Monday, September 2, 2013

Globe Gcash

These are screenshots of How Much you will pay when you buy a Kenneth Cole watch online. Kenneth Cole Watches are usually around P6,000-P13,000. At times, stores can give you 10-20% discount. That's like around P1,000 off.

This first photo is from Dillards website showing you the different KC models with corresponding Philippine Prices. The amount you see doesn't include yet the taxes and shipping, which is most likely an additional of around P1,000-P2,000 if ship directly to Philippines. (Click Photo for larger view)

This second photo is an example of check-out of Kenneth Cole Men's Black Calf Skin Quartz Watch in Peso at Overstock with corresponding tax and shipping fee. I used Overstock as a comparison because they do ship items to the Philippines and their website automatically converts Dollars to Peso. (Click Photo for larger view)

Brace yourselves for the third photo. This will make you love online shopping to bits especially doing it at the #1 online store in the world; AMAZON - Brought to you by Globe Gcash, American Express and MyShoppingBox. You can get the same Kenneth Cole Watch shown above at half the price and will be delivered to your doorstep.

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