Monday, June 23, 2014

Atman: An Urban Day Spa

I've been trying to write about Atman Spa for the last couple of weeks but I didn't know how to start it until that cup of Ginger Lemon Tea they served me awhile ago after the relaxing massage I had. It was so good that I have now all the words I need to describe the Spa.

There are more or less 20 Spas in General Santos. I already tried more than half of them since I regularly have my massage 3-4 times a month. From that number, I can certainly say that Atman is by far The Best Spa in Gensan.

Once you get in the Spa, the front desk will automatically entertain you and give you a glass of Iced Tea. That alone is a very nice gesture in accommodating guests and customers. Welcoming everyone with a smile regardless of who they are, is indeed sweet and inviting. While drinking your Iced Tea, you can start choosing from the services they offer. It ranges from P300-P1000 depending on the packages you choose. 

 Atman Spa offers therapy and massage treatments in a heavenly and spacious ambiance in downtown Gensan. Here are some of their services:

Atman Signature Massage
- Infuses thai, swedish and shiatsu techniques.

Hot stone Massage 
- Excellent in bringing relief to stiff and sore muscles and to push away congestion and inflammation. The application of hot stone combined with oil massage also results to deep state of relaxation.

Bentosa Cupping 
- Glasses are placed on the skin with a candle’s flame creating vacuum and strong suction. It stimulates blood circulation and is an excellent stress-relief treatment.

Exfoliating Body Scrub
- Revel in sleek, fresh skin that's touchable and radiant, it contains green tea extracts and vit. E to help protect the skin and keep it healthy.

Aromatherapy Eye Pillows 
- Filled with all natural cassia seed, ginger, Cinnamon, lemon grass, lavender and pepper mint these eye pillows may help relieve headaches, sinus pressure, reduce eye puffiness, and calm your mind so you can fall asleep.

Right now their newest offering:

Infrared Sauna
- Guaranted to help you relax in comfort with an invigorating deep tissue sweat. Infrared rays provide a deep and gentle heating effect without undue burden to your heart.

After your massage, you can stay in their spacious lobby, drinking a complimentary delicious hot tea while enjoying their wifi. 

Atman Spa has 10 Female and 8 Male Therapists. Their management has already started rolling out required certification from TESDA to all of their therapists. This is an assurance to give you 100% Guarantee Satisfaction. 

Atman Spa is located at 1st Floor GP Johnston Building, Magsaysay Avenue, General Santos, Philippines. You may reach them by phone (083) 301 7891 or email them at You can also check their Facebook Page.

I am recommending Atman Spa simply because they are The Best Spa in Gensan. Go there now and try them. I'll be more than happy to take down this entry if you can find a better one than Atman. 

By the way Atman SPA is offering rewards for Foursquare Check-ins! Happy Hour Check-ins (1pm-4pm) pay only Php250 instead of Php300. If you become the Mayor of Atman SPA, you'll get a FREE Atman Signature Massage!

Also, you'll receive an Atman stamp for every single visit. On the 5th visit you will entitled to received a FREE Foot Bliss (worth Php200) and FREE Atman Signature Massage (worth Php300) on the 10th visit.


  1. atman spa gives great hospitaly and has a friendly employee's that will assist you inside the spa until you fully experience the relaxing massage. serve their hot tea that will make you feel satisfy after.

    the most handsome masseur named john in atman spa will give you the best massage you looking for! lol.!

    this site is so wonderful..!

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