Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nash Aguas

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Aeign Zackrey Nash Victoriano Aguas in the entertainment world. He was 5 when he first joined the industry through ABS-CBN’s talent search Star Circle Quest where he was hailed as the Grand Kid Questor and Darling of the Press. Now that he is 15, he has also become as the Darling of the Teenagers!

Lately, Nash has been tagged as the next Daniel Padilla. A lot of times he is being compared to the teen king when it comes to charisma, image and to how he carries himself in the public. He humbly admits that Daniel is his idol and he still has a lot to show and prove before he gets that idol status.

I first met Nash during his Going Bulilit days when he was 7 or 8. He was so adorable then, a cute little boy who easily cries on Tv. His being a cry baby made him as one of the brightest child stars then and now as one of the best young actors in the country. That’s Nash advantage over other young stars. He can act and can deliver so well. Most likely he has developed his acting skill because of too much exposure on MMK with over 10 episodes.

Nash had a taping of ‘Luv U’ when I visited him at Casa Milan in Fairview.  The location was far but that didn’t stop me from seeing and interviewing this incredible young guy who was just once a little boy in my eyes. I was so happy to see him and that we finally had the chance to sit down and talk. I was caught off guard when I was asking him the questions on The Morgan Show. Some were not appropriate for his age that I had to remove or change in an instant. Like ‘When does he feel the sexiest?, or Does he like it lights off or lights on? or if He wears brief or boxers or What type of a lover he is?' Maybe few years from now I can come back and ask those questions. I still have the responsibility to protect him not just because he is too young for wavering questions but because I love and respect him as a person.

What’s amazing about Nash is that he is not aware of how famous and influential he is.  Many kids like him that they can make him trend on twitter every sunday.

Nash is very excited and happy that ABS-CBN has trusted him with his first lead role on TV, the remake of ‘Inday Bote’ with Alexa Ilacad. ‘Inday Bote' is a comics masterpiece of Pablo S. Gomez and was originally played by Maricel Soriano and William Martinez.  It will be directed by Wenn V. Deramas and will start airing anytime soon.

During the interview I've learned a lot of things about him. His fave band is My Chemical Romance and he likes listening to their dark music especially when he is stress or mad. He is not a fan of pizza. He likes Bicol Express and loves Cadbury Chocolates.  

I won’t make this long anymore so you can start watching my exclusive 15-minute one on one video interview with Nash Aguas. Apologies for how I sounded. I came from a Videoke Party the night before the interview that I lost my voice. Nevertheless, I’m definitely sure you will still love it and love Nash even more.

I'll be more than happy to hear your feedback! Kindly comment below! I will collect them and will show it to Nash. 

And to Nash! Thank You for your time and for granting me this interview! You maybe young, but You are already awesome! Thanks for being nice, humble and respectful! I'm sure you'll shine the brightest soon! 

P.S. Catch Nash every Sunday on ASAP and 'Luv U'. He is now endorsing BUM Equipment and Coca Cola.


  1. nice one sir morgan! such an adorable interview with nash aguas, hopefully u can consider having 1 with both alexa ilacad and nash aguas.pls do an interview wid them simultaneously. it wud be so much appreciated sir :D

  2. haha! love it sir buti na lng naitnung niu p fave chocolate nya,kng alm niu lng p ang kwento ng Toblerone lol

  3. he is so HANDSOME,CHARMING sabhin natin "NASA IYO NA ANG LAHAT" di kita maabot abot ....hope someday makita na kita,kayo ni alexa ...#1 FAN nyo akooo ingat lagi

  4. Thank you po for featuring Nash in this article :)) We, the fans, appreciate it so much :)


  6. wahhhh, thank you po for featuring nash =))) super bait niya po talaga. super proud po ako na isa ako sa mga nashies :) love you nash! mwa

  7. Gwyneth Nicole RoscoMarch 22, 2014 at 10:22 PM

    Sobrang Thank you po! Nash deserves everything.

  8. Thank You guys! Appreciate your feedback!

  9. Thank you for featuring Nash! :D I hope next time you can also interview Sharlene San Pedro, his love team during SCQ and Goin Bulilit Days.

  10. Thank you for interviewing Nash Aguas! :D I hope next time you can also interview Sharlene San Pedro, his co- bulilit star. Thank you! :)

  11. Thank you so much for feauturing Nash Aguas, I really had fun reading this article! ^^ I learned more about Nash with this! thanks ^^ Ps: I just saw this today. (sorry)