Thursday, January 3, 2013

Greggy Santos

I keep looking back at those times I was with Greggy Santos. Conversations with him over coffee have always been worth remembering and something to treasure. Not because I was with someone good looking and smart but because I was with someone real & appreciative. Yes, Greggy appreciates every support and love he is getting from fans & friends. He is so real that he will tell you right away what he doesn’t like, what he isn’t comfortable with & what will make him say no and stop. He knows what his priorities are and what he wants in life and that’s to act.

Greggy joined the showbiz world in 2009 through singing his heart out in the reality show of GMA7’s ‘Are You The Next Big Star’. Followed by winning the Music Video Jock post on QTV 11’s ‘Hired’ which eventually made him host the Music Segment of the lifestyle show ‘Living it Up’ hosted by Raymond Gutierrez & Tim Yap. 

Vincent Gregory Santos in real life; graduated from Ateneo de Manila and took up Management Economics. He is into golf, basketball, badminton & used to have a band, which disbanded after he left for the States.

He starred in an Indie Film ‘Pitas’ with Sid Lucero where he was discovered by his current Manager –Eric John Salut (currently the Advertising / Promotion Manager of ABS-CBN under the unit of Deo Endrinal). He came out on ABS-CBN shows ‘Momay’, ‘Green Rose’, ‘Budoy’, ‘Walang Hanggan ‘and now on Ina Kapatid Anak & hopefully ‘Bukas Nalang Kita Mamahalin’.

I first talked to Greggy via twitter the very 1st time he came out on Green Rose as Jericho Rosales’ Korean Right Hand on May of 2011. Accidentally met him in person when I visited the set of Budoy September of 2011. Hahaha! That was just a funny moment. Ever since then, we never lost contact. There are just so many things that made me like him. Well other than he is straight, He is also Smart, Conversant & Expressive, Passionate & Talented. We know what good movies are, we share the same music & we are both critics. Now I didn’t wanna sound biased when I said those but I just wanna be truthful & fair. People need to know how I have known him so they would understand why this person needs a break & opportunities. He has more to offer. He has more to share, and together we can all witness that as his star starts to grow and shine. Goodluck Greg & God Bless!

Here is an exclusive video interview I had with him at the set of Budoy with exclusive photos I took November of 2012 just before the holidays.