypertension prevention and protection of the blood vessels;
- Goji Berry, also called the "superfruit", is rich in nutrients and anti-aging properties also preserving vision and mental well-being;
- Cranberry safeguards the kidneys from disorders and reduces instances of urinary tract infections (UTI);
- Sylimarin recognized as "liver tonics", repairs and prevents damage of the liver fro toxic chemicals and medications; Spirulina, a microalgae turned "superfood", possesses natural detoxifying functions and immune boosting nutrients;
- Coconut Sugar as the healthier and natural sweetener preventing risks of chronic conditions such as diabetes, gallstones, cancer, heart diseases and obesity.

NICE DAY COFFEE SLIM 6 in 1 Coffee Mix

- Nice Day Coffee Slim is a safe and effective dietary coffee mixture that contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Fat Burner, L-Carnitine and Fiber that aids in weight management.
- CLA Fat Burner helps shrink the fat that is stored around the abdomen (belly fat) and thigh areas.
- L-Carnitine burns the fat and converts it into energy. It is important for hear and brain functions, muscle movement, and many other body processes.;
- Fiber promotes good digestive health and regulatory, enhances weight loss,reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
- Sucralose adds sweetness without the extra calories and carbohydrates.


- Nice Day Coffee White is a safe and effective coffee mixture that contains Glutathione and -  Collagen that radiates and lightens the skin.
- Glutathione contains important amino acids that provides antioxidant properties, improves immune function and metabolizes toxins and carcinogens in the body.
- These benefits may help treat or prevent certain health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and liver diseases.
- Aside from these functions, Glutathione also helps in skin lightening by blocking the tyrosinase activity within the skin preventing the production of melanin;
- Collagen is a multi-functional protein that improves skin hydration and decreases joint pains. It also sustains hydration in the skin; Sucralose adds sweetness without the extra calories and carbohydrates.