Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tune Hotel in KLIA2

I was very excited when I got the invite from Tune Hotels to join other International Bloggers across Asia and Australia to attend the Pyjama Party in its newly opened branch at the KLIA2 in Malaysia. I didn’t have any hesitation at all to go there despite the recent tragedy that happened to Malaysian Airlines. It was either I was too confident that I’ll get there safely or I knew I was just going to sleep inside the plane and I wouldn’t know if anything unexpected will happen.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur via Air Asia Zest with my friend Starmometer.com, Philippines #1 Entertainment Website on May 31st. We didn’t have a hard time looking for the hotel. It just took us a 10-minute walk via a linkbridge and a covered path to get to the hotel. There, Tune Hotels Social Media Manager Cindy Eliza Vaz and Rembulan Indira of Tune Hotels Indonesia met us and gave us a tour of the hotel and the airport. I also got the chance to meet Tune Hotel’s Marketing Manager Andrew Oon who I had previous conversation with on email about suggestions, comments and honest feedback about their hotels. I’m just glad on how they professionally handled situations and concerns. They make sure they act on it to keep customers’ loyalty and trust.

I have been to Tune Hotels in Manila for many times already so I would know right away what KLIA2 has that the franchised hotels and other branches didn’t have.

The hotel now has a spacious lobby designed to feature a better casual seating lounge with free wifi, and an expansive open-air courtyard lounge with a 24-hour restaurant and beverage center. The hotel includes a transport counter for overland transport needs and two AirAsia self-check-in kiosks and flight information displays with up-to-date information on arrivals and departures within the lobby making it so convenient and advanced. The hotel also has 167 parking bays which are located just a few steps away from the airport terminal.

Tune Hotels KLIA2 has innovatively transformed their 400 rooms into a modern-style accommodation. Every room has a sleek writing table which works perfectly for a writer like me. They also have now a luggage platform, the usual 32-inch flat screen LED TV and their 5 star quality bed and mattress which is my favorite. What I like about Tune Hotels is the way they strategically put up the hotels. Always near a train station, a shopping mall and restaurants.

My room had a nice view of the open-field. The internet connection was fast and the aircon was positioned well to not directly hit guests.

The Pyjama Party started at 6pm at the hotels courtyard lounge. 10 winners of the Tune Hotels’ #RoomerHasIt Facebook campaign were invited together with their family and friends to enjoy and join in for the celebration.

There I met International journalists and bloggers from Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia and Taiwan. We enjoyed the night with cocktail, laughter and a lot of picture taking.

We went to the heart of KL the day after the event riding the Express Rail Link KLIA Express train that connects to and from Kuala Lumpur Sentral. It was so convenient for travellers like us that you wouldn’t need a tour guide.

Foodtour Malaysia was waiting for us when we arrived at Tune Hotel Downtown KL. After checking in, we had a tour in the city and tried what Malaysia had to offer. I was mistaken to be a local because I look like a Malaysian Indian too. I love it whenever foreigners approached me and asked me for direction. I even pretended I was a local and gave them the instructions.

Tune Hotels Downtown KL is just a 5 minute walk from the train station. It’s near the famous Petronas Tower and Malaysia’s Menara Tower. It’s also very accessible to the magnificent Batu Cave and Bukit Bintang which is popular for great food in Kuala Lumpur.

I have always been vocal that I love Tune Hotels. I have been recommending them to my friends and followers because I know my name and my choice wouldn’t get compromised. Whenever I’m at Tune Hotels, it feels like I’m home away from home. I always get a VIP treatment and the nicest service. If you have been following me on twitter and been reading my articles, you would know that I have always been frank and honest with my reviews and thoughts. For a budget hotel, Tune Hotels KLIA2 is the best. I’m giving them 5 stars.

I wonder how do #TuneHotels in Australia, Japan and England look like… Can they still be considered a budget hotel even if located in a First World Country? Find out soon… I’ll make a research about it! I’m sure you would all love to hear about that.. Being in an expensive country but paying less for accommodation.

P.S. I used #TuneTalk simcard and #SmartRoaming for my internet on the road.

For real-time updates and promotion alerts, follow their Facebook at www.facebook.com/tunehotels and on Twitter via www.twitter.com/tunehotels

For booking and further information, visit www.tunehotels.com.


  1. nice post Morgan !! what a great experience ya...
    but look at your photo on Tune Downtown hahaha... "green polo shirt"

    1. The handsome guy on the right side? Was that you? Haha!