Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sarah Geronimo & John Lloyd Cruz

The long wait is over! After 4 years,  we’ll get to see again the most successful love-team and Pinoy Movie Characters Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro on the big screen portrayed by no less than the Box Office Royalties Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz respectively via ‘It Takes A Man and A Woman’, the third and most likely the last installment of the  Filipino Film Franchise co produced by Star Cinema & Viva Films.

I don’t know how to follow up that opening paragraph because I already said much about these two lead actors in my previous entries. Haha! But seriously, When I got the invite to attend Bloggers Conference, I said Yes right away and cancelled my other events. (Thank you by the way to those who tweeted that they saw me via online streaming).  If it’s Sarah or JLC event, you shouldn’t say No. These are two of the biggest names in the country, The Popstar who is more than enough to fill-in the Big Dome and The Drama Prince effective enough to make every woman cry. Sarah and JLC can sell the movie individually. They are both talented and have active fan bases! When you pair them, you just don’t get blockbuster result, You also experience magic no one can ever describe and deliver. 

John Lloyd had a hard time going back to his character as Miggy. It took awhile before he got his character back. Sarah on the other hand also had difficulty being Laida again. She already blocked the Laida in her with the experiences and heartache she went through. Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina who doesn’t believe in workshops wanted their rawness to come out in the film. She has worked with JLC for many times already and finds the actor serious and incredibly good. She hasn’t seen Sarah for the last 4 years and was happy to see her matured not just in acting but also in behaving and thinking.

I know there are still so much more to say about the movie, about Sarah and JLC but I’ll end it here by sharing you this video clip from the Blogcon as well the photos I took. This is the first entry by the way that is flooded with photos. (“,) JLC looks like a Hollywood Star! So Dashing! While Sarah Geronimo looks so young here other than being Pretty & Blooming.

To the writer Carmi Raymundo who was in the point of breaking down writing the story; I’ll give my feedback right after I watch the movie.

Tomorrow, Black Saturday, March 30, This romantic-comedy movie ‘It takes A Man and A Woman’ hits the cinemas. Also stars Guji Lorenzana, Isabelle Daza, Joross Gamboa, Gio Alvarez, Matet de Leon, Rowel Santiago, Irma Adlawan, Al Tantay and Dante Rivero. Let’s all watch and enjoy the movie.