Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Four Sisters and A Wedding

It is so hard to write a review about a movie that made you feel you were one of the casts getting emotional with all the lines thrown by each actor. 'Four Sisters and A Wedding' was so good that it made me want to hug my mother and brother and let them feel how much I love them after getting out of the cinema.

I liked the movie a lot more than I thought I would. It was naturally charming, funny, dramatic and heartwarming.

Vanessa Valdez, You are a genius to come up with a story that laid out all characters and attitudes of a typical family. Your script was so 'relatable' and interesting that I can’t find any lapses.

Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina, You are and as always so brilliant to make a wonderful story come to life. You continually make your actors meet you halfway to make every scene intelligent and sparky.

Ms Coney Reyes, I couldn’t think of anyone else to portray the role of a mother to the 4 sisters. You are the strength of the film. Your presence and delivery were more than enough to make viewers love more their mothers.

Ms. Carmi Martin, You satisfied our senses from your sultry Egyptian look to your Russian Accent. You carried out so well the layered bizarreness of your character. I can't believe you are almost 50. You can be the fifth sister on the movie. You are Star Cinema ‘s Supporting Actress with the most remarkable roles and lines.

Toni Gonzaga, This is by far your best performance despite sharing the limelight with other equally beautiful and talented actresses. You didn’t hold back. You were actually beyond impressive. Only few actors can achieve poignant performance both in comedy and in drama. For sure, you positioned well yourself in there.

Bea Alonzo, You are Incomparable! You always act with class & brilliance! Despite sharing the spotlight with other great actresses, not even an inch you went down from what you have already set; always acting like there is a hurricane raging inside of you. You flawlessly portrayed the strong willed woman and breadwinner.

Angel Locsin. You were exquisitely beautiful and you veraciously acted out the free spirited and adventurous character.  You are always at your best whenever it’s confrontational scene; gripping and passionate making the film more realistic.

Shaina Magdayao. Your character didn’t need to have confrontational scenes to make you stand out on the film. Even without enough powerful lines You still managed to gracefully deliver a touching scene. When your Mom and Sisters thanked you for all your hardwork; Your eyes and reaction were so affecting that it made me cry.

Enchong Dee, I don’t wanna be biased with my review just because I Love You. Hahaha. But seriously, the first time I caught myself crying on this film is when you sat down on the swing. You injected your character with enough emotion and grit making the movie genuine and arresting. You also survived with flying colors that confrontational scene with your sisters.

 ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’ came out so inspiring and entertaining despite shooting it fleetly. The film was just at its 30% when they started promoting it. Good thing it has the gift of going its own way. A very warm story about understanding and loving your family with plenty of fun light-hearted moments along the way. I thought there was just one moment, one climax but I was wrong. A big moment falls back to another defining moment making this film so smart & so lovable. If this movie doesn't move you then something is wrong with you. I cried 5 times and laugh many times on this movie. ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’ definitely made it to my TOP 10 Best Filipino Films of all Time.

Now showing in all theaters nationwide!

Happy 20th Anniversary Star Cinema!