Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bride For Rent

‘Amazing, Surprising and Exciting’! These were the 3 powerful words Kim Chiu said to Xian Lim on their latest movie #BrideForRent under Star Cinema and directed by Mae Cruz.

Amazing - Although the film doesn't have any new ingredient and plot was predictable, I still find the script and delivery funny and fulfilling. This rom-com is a lot better than Kim and Xian’s Blockbuster Movie #BakitHindiKaCrushNgCrushMo. Kim Chiu was sweet and hilarious! She has proven herself to be a versatile actress effective and bankable enough to lead a drama or comedy film. Xian on the other hand is just more than a handsome boy; very talented and dedicated to his craft. He is typically more than alright on this film and his chemistry with Kim is undeniably giddy. The fact that they leveled-up their performances from their last hit is enough reason to consider the film amazing!

Surprising – I was surprised that I caught myself almost getting a photo & video of Xian from the big screen! He was so telegenic that I didn’t care if I’ll violate Republic Act 10088, Anti-Camcording Law.  There were a lot of moments really that showed how handsome and attractive he was! Kim’s humor style sticks and was consistent for the entirety of the film. She is indeed this generation's Rom-Com Princess! #BrideForRent is surprisingly touching comedy.

Exciting - #BrideForRent is exciting because it constantly held the audience's attention with simple and witty jokes. Kim was just effortlessly good in throwing funny lines while Xian was on the right timing to back those up! Empoy and Pilita Corales are also commendable on this film. 

I’m giving the movie a 4/5 rating. More than the average!

I expected it to be just cute and plain due to the known chemistry of KIMXI. But I was surprised! I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It has plenty of happy and memorable moments.  

#BrideForRent is a completely entertaining and a respectable rom-com. Hilarious movie that I wouldn’t mind recommending it to friends, watching it again or buying a DVD.

Now showing in all theaters nationwide!