Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bone and Barrel Bistro

Restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo opened a new dining place Bone and Barrel Bistro (BBB) in Eastwood Libis last October 2013.  The restaurant is inspired by his travels abroad and his passion for giving customers a new dining experience.

Bone and Barrel  Bistro (BBB) is a sister restaurant of  Blackbeard's Seafood Island  (BSI), the group that brought you  the  original  Boodle Feasts and the latest addition to its mother company,  the Red Crab Group of Companies.

Bone and Barrel Bistro's cowboy inspired dishes will surely titillate your taste buds with its aroma of flavors and guilty pleasures known as Steak and Shank Redemption.

BBB's core products are tapas,  steaks and  bulalos  co-created by Celebrity Chef Peter Ayson and Chef Neil Manuel.   Best sellers and chef's favorites include Mignon Skewers, Sirloin Tapa, Homemade Corned  Beef  Steak, Roasted Barrel, Fillet Mignon Skewers, Manolo's  Bulalo ala Pobre and  many more.

Bone and Barrel also showcases deliciously refreshing drinks such as shakes,  cocktails, flavored beers and hard drink mixes . BBB features  a selection  of  10 house-flavored beers. I tried their Salted  Caramel Beer and it was really good. They also have the Elder Flower (Gumamela) Beer and Wild  Berry Beer.  They also offer a selection of mixed drinks specialized  for the ladies like Hennessy Citrus.

BBB's modern cowboy interior makes it more inviting and relaxing.  It has dark wood interiors with a house music and a twist of country music.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated there the birthday party of Award Winning Actor and Host Luis Manzano with some of his online friends. They all agreed that it was the best place to hang out and unwind other than the delicious food they served.

You guys should go there and experience nothing but a good time like no other at Bone and   Barrel Bistro!