Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daniel Padilla

This is an updated special entry I'm dedicating for this little boy who has won not just my heart but almost every teenager's heart out there. Daniel Padilla one of the few celebrities who consistently trends on twitter even on ordinary days, mall shows becoming too crowded & full packed, shows wherever he is in from 'Growing up' to 'Princess & I' got very high TV ratings plus Gold, Platinum & Double Platinum awards for his debut album under Star Records.

It didn’t even stop there! Daniel Padilla’s birthday concert at the Araneta Coliseum last April 30 was beyond a success!. At his young age, He rocked the Big Dome and filled in more than 10,000 seats! As early as 4pm, fans and supporters lined up to have good seats and view. It was also the 1st concert that had a Pay Per View! Daniel is already preparing a part two of that concert next year.  

Currently, he released his sophomore album which turned Platinum status hours after it was launched. His recent movie #MustBeLove under Star Cinema with Kathryn Bernardo was a Blockbuster earning almost P60 Million in gross sales as of May 12 according to Box Office Mojo. But during the Thanks Giving party it was announced to have reached more than P70 Million.

Dj is back on Primetime with his Teleserye #GotToBelieve with Kathryn Bernardo as his co-lead. The latest that I got, Daniel’s schedule is loaded until late next year.

Just a little sharing.. I met Daniel Padilla 2 years ago when he started on 'Gimik 2010' playing the brother of Jessy Mendiola. From that short span of time he has evolved from someone so innocent to someone so Incredibly Charming and Oozing with 'Angas' Appeal in a likable way. He has that magic to make every young girl love and adore him. The way he stands, The way he stares and The way he talks, when all put together results to a Prince Charming any Princess would want to have. He has indescribable and unbelievable desirability that no one can ever explain. There is just so much more in him to know, so much more to discover and so much more to love but let us all together just leave that sealed to keep his mystery. I'm sure those will come-out slowly as he aged from a handsome boy to a dashing man.

No wonder he got all these awards and recognition in the last 3 years:

- 1 of YES MAGAZINE’s 100 Most Beautiful Stars
- YAHOO Philippines OMG Best New Male Comer Award
- German Moreno Youth Achievement FAMAS Awardee
- ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Male Fashionista and Male Cutie Awards
- ASAP 2012 8th Platinum Circle Awardee
- ASAP 2012 24K Gold Awardee
- Star Magic Ball 2012 Breakout Style Awardee
- Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2013:
            - MOR Listener’s Choice Award
            - Tambayan 101  Listener’s Choice Award
            - TFC Viewers Choice Award
            - Star Records Buyer’s Choice Award
            - MYX Viewers’ Choice Award
- MYX Music Award Favorite Male Artist
- Guillermo 44th Box Office Entertainment Most Promising Male Star of the Year
- Candy Style’s Most Stylish Love Team with Kathryn Bernardo

Here are some info about Daniel Padilla that will make you love him more!

-  Simple Girls attract him more.
- He is not homophobic!
- He cries at times especially when it’s about family.
- Daniel knows where he is and where he stands. 
- He does not let fame gets into his head.
- He is a one-woman-man. Not playboy and Not conceited.
- He doesn't understand fully why girls can easily change their minds.

To those of you who still have no copies of his debut self-titled album and his sophomore album, It's available in all record bars nationwide under Star Records or you can download it on and .

Here are some photos of him I took last year.
Photos I took this year will be posted in a separate entry!
(Click on the photo to view larger)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sam Concepcion

Sam Concepcion is the newest MYX VJ 

There seems to be nothing that Sam Concepcion could not do. He won a singing contest, topbilled numerous musical theater shows, starred in TV and movie projects – all these earned him adulation from fans. Now, he dabbles into a new field by being the newest MYX VJ.

With his vast exposure in the music scene, Sam is definitely a shoo-in for the job. Sam is one of the homegrown artists of Universal Records, his record label for the past eight years. Sam has released three albums, which spawned hits like Forever Young, Even If, Happy, Kung Fu Fighting, Miss You, and Someone.

When asked how he feels about his new assignment, Sam quips, “this is entirely different from what I do usually being a singer. I only get to do these things when MYX asks me to be Celebrity MYX VJ, but now I get to do this for a longer time. It is exciting for me because, really, my core is music. I am glad that I was given this chance.”

With his humor and gift of gab, Sam intends to reach out to the younger market and encourage them to support the music industry, most especially OPM.
Sam is set to release his fourth album under Universal Records, which promises to present the new SAM.

You can watch Sam on MYX in the Wednesday edition of MYX Daily Top Ten and episodes of MYX Take 5, Pop MYX, Pinoy MYX, and My MYX.

Here are some photos of Sam I took few years back.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zanjoe Marudo

Finally, After 7 years, with 12 films and around 25 TV Shows, Zanjoe Marudo gets his first lead role on Skylight  Films’ comedy flick ‘Bromance; My Brother’s Romance’ showing this May 15, 2013.

Zanjoe, who was the only choice for the film, is very happy that Star Cinema finally has trusted him with this big project. He plays dual roles in the movie as Identical Twins; Brandy a flamboyant gay and Brando a Straight Guy. The story revolves around Brando becoming Brandy and finding himself living the life of the person he hates the most. Zanjoe who had a long & blurry butt and frontal exposure shot on his Cinemalaya Entry ‘Kalayaan’, will have another butt exposure in this film.

Also in the movie are Cristine Reyes, Manuel Chua, Boom Labrusca, Joy Viado with Star Studded Cameo Appearances and Directed by Wenn Deramas.

I just feel sad and frustrated that I wasn’t able to attend the PressCon earlier as well as visiting him on the set of his film ‘Bromance’. I first met Zee in 2008 when he was still a member of ASAP Cover Boys and ever since then I visited him in almost every project he was in. So imagine my frustration of not being there physically to support and congratulate him on this big lead project.

I’ll compensate my absence by this article and flying back to Manila on the 18th for the Block Screening organized and sponsored by official Fan Clubs, ‘Zanjoevers’, ‘ZanChillers’, ‘Zantines’, ‘BeaJoe’ & ‘Pudgies’.

Last year, Zanjoe’s Indie Film ‘Wildlife’ won the NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film at the Warsaw International Film Festival in Poland and this 2013 his film ‘Death March’ made it to Cannes Festival in France. Both films were directed by Adolf Alix Jr.

Also, Zanjoe will be in the remake of the 1980 classic tearjerker ‘Anna Liza’. He will play the father of ‘Anna Liza’ originally by the late child star Julie Vega. To be Directed by Theodore Boborol; Also in the cast are Andrea Brillantes, Kaye Abad, Carlo Aquino and Denise Laurel.

Just a little sharing.. Zee is one of the nicest celebrities I have ever known. Very simple, not jealous, a true gentleman and always thankful. I always had good conversation with him. He has very good memory recall and doesn’t tolerate badmouthing. He is quiet at times but can also be very jolly and entertaining. The most that I admire with Zee, is his being transparent. What you see is what you get. He knows what he wants and what his limitations. He knows when to say No and how to say it nicely. I already met his family and all of them from the parents to the siblings; are really nice, down to earth and happy people. No wonder he is a man of good upbringing.

I’m lucky that I was able to experience Zanjoe’s wonderful being. I hope you get to experience a little of that through this 15-Minute Exclusive Video Interview I had with him last year. (Click 1st Photo Below to watch the Video on Youtube and click photos to view larger)