Saturday, August 24, 2013

Accessories for Sale

A month ago, I was annoyed with all these online stores taking over Instagram. They moved out to that venue when Multiply website closed and ended its operation. Now the story is different. I Love them! I’m actually more than willing to promote their products. They make shopping easier for us. We don’t need to be in crowded malls just to get the items we need. All you have to do is:
1.       Set-up an Instagram account.
2.       Check out the accounts Celebrities mention together with the photo of the item they received from online sellers.
3.       Browse the items they sell.
4.       Viber or Message the owner about the products you want to buy.
5.       Pay them by depositing money to their accounts or through online transfers.
6.       Wait for the products to be delivered at your door-step.

There are items that will have free shipping especially those amounting to P1000 and above. Regular rate for products ship within Manila is from P60-P90 while for provincial delivery it’s around P90-P150. You can also buy wholesale and get big discounts or become a reseller yourself.

Initially, for people who is not used to shopping online, they will be hesitant to send out money to sellers they’ve never met same as with the sellers not willing to send the items first without receiving payment. This is perfectly understandable. Online Shopping requires trust since sellers are not verified and the medium of payment is not through credit card.

Some online stores are irresistible making us materialistic. An example of that store is @kuwintaspulserasatbp. I'm inlove with their shop! They have the nicest collection of bracelets, watches, necklaces, bags, shoes and even jewelry boxes and organizers. I have one of their customized bracelets (photo above). Their products are actually of very good quality plus they are affordable! They can even customize your order to fit your size and personality. Here are some of the products they sell online. The pictures are enough to make you want them!. Go and check their Instagram Account or You text them at 09175810015 or email them at