Monday, February 17, 2014

Sam Milby

Things You Still don't know about Sam Milby

The few hours of hanging around the hotel was nothing compared to the more than 3 years of wanting to have Sam Milby as a guest on The Morgan Show. You can just imagine how delighted I was that it finally happened, almost 700 Miles outside Manila, in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City. 

I first requested for this interview right before Sam left for Hollywood. When he came back, he got so busy that it was never materialized. I tried pushing for the interview when I visited him on the set of ‘Wansapanatym’ and ‘Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala’ 2 years ago but the situation didn’t permit me to do so. I didn’t lose hope. I know it will still happen but I didn’t think it will be right after the Chinese New Year and Valentines! This must be a lucky year for me that the wooden horse brought him to where I was.

This year marks Sam’s 9th year in the industry. 8 years of that included the undying issue of his sexuality. It’s pretty outrageous that Sam would be in a position where he would need to comment from time to time on matter regarding his sexuality than just concentrating on his craft and improving his talents and capabilities. The showbiz world revolves around a judgemental society who has innate love for intrigues and scandals. They have aggressive thoughts that they wouldn’t mind hurting people just as long as they get to air their opinions on matters with what only their eyes have seen and their ears have heard.

I’ve known Sam for around 6 years now and never was an instance that I saw traces of homosexuality. I know one when I see one! Sam is even more of a ‘straight’ and more of a gentleman than the many celebrities we have in the industry. Not because he is soft spoken and has that extra kindness would mean that he is gay. He is just a compulsive and a shy guy.

For those of you who have been regularly checking my magazine and my posts, You know that I have always been vocal in pointing out things and issues that need to be addressed. This is not a discourse to defend him but just an article for you to know him better the way I did.

Sam is one of the most likable and lovable celebrities. I first met him few years after he got out of the Pinoy Big Brother House. He has always been the same person that I’ve known; humble, kind and accommodating. He is apprehensive but loosens up when he is comfortable with the person he is with. He suddenly becomes loquacious and shares a lot of stories. I’m always ecstatic whenever I’m with him and having that precious little moment & conversation. What's more nice about Sam is he does not only appreciate the love, care and support coming his way but he also values them. 

I Love Sam! He is not perfect so anyone else but we all can have a perfect moment with him. His presence brightens the surrounding. His smile is enough to turn a bad day into a blissful one. His eyes sparkle like there are big stars in a gloomy night.
I’m sure you will all be happy to see him act again! He will be back on Primetime this March as he takes the role of a merman on ABS-CBN’s Teleserye remake of #Dyesebel. He plays the character of ‘Liro’ a new character that was added on the Mars Ravelo masterpiece. Sam will discuss more of this new project on the video below.

By the way, Sam recently opened PROST in Fort; a german pub and restaurant. Prost means Cheers in German. The resto takes pride of an abundant selection of sausages and mains that any meat lover will absolutely go for. Prost is a bistro where people dine in for a starter. If you want to grab a bite before heading to a party or clubbing, then Prost is the place for you. For inquiries and reservations, call +632.828.3940 or visit Prost Braumeister at G/F Fort Pointe Building, 26th Avenue corner 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Next month, he is opening another business, Third District, a specialty coffee shop in Katipunan right across Ateneo. He went to Hongkong and had a crash course in coffee making and blending for this venture. Sam has extra ordinary love for coffee and he’s very happy that he is more involved in the process and operation.

It’s with great excitement that I’m sharing to you this 30-Minute Exclusive Video Interview I had with Sam. Fall in love with him more as he opens up things you still don’t know about him.

Sam, who will turn 30 this May, is definitely A dream guy! Any woman would be so fortunate to have him as a significant other. A heartthrob, A racer, A singer, An actor, A businessman and most especially A handsome being; inside and out. Undoubtedly one of the most desirable bachelors we have in our country.

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  1. I like your article, considering the fact that I really love SAM MILBY. You're so lucky.

    Well, just wanna share my kilig experience when I found myself face to face with Sam, in the church.
    I just noticed this familiar face, a handsome face with a handsome smile.
    He was my Ultimate Crush since the first time I saw him in PBB Season 1, it’s always been a dream to see him in personal.
    Now that time has finally arrived and it was my first time to talk to him asking to have a picture with him, He’d flash me a sweet charming smile as he answered; “Sure” (syempre naman pumalakpak agad ang teynga ko nang pumayag sya hehe..)
    My heart began to beat as though a thousand trembled fast.
    I was speechless while looking into his dark brown eyes, he is 100% gwapo, genetically gifted and what more attracted to him is being a Christian, knowing that GOD is the center of his life.
    His presence made my heart kilig, feeling like a teenager again.
    When I see him beside me, a burst of happiness brought me floating in the air. As if a thousand of angels carried me above the clouds ahehe...
    (I even smell his perfume)
    And it was my first time to take a picture with him, it was not a good shot coz my brother Ron was a little bit nervous while holding the camera. Thanks bro!
    But anyway, it was really one of the happiest day of my life...hehe.. (ang babaw ng kaligayahan)
    Maybe it could be my first and last picture with him, and I will surely treasure it, nyahehe.
    When we reached home, I kept smiling...alone
    It was a funny feeling, but it feels good.

  2. Replies
    1. ur welcome po, by the way, my name is MARS ;)

  3. nice interview Morgan! thank you!!!

  4. magandang questions yung mga tinanong mo po mayroon lang akong gustong naisama mo sana yung about kay Jessy, gusto ko po kasing malaman kung bakit siya tumigil manligaw :-)

  5. thanks for this article Morg. another job well done. God bless!

  6. Thank you for this nice article Morgan ! Ang galing ng mga natanong mo sa kanya, mas nakilala pa namin si Sam bilang ordinaryong tao; well, we knew already that he is always kind, generous and accommodating to his fans, but there are some personal sides in him that made us love him more. Hope you'll interview him again some other days... thanks again !

  7. I love Sam and I love him even more after that interview- he's just a real person, no hypocrisy, no pretensions, hindi maarte, very humble, very generous and open, you could feel his songs from his heart, masipag, disciplined too and has simple outlooks in life...thanks for that interview

  8. Thanks Morgan nice article, not because I'm an avid admirer of Sam but you allow us to know more about him.....actually I'm just the second fan my daughter was Sam biggest fan in the family..I'm just continuing what my daughter started. We both admire Sam ever since we saw him sa PBB so sweet, kind hearted, gentle. Unfortunately my daughter can no longer see everything Sam accomplished so far, in 2007 my daughter went home to our Creator. How I wish then that Sam and my daughter met , it will truly make my daughter happy noon. Anyways congrats again Sam. Morgan nice piece. Hoping that Sam can visit Ireland again..

  9. ilove you Sam my Ultimate Crush Ever!!!..

  10. I love Sam and I love him even more after that interview-he's just a real person, no hypocrisy, no pretensions, hindi maarte, very humble considering that he's a multi super talented person, very nice, generous, open, caring and loving. He values friendships, fans and could feel his songs from his heart...thanks for that nice interview.

  11. AweSAM pictures...aweSAM write-up...aweSAM interview! Since it is so minimal that supporters of Sam here in the states have the opportunity to see him, it is interviews like these that allow us to reminisce our moments with him. Glad that two years later, you were able to have your one on one interview with him. Patience definitely is a virtue, and Sam makes it worth your while. Watching the 30-minute interview made me miss him, but it also put a smile to my face; 'coz whether it is a candid interview like this or seeing him in person...he doesn't change. You asked really great questions, and those pictures you included are similar pictures I have in my own personal collection. He is quite the character, and I wish him all the best....and to you, too, "Super Morgy." Best wishes for bigger, better, and brighter blogs =)

  12. Thank You Guys! I'm reading your comments here, in FB and on twitter and on Instagram! The best kayo! :)

  13. Love your article morgs! You're right, Sam is such a nice , super humble, very accommodating, easy to pleased with and a very down to earth person and that is the reason why i love him so :-)..... You're interview with Sam was awsome and a very interesting one... you're a great interviewer that an interviewee feels comfortable to open up and tells everything about himself and thank you for that coz we're able to know more bout Sam ... Congratulations friend! Nice one! :-)

  14. I love the conversation! smooth and kilig! Sam sounds so nice and humble!

  15. HandSAM! One of the nicest celebrities! Talented pa! Thanks Morgan for the interview! I like it! Unique!

  16. Sam! I wanna marry you! I remember seeing you here in the States! Now I only see you thru TFC! Happy that ur part of Dyesebel! Will watch that for sure! This is my favorite interview of yours! Unique and not too showbiz! JUST YOU and YOU!

  17. The interview was long but so worth it! Learned so many things about Sam! I've been watching ur interview Morgan! I like the format! It's comfortable to watch! Sam You have a good heart! very humble! God bless you! I'll be a fan for life!

  18. You are so lucky Morgan!!!! Wish I was there! Sam is indeed a desirable bachelor! I love how you wrote the article! Not like other blogs who only make issue out of lies and hearse!

  19. Guys! Thank you for all your feedback! Lalo na sa mga TFC! I'm happy the video interview made you smile! Cheers Tweeps!

  20. I watched the video over 10 times already! and I never get tired looking at this handsome being! SAM MILBY! I'm Yours!

  21. 30 minutes!!!! This is your longest interview Morgs! galing naman! very informative and kilig! Very smooth interview! Ang gwapo ni Sam! Gusto ko yong mga shot mo and article! galing!

  22. hi supermorgy! I saw ur tweet! Can I download this video interview so I can watch it on my phone everyday? galing interview! Sobrang gwapo ni Samuel! Yong smile niya sobrang real!!

  23. Sam we love you here in TFC!!!!! Morgs thanks for the interview! Sam is so handsome and so nice! i watched his concert before during the heartthrobs!

  24. Angwapo mo SAMUEL! This interview showed more of you that we still don't know!

  25. Thank you for this very fun interview with sam. I really got entertained that i didnt notice the time. I was like "what tapos na?" :D and i liked the way your questions were formulated, they were light and yet we got to know different sides of sam. He didnt seem to be pressured because the questions weren't personal and with that we saw the sam who gets to be relaxed in interviews. Yung makwela, willing to open himself, and very spontaneous. Congrats morgan. I hope you get to interview him again. :)

  26. i always kept sam milby in my prayer cuz someone like him should put him in safe by GOD cuz he got a very natural kindheart to everyone very down to earth master piece of GOD.everything u see in him is all genuine even sa kanyang pagkasikat he never been so mayabang even hindi nia ipinagmamalaki ang anumang narating nia everything is just a normal lang sa kanya ang importante sa kanya na meron ciang natutunan sa mga pakikisalamuha s amga tao ats abuhay bila g nasa showbiz at ang naka ganda sa kanya hindi cia nagpapaapekto sa anumang tsismis napaka lawak ng isip nia napaka maintindihin at hindi nag waste ng tym sa mga bagay na walang maidudulot na kabutihan at makakapagpasama sa kanyang pagkatao bilang mabuting kristyano.maopagmahal sa kapwa at di maarte sa mukha palang makikita mo na parang napaka gaan masayahin na hindi iniisip ang problema parang hindi nga marunong mag keep ng problema eh at un ang nakaganda sa buhay nia pary worry life ganun ang ank ng DIYOS.napaka swerte nia na nagkaron ng parents na tulad ng mag parents nia ngaun kc maganda ang pag brought up nila sa mga ank nila.napaka humble talaga kahit mga parensts nia..kaya pinagpala cla ...samuel stay like living jesus.nakikita namin ang pagmamahal mo sa panginoon at ganun din ang pagmamahal ng DIYOS sa buhay mo at ng pamilya mo sana marami pang tulad mo sa mundo at keep helping children na makapag aaral.thanks sam milby.GOD BLESS YOU MORE.

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