Thursday, March 28, 2013

Isabelle de Leon

I never really wanted to go to the Press Launch of Poly East Records’ newest artist, Isabelle de Leon, known as ‘Duday’ in the showbiz world because I thought it was just the same as the other singers getting the chance of having an album and spreading music without really thinking of 'vocality' and musicality. But I’m glad I did. A former child star now turned into a beautiful lady impressed me with powerful and big vocals with heart-warming and lyrically clever songs. 

Isabelle de Leon arrives with a debut album laden with elements of folk, rock and pop into her unique signature sound. She wrote 25 songs and 6 of them are now here in “LoveZone”  and is now available in the market released by PolyEast Records for only P200.

Isabelle describes the radio single “1 Week To Move On” as “dealing with the raw emotions around heartbreak” all infused in a melodic pop-rock hook. The very first time I heard the song it gave me LSS right away. Her voice, singing style and lyrics are so magnetic and refreshing. I also got some good feedbacks from friends and other celebrities who have heard the song. 

1. Feelingero 
2. 1 week to Move On 
3. Alice Wonders 
4. Pag-Ibig Ko’y Sa ‘Yo
5. Sa Yakap Mo 6. Friend Zone

Her sound is worldly, a fusion of not only her upbringing but also exhibits the diversity of her influences like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, the Carpenters, Led Zeppelin, Steven Tyler, Robbie Williams, U2, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Adele, Enya and Noel Cabangon.

She brings together two things that are essential in an artist; the ability to relate to people’s daily lives and the power to express emotions in new and powerful ways.  

Available also for download at and 
Here are photos I took during the launch at the PolyEast Boardroom.