Saturday, June 15, 2013

Alden Richards

20-year old Alden Richards or Richard Faulkerson, Jr. in real life is now a recording artist under Universal Records with carrier single ‘Haplos’ originally by Shamrock.

Alden knows he is not a good singer but because of the people supporting him, he now claims he can sing but only limited to non-belting and less powerful songs. Humble enough! This made me love him more other than the dimple he has enough to make thousands of us fans to get his album.

Alden doesn’t consider singing just a side-line. He said  he won't waste this chance and will treat singing the same level as he treats acting.

After a week of its release, May 20-26, the album topped the music charts of Astrovision and Astroplus. The carrier single is now used as a love theme in Alden’s primetime soap ‘Mundo Mo’y Akin’.

Also in the album are covers of Rey Valera’s ‘Naaalala Ka’ and Itwchyworm’s ‘Akin Ka Na Lang’ an original song ‘Sa Aking Tabi’ by Vince Katindoy, composer of hit Ngiti.

 Here is the complete tracklist:

1.     Haplos
2.     Naalala Ka
3.     Cant Find The Reason
4.     ‘Di Na Mababawi
5.     Sa Aking Tabi
6.     Akin Ka Na Lang
7.     Everytime I See you  

 The album is now available in all record bars nationwide and you can also download the album on iTunes and

Alden is one of the most promising and most good-looking actors of GMA-7. He was recently awarded the German Moreno Youth Achievement plaque at the 59th FAMAS awards. He also won Outstanding Breakthrough Performance by an Actor and Best New Actor at the Golden Screen TV Awards.
Catch Alden Richards every night Monday-Friday  in GMA-7’s primetime soap ‘Mundo Mo’y Akin’ and on MYX; as Celebrity VJ of the Month (Pop MYX - 2am, 8:30am and 2pm, Mellow MYX – 9am, 2:30pm and 11pm)