Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kathryn Bernardo

Here is the video of Kathryn Bernardo 's 18th Birthday Celebration on ASAP with her 18 men including the Teen King Daniel Padilla with photo from Jodi Herrera's twitter account.

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo Performs At the 5th SMDC Pyromusical International Competition

The 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition presented by SM Development Corp. (SMDC) was recently held at the SM Mall of Asia along the scenic Manila Bay. As always, the annual event put on a world-class spectacle of lights and colors staged by some of the world’s leading pyrotechnic experts.
Painting the Manila sky with bursts of vivid color, this year’s winners include: Canada’s Royal Pyrotechnie as grand champion; China’s Liuyang New Year Fireworks as First Runner Up and United Kingdom’s Jubilee Fireworks as Second Runner Up.
Performing the night’s finale is SMDC’s Sarah Geronimo singing this year’s anthem “STAR LIFE.”

Living The Star Life

A successful all-around artist - a captivating singer, a box-office actress and a stunning live performer – Sarah is every bit the epitome of a true star. She is the perfect endorser to champion SMDC’s thrust of giving its buyers the taste of 5-star living.
With all her years in local show business, Sarah has become one of the country’s brightest stars. Her talent and professionalism has kept her at the top of her game; but that she has remained grounded despite all her success truly makes her a role model – indeed one of the good guys.

To step up the campaign to inform all its potential buyers that they can live the life of a star and enjoy luxury living in all SMDC properties, Sarah has already released a new single called “Star Life.”

I’m thankful that I am part of the SMDC family,” Sarah says. I’ve always been passionate about music and it is really my first love. So I’m very lucky that I was chosen to be part of SMDC’s music marketing campaign.”

Of the song, Sarah shares, “It has a very positive message and it is very aspirational to those who hear it. When I listen to the song, I am inspired to really try and achieve my goals. I don’t mean just my goals as an artist, but also in contributing to having a good life with my family. I think everyone aspires for that.”

Make a wish and your dreams will come alive; Oh it's the good life, by the good guys / Have your star life, you'll be sky high / Be who you are, feel like a star,” the song’s lyrics go.
As the theme for the campaign, its message is clear: The time is now to reach for your dreams, and with SMDC, your dreams can easily become a reality.
Sarah adds, “The song also saysIt’s a space where stars like you and I align… We all know life is a little harder here in our country, but everyone wants to be able to provide a better life for his or her family, especially a quality place to call home. So, it’s all very ideal…”

Both SMDC and Sarah believe that every Filipino deserves a shot of living the life of a star.

“As the lyrics also say - Be who you are, live like a star…  You don’t have to be a millionaire to be able to have a good life or live a star life. Living a good life with your loved ones, with your family does not mean you need to be living in a super expensive mansion. That is why I am so proud of SMDC, you’re sure that the homes you invest in are quality living spaces that are affordable.”

Sarah is still young but even she has begun thinking about her future, thriving career aside. For this reason, she also encourages her followers to always keep in mind that it never hurts to be thinking and planning ahead.

“Having your own place to live does not necessarily mean you are leaving your family behind, or that you want to be away from them. People have different reasons for wanting their own place. Some want to experience an independent life; while others are more interested on investing. The purpose really varies,” Sarah notes.

In fact, for Sarah, her future plans involve making the most of her earnings and putting it where it counts.

“Hopefully, I can make investments and turn it into a business by renting out the units.” she says.

“If I were to choose which SMDC property I would like to have, it would be Fern at Grass Residences, ‘cause it’s so close to my work place, ABS-CBN. There’s also Wind Residences in Tagaytay. I think it’s the perfect place to unwind, relax and chill out.”

Sarah delivered a wonderful performance of the SMDC “Star Life” during the closing exhibition of the 5th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. Apart from that, she also stars in the SMDC Star Life music video that was released last February 28 and, by now, already has over 156,000 views on TheOfficialSMDC YouTube channel.

As the face of SMDC’s “Star Life” campaign, Sarah will also grace its billboards, print and TV ads. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Third District of Sam Milby

Sam Milby opens new business venture; Third District!

Sam recently opened his newest business venture Third District, a specialty coffee shop with partner Dominic Hernadez last March 13, 2014. It's called Third District because it's located in Quezon City's 3rd district. Their store offers Brewed, Espresso, Gelato Coffees and pancakes. Their beans are imported from Forty Ninth Parallel in Vancouver Canada and will be getting some from Negros to give opportunity to local producers. They will also be offering breakfast meals, sandwiches and cakes anytime soon. They would like to maintain the price just below P200 to make it more affordable for students.  Also they partner with Afters, the best Gelato in Morato by owner Vincent Lim Fideles to give customers a new experience and taste. 

Third District's interior is cozy and made of bricks to give customers a good feel of freedom and relaxation. Third District is located right across Ateneo de Manila University, near 7-11 and RCBC Savings Bank.  You can call them at 434-1079. Sam might be brewing the coffee for you if he is there! He and Dominic paid and studied coffee making and blending for 3days in Hongkong for $500 each! 

Here are the photos I took during the soft opening and blessing.

Luis Manzano

The Host for all Seasons Luis Manzano will host ABS-CBN's franchise of #TheVoiceKids this summer of 2014. Blind Audition was taped already a week ago with Sarah Geronimo, Lea Salonga and Bamboo as coaches/judges. Here are exclusive photos of Luis when I visited him during spiels recording. 

Enrique Gil

The Many Half Faces of the King of the Gil

Here are exclusive photos of Enrique Gil when I visited him on the set of #Mirabella a week ago, his newest teleserye that will premiere tomorrow night right before TV Patrol. Grab a copy of Star Studio Magazine, April 2014 issue. He is on the cover with Kathryn Berardo and Daniel Padilla. 

Nash Aguas

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Aeign Zackrey Nash Victoriano Aguas in the entertainment world. He was 5 when he first joined the industry through ABS-CBN’s talent search Star Circle Quest where he was hailed as the Grand Kid Questor and Darling of the Press. Now that he is 15, he has also become as the Darling of the Teenagers!

Lately, Nash has been tagged as the next Daniel Padilla. A lot of times he is being compared to the teen king when it comes to charisma, image and to how he carries himself in the public. He humbly admits that Daniel is his idol and he still has a lot to show and prove before he gets that idol status.

I first met Nash during his Going Bulilit days when he was 7 or 8. He was so adorable then, a cute little boy who easily cries on Tv. His being a cry baby made him as one of the brightest child stars then and now as one of the best young actors in the country. That’s Nash advantage over other young stars. He can act and can deliver so well. Most likely he has developed his acting skill because of too much exposure on MMK with over 10 episodes.

Nash had a taping of ‘Luv U’ when I visited him at Casa Milan in Fairview.  The location was far but that didn’t stop me from seeing and interviewing this incredible young guy who was just once a little boy in my eyes. I was so happy to see him and that we finally had the chance to sit down and talk. I was caught off guard when I was asking him the questions on The Morgan Show. Some were not appropriate for his age that I had to remove or change in an instant. Like ‘When does he feel the sexiest?, or Does he like it lights off or lights on? or if He wears brief or boxers or What type of a lover he is?' Maybe few years from now I can come back and ask those questions. I still have the responsibility to protect him not just because he is too young for wavering questions but because I love and respect him as a person.

What’s amazing about Nash is that he is not aware of how famous and influential he is.  Many kids like him that they can make him trend on twitter every sunday.

Nash is very excited and happy that ABS-CBN has trusted him with his first lead role on TV, the remake of ‘Inday Bote’ with Alexa Ilacad. ‘Inday Bote' is a comics masterpiece of Pablo S. Gomez and was originally played by Maricel Soriano and William Martinez.  It will be directed by Wenn V. Deramas and will start airing anytime soon.

During the interview I've learned a lot of things about him. His fave band is My Chemical Romance and he likes listening to their dark music especially when he is stress or mad. He is not a fan of pizza. He likes Bicol Express and loves Cadbury Chocolates.  

I won’t make this long anymore so you can start watching my exclusive 15-minute one on one video interview with Nash Aguas. Apologies for how I sounded. I came from a Videoke Party the night before the interview that I lost my voice. Nevertheless, I’m definitely sure you will still love it and love Nash even more.

I'll be more than happy to hear your feedback! Kindly comment below! I will collect them and will show it to Nash. 

And to Nash! Thank You for your time and for granting me this interview! You maybe young, but You are already awesome! Thanks for being nice, humble and respectful! I'm sure you'll shine the brightest soon! 

P.S. Catch Nash every Sunday on ASAP and 'Luv U'. He is now endorsing BUM Equipment and Coca Cola.

Thursday, March 6, 2014



The Cosmos teaser is very intriguing and appealing. Everytime I would watch American Idol 13 on Fox, it comes out during commercial breaks. 

This show will premiere simultaneously on NGC and FOX on March 12 at 10 PM. The series will change the way human beings think of astronomical events and places in the universe. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey is a long-awaited sequel to the landmark series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, written and hosted by renowned space visionary Carl Sagan in the 1980s. 

Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey tells how human beings developed their concept of the laws of nature and their place in the universe. It offers a grand view of the cosmos as it covers their pursuit of knowledge and the ever-expanding boundaries of astrophysics. Besides re-inventing elements of the original series, such as the Cosmic Calendar and the Ship of the Imagination, the show will use new modes of scientific storytelling to communicate the ideas that have helped build our identity within the vastness of space. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey unfurls each scientific discovery in the fields of astrophysics and cosmology to reveal a bloom of knowledge that has allowed us to behold the grandeur of the universe.

This television event was spearheaded by Seth MacFarlane, creator of the animated series Family Guy, who may be considered by most an unlikely champion for such a project. An enthusiast of astronomy and astrophysics, MacFarlane proved he was dead serious about the project by teaming up with Sagan’s original collaborators on Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, Ann Druyan and Steven Soter. Fans of Sagan’s Cosmos can rest assured that his closest collaborators have made certain that the update stayed true to Sagan’s vision while revealing new insights about the universe in which we live.

Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey will be hosted by popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, author of New York Times bestsellers Death By Black Hole and Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier. Tyson has the power to make the most profound secrets of the universe understandable in the simplest terms while remaining a firm and credible authority over the subject matter.

Gabriel Macht


In line with Globe's commitment to contribute to nation-building, they made a partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in helping the Typhoon Haiyan survivors by providing relevant entrepreneurship and livelihood opportunities.

As part of its Project Wonderful program, Globe takes strides in rebuilding the nation with initiatives that will benefit schools, homes, and livelihood opportunities.  Bringing global attention to its commitment to livelihood, Project Wonderful is hoping that through the support of a high caliber actor such as Gabriel Macht, more support will come in months to come.

GABRIEL MACHT is known the as legendary law practitioner HARVEY SPECTER in the provocative television drama SUITS. He is arriving tomorrow, March 8 in the Philippines to visit the first class city of Ormoc in the province of Leyte.

“Witnessing the devastation of typhoon Haiyan, I felt compelled to raise awareness and financial aid to help thousands of people still struggling to get back on their feet. There is so much work still to do. I'm excited to be a part of rebuilding and I'm hoping that so many more will join the effort,” Macht shared.

Project Wonderful is a program that reinforces Globe Telecom’s commitment to subscribers, businesses, and the nation. Project Wonderful has three (3) pillars: Nation-building, which aims to build a wonderful and resilient country with programs that will rebuild homes and schools as well as provide livelihood opportunities to individuals and families in need, Culture-building, which shapes Globe to become a more customer-centric organization, fueled by a common passion to help and live a culture of service guided by its renewed mission, vision, and values, and Brand-building, which brings to life the telco’s passion and commitment to the customer as a strong challenger brand that leads the industry with innovative and relevant products and services.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rafael Rosell

The last time I saw Rafael Rosell was 2 years ago right before he transferred to GMA7 during the premiere screening of his last Teleserye with ABS-CBN 'Dahil sa Pag-ibig'. You can just imagine how happy and excited I was that I finally had that one on one sit down interview with him.

Raf who is best known for playing 'Brandon' on ABS-CBN's romance drama Precious Heart Romances; Midnight Phantom, has become one of GMA7’s  primetime leading men after his remarkable performance on ‘Temptation of Wife’, a remake of hit Koreanovela with Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo & Alessandra de Rossi as his co-stars. 

He is one of the nicest & the smartest celebrities I've ever met. Though he graduated with a degree in Mathematics in Norway, he talks like he is a Scientist in the Showbiz World. He likes intelligent conversation and loves talking to people who can challenge his thoughts and opinions. I first met him 6 years ago and from the little time that I haven't seen him, a lot has changed. He is a different person now; more mature, very focus and has set well his priorities. He also knows his responsibilities better not just to his job, to his followers, to his fans but also to mother earth. He now observes and promotes healthy living and a cleaner environment.

Rafael had good portrayals of his characters in the Serye he made with ABS-CBN from Marina, Rounin, Maligno, I Love Betty La Fea to PHR Kristine, Bud Brothers, The Substitute Bride, 100 Days and to 'Dahil Sa Pag-ibig'. His career is now handled by Luminary Management of Popoy Caritativo. He was previously with Star Magic for 10 years.

Fall in love with Rafael Rosell every afternoon on GMA7’s Afternoon Prime, ‘The Borrowed Wife’ and on this Exclusive Video Interview we had at Microtel Hotel in Gensan.