Friday, April 26, 2013

Richard Poon

Richard Poon successfully launched his pop album Legends earlier at the Eastwood Mall Open Park. 

In Legends, Richard traces his pop roots by singing some of the biggest pop artists in the international music industry - classics by Lionel Richie (Truly), Whitney Houston (All At Once), Barbra Streisand (Evergreen), Madonna (Borderline), Barry Manilow (Ready To Take A Chance Again), among others.

“This is an interesting point in my career,” says Richard. “Aside from being with a new label, I am also going back to pop after years of doing big band.”

Richard adds that he welcomes the challenge with open arms, and he hopes that people will continue supporting him and his music.

Richard joins the elite roster of Universal Records artists – Gary Valenciano, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, among others. He also collaborated with friend and a Universal Balladeer Christian Bautista in the Michael Jackson hit The Girl Is Mine in this album.

Legends which is now available in all record bars, iTunes & will continue its album launch this April 28, Sunday, on ASAP 18 then at 7:00 pm in Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill.

Here is the Tracklist:

1. All At Once (originally popularized by Whitney Houston)
2. All In Love Is Fair (originally popularized by Stevie Wonder)
3. And I Love Her (originally popularized by The Beatles)
4. Crazy (originally popularized by Kenny Rogers)
5. Truly (originally popularized by Lionel Richie)
6. Evergreen (originally popularized by Barbra Streisand)
7. Borderline (originally popularized by Madonna)
8. A Song For You (originally popularized by Elton John)
9. Can't Help Falling In Love (originally popularized by Elvis Presley)
10. The Girl Is Mine (originally popularized by Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney)
11. If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight (originally popularized by James Taylor)
12. Ready To Take A Chance Again (originally popularized by Barry Manilow)

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Hunger Games

THE HUNGER GAMES hits Philippine Pay TV on Star Movies

On April 28, 2013, Sunday at 9 PM, Star Movies will premiere one of 2012’s biggest box-office breakthroughs, “The Hunger Games,” on pay TV. This film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling book series of the same name was a critically acclaimed top-grosser, and audiences will be excited for the chance to enjoy the action-packed drama that entertained millions of moviegoers once again in the comfort of their homes.

"We were so excited to carry the title that we acquired the rights as early as when the project was at the script level. We believed in the film's appeal and were bent on being the first to deliver quality content to our viewers," said Rohit Tharani, programming head of Star Movies.

Although the film is an adventure story that centers on the life of a young girl named Katniss Everdeen, its underlying themes resonate with issues that young Filipinos are facing today. In the fictional world of Panem, which is controlled by a wealthy authoritarian sector called The Capitol, severe poverty and oppression exists along with a widening gap between the rich and the poor. In such a society, residents from the 12 poorer districts do what they can to survive, and suffer quietly as each year a ritual called The Reaping is imposed upon them by The Capitol. Every year, two young “tributes”, a male and female between the ages of 12 and 18, are selected from each District to participate in The Hunger Games, where they fight each other to the death until a sole survivor emerges.

However, in this sea of hopelessness and ruthless self-preservation, goodness prevails in the form of Katniss, who volunteers herself as tribute in place of her younger sister Primrose. These qualities of upholding the importance of family and self-determination in the face of a challenging social and political environment are also bright spots in the Filipino psyche, which faces similar issues today that need to be analyzed more closely as the local elections draw near.

Katniss’ strength as the lead character of “The Hunger Games” was one of the reasons why it drew hordes of adoring audiences when it was shown in the Philippines in March 2012. Viewers identified easily with her character’s love for family and strong will to survive, which were excellently portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, who later won an Academy Award for her role in the movie “Silver Linings Playbook”. Her maturity lent well to the character of Katniss in “The Hunger Games,” and it was what convinced author Suzanne Collins to cast her in such an important role. Lawrence was supported by a cast of promising young actors, with Liam Hemsworth playing Katniss’ best friend Gale Hawthorne, Amandla Stenberg as Rue, and Josh Hutcherson as Katniss’ partner from District 12 Peeta Wellark. Hollywood heavyweights also gave the film amazing performances, with Woody Harrelson as her trainer Haymitch Abernathy, Stanley Tucci as host Caesar Flickerman, and Donald Sutherland as President Coriolanus Snow.

Widely considered by fans all over the world to be a first-rate adaptation of the first book of a well-loved series, “The Hunger Games” is another highlight in a long list of outstanding films featured on Star Movies that have made it the number one English movie channel. Catch “The Hunger Games” on April 28, Sunday at 9 PM exclusively on Star Movies!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Nikki Gil

Ever since last year, I have always wanted to do a follow up Blog Entry about Nikki Gil. But I just got really busy that it took me awhile to sit down and finally browse all of her photos in my laptop that I took over the last few years.

She has been one of the funniest, the nicest and the prettiest celebrities I have ever met. Everytime I see her, she would always give me the warmest smile and the sincerest hello. Just like the song of Beyonce ‘If I were a Boy’ I would have courted her already! Hahaha!. 

But seriously this is just a special entry I’m dedicating to Nikki for the many times she made me smile, laugh and cry even just on TV.

I first met her in 2008 at the ASAP Hallway (Photo on the left). Followed by almost every Saturday during #E-Live.

It has been awhile since the last time I saw her (though we exchange tweets at times). It was late last year when She and Billy played on #KapamilyaDealorNoDeal for her chosen Charity, the ‘World Vision’ a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities (More on

Just a month ago; She joined another advocacy, the National Book Development Board’s (NBDB) Get Caught Reading Campaign where she hopes Filipinos like her would be made aware of the endless benefits one gets out of reading.

Nikki who made a mark as a ‘beautiful antagonist’ & ‘the next Cherrie Gil’ on her most acclaimed serye #MundoManayMagunaw’ made another stand-out performance recently on ABS-CBN’s #ApoySaDagat as the young Aiko Melendez. She wasn’t just praised for her weepiest and heart-wrenching acting by the Netizens but also by the Critics, Bloggers and Co-Actors. She made her every scene riveting and poignant.

I heard she will play the role of ‘Elaine Sarmiento’ in the made for TV Remake of the Blockbuster Film #IkawNamanAngIiyak originally portrayed by Dawn Zulueta this middle of 2013. This I will have to confirm.

Nikki who is an English Literature major at the Ateneo de Manila University, started as a commercial model for Coca Cola in 2005. She then released her self-titled album under EMI Philippines with her hit single #SakayanNgJeep. In 2006 she sang and starred in the music video of Disney Channel’s original movie #HighSchoolMusical. This was followed by two more studio albums with my favorite #MillionMilesAway.
Nikki also had remarkable performances on  Legally Blonde: The Musical, Sweet Charity Play and this year’s They're Playing Our Song.
Nikki is now on her eight year both on MYX Philippines and ASAP.

Here are some of photos of Nikki I took during E-LIVE days.
Made Me Regret that I didn't have any picture with her and I didn’t try to be friends with her! Haha! #Wishing Just to close this entry; Nikki isn’t just more than beautiful. She is Above Over and Beyond that…
(Click on the photo to view larger)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maja Salvador

This is a special blog entry dedicated to ASAP’s Dance Princess Maja Salvador as she celebrates her 10th year in the showbiz industry.

I wasn’t there during her Anniversary Show at Glorietta last week since I was out of town having a vacation, but I was at the pre-celebration few weeks back at Sangkalan Bar and Resto organized by one of her official fan bases; CocoJam. It was a night of fun, laughters, friendship, revelation and gratitude with Maj’s Mom, her Road Managers from Star Magic, her bestfriend Cacai Bautista and her other fans club, Cuties and MajHong.

Yes you read that right. There were revelations. There were stories. But my lips are sealed. Whatever I heard there, I left it there.

I’m not really close with Maja Salvador but I have learned to like and love her over the years. We first met 5 years ago, October of 2008 at the ASAP Hallway. She gladly posed before my camera when I asked her to hold the #ILOVEMORGAN banner. Followed by other Celebrity Events, TV-Guestings, Press-cons and Set-visits.

Maj is a genuine and a happy person. She’s been into a lot. From a little girl wanting to meet her Dad, to a woman who fell in love, failed in love and falling in love again to a person being criticized and bashed by the harsh public. It is just so wrong that some are saying nasty things about her just because She’s giving her heart another chance. No one has the right to question a loving heart neither None of us has the right to dictate who will the person love. Everything and Everyone deserves second chances. It’s just so funny and disappointing that the people involve have already moved on but the public hasn’t. When it comes to a Celebrity who to love; Everyone should back off! Don’t be controlling. Maja is a flower regardless if you hate her will still grow and bloom.

In her recent interview; Maja said there were 3 highlights in her showbiz life. 1st was when Ms. Charo Santos promised that she’ll have a career in showbiz, 2nd was her Indie Film Thelma where she got 2 Best Actress Awards; from Gawad Urian and Luna Awards with multiple nominations both locally and internationally, 3rd was her 10th Anniversary Concert. But I’d like to add two more highlights; Her stunning acting on ‘Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin’ with Coco Martin and her stand-out performance on her recent ‘Ina Kapatid Anak’. Maj was remarkable on Thelma and MLKI more so with ‘Ina Kapatid Anak’.She made a realistic pain and struggle on the character. She only didn’t become a front runner among the actresses of her generation but she has become the standard of what a brilliant performance is.

I just don’t understand why I’m getting bashers whenever I praised her acting and performance on 'Ina Kapatid Anak'.  Some even accused me as a paid Blogger. I wish I was. Haha! But seriously and honestly, I give compliments to whoever is due and deserving. Maja deserves all the good words. She truly lives up to the acting awards she got.

Happy Anniversary Maj!
Much Love

I took the photo above during her Anniversary Party where she got a Monique Lhuillier dress from CocoJam worth 1000$. The photo in the middle was taken when I first met her in 2008 and the photos below were during E-Live Days in 2011. Enjoy!
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Cafe 1228

You might be wondering why there is a Cafe Entry here in my column. Well I guess it's time I start featuring here not just about Celebrities but also Everything in the Entertainment World and that includes Hotel, Travel and Food. A lot of Philippine Actors are tweeting photos of places they went to and food they ate and liked. This entry will make you feel that not only the Stars can try Elegant and Fine Buffet. You too can enjoy life by trying the best cuisines New World's Hotel Cafe 1228 as it offers half the price for full buffet.

There's no need to wait for birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebration to indulge in lavish gastronomic fare now that Cafe 1228 offers half price on its standard lunch and dinner buffet prices which started few days ago until May 31, 2013.

Just before the Holy Week, I went there and tried their variety of salads, appetizers, mains and desserts. It's hard though to describe the food for we all have different taste. But as a food lover and at the same time food choosy I can recommend almost everything in Cafe 1228. I will let the photos posted below to invite you to go on Feast on a magnificent meal filled with sumptuous salads, sizzling noodles and soups, traditional and international cuisines and delectable desserts.

By the way, other than the delicious food; I also considered other things before recommending this hotel. The atmosphere and dining area are sophisticated and welcoming. The waiters and chefs are very friendly and accommodating. And You only need to pay P794 for Lunch Buffet and P844 for Dinner Buffet inclusive of service charge. Now Cafe 1228 is really something and a must try! For more information and reservations, You guys may call 811-6888.
The Dining Area

New World Makati Hotel is a world-class deluxe hotel located directly opposite Greenbelt, the country's first lifestyle and shopping center, with upscale boutiques, trendy bars and restaurants all in the heart of the Makati financial and commercial district. The 595-room property features executive club accommodation; sophisticated dining; extensive fitness center with outdoor swimming pool, gymnasium and sauna; and 2,000 square meters of dynamic function space for meetings and conferences. For more information and reservations, Visit