Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sharon Cuneta

I was born and raised as a Sharonian. My birth date is a day before KC's.

I grew up watching Sharon Cuneta on TV and Movies. I would sing her songs and memorize her lines like that of Madrasta. I would take her roles in school play. Everyone in our family loves her. I even have an aunt who would defend her whenever she hears anything bad thrown against Sharon.

As a loyal Kapamilya, I didn’t want her to transfer to TV5. For a fact she’ll get lesser audience and her career may go down. But I forgot that her Star is well-positioned. Regardless if the sun will shine or it will rain, her brightness as the Megastar wouldn’t fade and forever will stay. It will just temporarily face a certain part of the earth and will still soon be seen on the other side after sometime.

I have always believed that once a Sharonian, forever will be a Sharonian. Not because she transferred station would mean I would love her less. Not because she is with another network would make me stop supporting her. Loyalty should never be to an institution but to people. It is important to never let go of the people we love by the choices they make in life. 

Also I want to address the bashing she gets because of her weight and as a protective mother. 

I’m also big like her but who cares! It is rude and disrespectful to look at people on how they look outside. Yes! Sharon is big, but one thing is for sure, her heart is bigger than what we see. She has so much to give and need not prove anything to anyone. If Greatness comes in sizes, She’s multiple XL!

To those people who bashed her because of protecting her children from the harsh world of twitter. I feel so sorry for you guys that you don’t have a mother willing to defend you and would fight for you when everyone else seems to be against you. May you all find comfort and peace as you realized your mistakes.

Anyway, after 30 years in showbiz and a seven-month hiatus from television, Megastar Sharon Cuneta is back via her first ever Tawa-Serye, ‘Madam Chairman’ as Bebeth de Guzman written by Jose Javier Reyes and directed by Joel Lamangan.

It’s called Tawa-Serye, different from the usual Teleserye that has a lot of crying and heavy drama. It’s a light series that is not only filled with laughter but also heartwarming and with sense. It has a running social commentary but not hard core and will have relevance and shall be inspiring.

To prepare herself for the role of a Barangay Chairman, (who in real life has no plans of entering politics), she immersed herself in actual barangay activities and participated in the deliberations of problems faced by the lowest unit of the country. Sharon is particularly interested in how a barangay chairman settles issues in community.

Madam Chairman’ airs this September on TV5. You can check their Facebook page here.

By the way, Sharon is also currently looking for a Movie Script that will hit her like that of ‘Crying Ladies’. Writers are invited to send their scripts to Winners will get a cash prize. Megastar is also open to do Indie Films.

P.S. I Love You Mega! (",)