Monday, January 21, 2013

Robi Domingo

Though It breaks my heart seeing him cry on TV, I still feel the need to post a special entry about my little boy Robi Domingo who has now grown up to be a dashing man.  

I’m not just used to seeing him in character. I'm so affected. From the usual playful host that I regularly see on ASAP to someone who acts his heart out on National TV with tears and doing these kissing scenes & bed scene with Andi Eigenmann on the primetime teleserye #KahitPusoyMasugatan.

It makes me smile too seeing tweets about his stiff and boring kiss. I can’t blame him! Hahaha! He still has milk on his lips. But seriously, It’s very understandable for someone who’s not used to doing something like that on TV! Let’s give him more time & more workshops and I’m sure every girl out there would want a kiss from him. But acting wise, he has improved a lot. This is perhaps ABSCBN’s and Direk Lauren Dyogi’s way of preparing him as he is set to host The Voice Philippines with Toni Gonzaga this second quarter of 2013 right after Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4.

Audition for The Voice of the Philippines is already done. Judges and Coaches are yet to be announced. Three of them were already announced, Rock Icon Bamboo, Popstar Sarah Geronimo and World Class Singer Lea Salonga while the last coach is still unidentified. 

Going back to Robi. I met him the year 2008 after he got out of Pinoy Big Brother house. He was quiet and was like a living saint then. Very respectful & knows how to treat everyone with fairness and politeness. From then to now, he still upholds the same values. Like a young Prince brought up well by a Queen and a King ready to serve and love every princess in the world.

Robi is an inspiration to many for being able to balance work and school. Last year, He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at the Ateneo de Manila University. He will continue with Medicine a year or two from now. I’m really excited once he becomes a doctor coz I’m definitely sure that his smile and hug will be more than enough to cure every sickness in the world.

I love Robi dearly and I’m so happy and proud that he hasn’t changed over the years. Still the same thoughtful Robi doing little things more than enough for people to appreciate and love him. He grants favors without asking anything in return. He never complains and just keeps on going and smiling.

Here is an exclusive video interview I had with him when I visited him at the Pinoy Big Brother house with photos I took when I met him at the Body Shop Store in Trinoma last October 19, 2012.  You can check this link for previous entry about him.
(Click on the photo to view larger)

John Medina

John Medina is back on Primetime in ABS-CBN’s newest primetime soap opera ‘Juan Dela Cruz’. He is playing Agustin, a Lieutenant who will bully Coco Martin on this action packed series that will tell the story of a modern day hero fighting evil. It also promises to give lessons on Filipino values & faith other than giving us a high quality TV Experience. ‘Juan Dela Cruz’ will hopefully run for several seasons and is expected to spread thru franchise. JDC which was originally made for Film was developed and converted into a big TV Project directed by Malu Sevilla and shot in full HD. Juan Dela Cruz starts airing this February 4, 2013 replacing 'Princess and I'. I’m actually happy for John that he is part again of another big project of ABS-CBN under Deo Endrinal’s unit. He is one of the nicest people I’ve known. Very much eager to work and give his best.

John, who was last seen on the phenomenal ‘Walang Hanggan’ is a commercial model who has an undergraduate degree from De La Salle University in Bachelor of Arts Major in Behavioral Science. He was a business man (buy & sell of cars) prior to joining the showbiz world. He is currently managed by Coco Martin’s Manager Biboy Arboleda. John has been Coco’s friend even before he entered showbiz. He also appeared last November in Maalala Mo Kaya’s episode with Ms. Dina Bonnevie. Here are photos of John I took last Nov. 8, 2012 when I visited him on the set.

I’ll give you more update about John once I get to visit him again and hopefully to have him on The Morgan Show.  Here is my previous post about him with exclusive photos. 'John Medina for Walang Hanggan'
(Click on the photo to view larger)

Arron Villaflor

ArronVillaflor is very happy and thrilled to be one of the main antagonists of ABS-CBN’s newest primetime soap opera ‘Juan Dela Cruz’.  Arron will play the role of Yael, An aswang and a police-officer. ‘Juan Dela Cruz’  is a fantasy, action, drama & romantic series that will tell the story of a modern day hero fighting evil. Yes! You read that right. This is a series that will hopefully run for several seasons.  JDC which was originally made for Film was developed and converted into a big TV Project directed by Malu Sevilla and shot in full HD. Juan Dela Cruz starts airing this February 4, 2013 replacing 'Princess and I'. I’m personally very excited for Arron  as this gonna be a big break for him to show his acting ability opposite Coco Martin.

For now, You can catch Arron on the Kapamilya Gold ‘PHR Paraiso’ playing the brother of the female lead Jessy Mendiola. He also appeared in the recent episode of ‘Maalala Mo Kaya’ with Charee Pineda and Erik Santos last January 5, 2013.

Here is my exclusive video interview with Arron during his ‘Maria Ladel Barrio Taping’ a year ago. Just sharing it to those who might have missed it and some photos I took from a party he organized last year. (Clink on the photo to view larger)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sponge Cola

I don't know where I was the past years that I didn't know Sponge Cola has a Diamond Selling Album 'Araw Oras Tagpuan'. Yes I heard they're music way back but I didn't know it was that large & loud.

Recently they released an extended play album under Universal Records. A week after its release it lorded over Odyssey Music Charts while the launch of the album at Eastwood Central Plaza was full packed. They must have a lot of followers & lovers of their music.

Composed of Vocalist Yael Yuzon, Guitarist erwin Armovit, Bassist Gosh Dilay and Drummer Tedmark Cruz, I met Sponge Cola at the BlogCon of their album at Universal Tower last November 27, 2012. Yael is just too smart and talkative for me. Hahaha. He's admirable and with sense.

The Sponge Cola's District EP highlights the versatility of the band as performers, musicians and songwriters. It also features collaborations between Sponge Cola and some of the respected names in the music industry. The Album is called District becoz it represents a fraction of a bigger whole which what Extended Play means said Yael during the Blogcon.

Just last year, Sponge Cola had sold-out performances all over Asia and the Middle East. They also represented the Philippines in the Du world Music Festival in Dubai. Their performance at Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis was much talked about that made them the only Filipino Band to be featured alongside AI Green, Evanescence and Pitt Bull.

The Album is now available nationwide in all record stores as well as for download at and on iTunes. The tracks in the album are:

1. Mahaba Pa Ang Gabi
2. Pick Your Poison
3. Fireworks
4. XGF
5. It's About You Girl
6. Twelve

Here are the photos of Yael I took and the band above.

Ogie Alcasid

Singer and Songwriter Ogie Alcasid recently released his newest album under Universal Records as part of his celebration of his 25th year in the music industry. It is an 18-track & original compositions album entitled "The Songwriter and the Hitmakers" performed by him and some of the greatest singers in our country.
The album affirms the important role that Ogie is playing in the music industry as the President of OPM.
Ogie wrote his songs from movies he created in his mind out of the stories he heard from people.
"I feel so honored to have been given a project as big as this. I am in awe of all the talents involved here." Ogie said during the Press Conference held at White House Restaurant in Quezon City on November 20, 2012.  He added,  "We waited for the right time for this to come out. All those artists are very giving and very humble. I'm really, really happy that they became part of the album’.
Here are the songs in the album which is now available for download at, on itunes and in all record stores nationwide.
1.       Ikaw Ang Aking Pangarap – Ogie Alcasid
2.       Sino Ako – Regine Velasquez
3.       Kailangan Kita – Gary Valenciano
4.       Pangako – Martin Nievera
5.       Walang Iba – Kuh Ledesma
6.       Tanging Ikaw Lamang – Sarah Geronimo
7.       Ikaw Lamang – Christian Bautista
8.       Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka – Angeline Quinto
9.       Mula Ngayon – Rachelle Ann Go
10.    Tayong Dalawa – Ogie Alcasid & Regine Velasquez
11.    Ikaw Ang Pag-ibig Ko – Noel Cabangon
12.    To You – Richard Poon
13.    Tanging Ikaw – Jed Madela
14.    Kung Mawawala Ka – Piolo Pascual
15.    Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw – Arnel Pineda
16.    Mga Nakaw na Sandali – Jay R & Jaya
17.    Why  Don’t We Give In – Kyla
18.   A ng Puso Ko – Ogie Alcasid

He was very welcoming to all of us press and bloggers who were there covering the event. He even sang songs from the album while we were having our dinner.
In his 25 years as an entertainer and performer, Ogie has won various recognitions through his past albums. Among his top recognitions were the "Entertainer of the Year" trophy and a Hall of Fame title in the Aliw Awards.
Ogie’s success and longevity in the music scene are product of sincerity and honesty. "Whether it's an acting performance, a comedy act, a live musical performance. You need to be brave enough to reveal a lot about yourself. Fearless I think is the word," he said.
Here are the photos I took at the event. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

That Love that was John

That Love that was John..

I just realized that I am missing John after a little conversation we had last night sa isang event. He still looks handsome and the same... in good shape, those expressive eyes, his mysterious scent and killer smile. But the warmness I used to feel is gone. We were suddenly like strangers. I admit, may kilig parin sa akin when I saw John and I wanted during that night to embrace him after many years of being away from him. His aura was so cold and I was suddenly freezing. Suddenly nagflashback yong mga times na sabay kaming naglalunch at dinner, tapos every morning binibigyan ko sya ng candies and chocolates, tapos kwentuhan about our dreams before we go to work, into our respective departments. I was in News Dept then and he was from The Entertainment division. After work, he would bring me home and sometimes stay late at night sa bahay to have coffee and checking on how my day was.

Sam used to be one of my bestfriends, pero deep inside me, kami na. He is kinda liberated in-terms of outlook in life but not with his actions in public. Ok lang sa kanya na bestfriends kami kahit ganito ako. Kung alam nyo lang how happy I was during those days. I was electrified everyday and was looking forward to the days that we would spend it together. I love him and never was a time na I made fantasies of him. It was just pure affection and special friendship. But it came to a point that we both decided that we had to end the beautiful set-up we had. Ang daming malilisyoso. People were jealous sa closeness namin. Many wanted to be in the situation where I was. Many begged to have those moments I had with John. Palaging kami ang issue. Pinagbubulungan kami at pinag-uusapan pag nakikitang magkasama kami or naglalakad kami together...

Alam ko aabot tlaga yong time na yun na people will judge us. We tried holding on to our friendship, kaso to have peace of mind, He left me. It happened one afternoon. Ang lamig ng panahon, excited pa ako to meet him, Tapos biglang sabi nya, we have to end this. sabi nya, alam nyang wala kaming ginagawang masama but he wanted rumors to stop na by stopping what we had been doing.  I was so sad & helpless, and I cried in front of him.

He just consoled me by saying, you are the only person na ka close ko and I trust here, pero sobrang daming immature dito. Tapos biglang may dumaan at and teasing us... Bwisit tlaga! That even added more reason for him to leave me. Sagot ko nalang, sobrang i respect and love you and i want you to be happy and to have peace of mind, susundin ko ang gusto mo. So I resigned from my job, left him and everything I had.

I miss him and our beautiful memories together. I tried diverting my attention to someone else; pero iba parin si John. Di ko alam na hinahanap hanap ko parin sya until kanina, when I met him again. He was a love that can never be. The love that was John.

Marco Sison

I never thought that I’ll be promoting Marco Sison and his music on my Blog. I grew up listening to some of his songs My Love Will See You Through”, “Si Aida, Si Lorna, O Si Fe”, “I'll Face Tomorrow”, “Always” and “Make Believe” but  never did imagine myself seeing him in person. I even got the chance of talking to him in person & shaking his hands during the Presscon of his self-produced & self-released album distributed by Polyeast Records titled “Isang Pagkakataon.

He was a classic balladeer to have captured the true vocal essence of OPM in the 90s. 

Marco Sison teamed up with Vehnee Saturno in the album’s carrier single “Isang Pagkakataon”—which is now playing on the local radios.

Recorded at Saturno Music Studio, Isang Pagkakataon-- Sison’s first set of all-new material in eight years—is now available in stores distributed by PolyEast Records, while he will be busy promoting the album and have scheduled a series of mall shows.

The all-Tagalog love ballad album has been preceded by other newly written songs by Vehnee Saturno which includes "Selos", “Kahit Na Minsan Pa”, “Sa Iisang Puso Mo, “ “K’wento" also features “Sabik Na Puso”, a song that was penned by Sison himself. 

Sison's contemporary music of romance and easy-listening sets its own standard for his songwriting, in his production, and of course in his absolutely strong, silky voice performance. Still going strong after nearly two decades, Sison started his singing career after his triumph of a singing segment of Student Canteen, a noontime variety show.

Sison’s new album also comes with two added bonus including minus one of the songs “Isang Pagkakataon” and “Sabik na Puso” and now available nationwide distributed by Polyeast Records. For more info, you can log on to

Here are the photos I took at the Presscon at Patio Carlito in QC on Nov. 14, 2012. 

Six Part Invention

This Press Release I am sharing with you guys is like a sort welcoming for Rey, Kaye and Tag Cantong, and Andy Dela Cruz of Six Part Invention as they join Universal Records in releasing their 2013 Album Stripped and Covered.

The Album includes some of the well-loved light rock tunes from the 90’s including DefLeppard’sTwo Steps Behind (their carrier single,) Bad English’s When I See You Smile, White Lion’s You’re All I Need, Europe’s Carrie, Cheap Trick’s The Flame, among others.

The carrier single is already available on and on Itunes while the rest of the tracks will be in the next few days.

Here are the 10 tracks:

1.     The Flame(popularized by Cheap Trick)
2.     Two Steps Behind(popularized by DefLeppard)
3.     You’re All I Need(popularized by White Lion)
4.     Honestly(popularized by Harem Scarem)
5.     More Than Words Can Say(popularized by Alias)
6.     When I See You Smile(popularized by Bad English)
7.     Is This Love?(popularized by Whitesnake)
8.     Carrie(popularized by Europe)
9.     Heaven(popularized by Warrant)
10. Patience(popularized by Guns N Roses)

Kay hopes this album takes everyone on a romantic musical journey while Rey hope people can support their debut album under Universal Records.

Six Part Invention is being managed by Orion Entertainment, alongside Noel Cabangon, Kimpoy Feliciano, Malay, Jordan Bautista, Jason Fernandez, Jensen Gomez, Aspen Way, Runmanila, and She’s Only Sixteen.

For inquiries, please email or you can follow them on twitter @spivocalist or check their facebook

Here is the Album Preview! Enjoy!

American Idol 12

American Idol Premieres this January 17, 2013 at 6PM on StarWorld

I am opening this press release by saying I am Team Mariah.

Star World is bringing the US’s top reality entertainment show, American Idol, once again to millions of viewers in Asia and beyond for the eighth year in a row. Star World is committed to delivering every exciting moment of American Idol Season 12 to scores of viewers in Southeast Asia, India, Taiwan and the Middle East so that they get the latest performances, updates and scoops straight from their homes as soon as they happen.

Huge and fantastic changes are happening to American Idol in its 12th season, the biggest of which is a new roster of celebrity judges of unprecedented international stardom. Joining the powerful music producer Randy Jackson, who presence has fueled the show since its first season, are country music star Keith Urban, also husband to actress Nicole Kidman; the quirky and fun pop superstar Nicki Minaj, whose hits “Super Bass” and “Starships” have inundated global airwaves in recent years; and the eternal diva Mariah Carey, who has been enthralling audiences with her vocal prowess over a musical career that has spanned more than 20 years. Emmy-nominated host Ryan Seacrest is returning to the show to guide viewers through another exciting season of amazing musical performances.

Expect some fireworks to happen on the show as egos clash and flare. One thing most Idol fans who’ve kept up-to-date with the pre-season activity of American Idol want to see most this year is how the purported feud between judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj has played out. Even in the Philippines we already have Team Mariah and Team Minaj. Late in 2012, during preliminary auditions, it was reported that Carey and Minaj had a disagreement, with Minaj referring to the fight on her Twitter account. Both stars, however, are pleased to be part of the show, with Carey saying that she’s proud to be on a show that has produced massive stars and Minaj eager to be part of American Idol’s big family. Host Seacrest assures American Idol fans that there won’t be a dull moment between the two judges this season, and even if things between them may get intense, their presence together on the panel is something the show’s producers are excited about.

Some new twists have been made to the audition process of America Idol Season 12. The first is the "American Idol Small Town Audition Bus Tour", which will bring the auditions to 10 small towns in America for those who can’t make it to the auditions in the big cities. Another type of audition is the “Nominate an Idol” program, where friends and family members can secretly nominate someone by filling up an online form and submitting an existing video of the person singing solo and a capella. A film crew will turn up on location to surprise the chosen nominee and give them a chance to advance to the next round. Online auditions were also held for the show in late 2012. With these new ways to get onto the show, American Idol fans can anticipate an even wider demographic of performers to be showcased—from the most talented singers in America to the weirdest wannabes who will do the craziest things just to get a crack at the title!

American Idol is the biggest reality TV show, which set a record when it gathered 132 million votes for the Season 11 finale. There is so much going on this 12th season of American Idol, and Star World will bring it to viewers live and the soonest, with timely screenings and exclusive specials that add value to the viewing experience and satisfy the hearts of even the wildest, most die-hard fans of American Idol. Season 12 of American Idol premieres this January 17, 2013 at 6PM with replays at 8PM and 11PM on Star World!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Up Next

Up Next here on SUPERMORGY's COLUMN are Blog Entries about the following celebrities! Tune in!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Greggy Santos

I keep looking back at those times I was with Greggy Santos. Conversations with him over coffee have always been worth remembering and something to treasure. Not because I was with someone good looking and smart but because I was with someone real & appreciative. Yes, Greggy appreciates every support and love he is getting from fans & friends. He is so real that he will tell you right away what he doesn’t like, what he isn’t comfortable with & what will make him say no and stop. He knows what his priorities are and what he wants in life and that’s to act.

Greggy joined the showbiz world in 2009 through singing his heart out in the reality show of GMA7’s ‘Are You The Next Big Star’. Followed by winning the Music Video Jock post on QTV 11’s ‘Hired’ which eventually made him host the Music Segment of the lifestyle show ‘Living it Up’ hosted by Raymond Gutierrez & Tim Yap. 

Vincent Gregory Santos in real life; graduated from Ateneo de Manila and took up Management Economics. He is into golf, basketball, badminton & used to have a band, which disbanded after he left for the States.

He starred in an Indie Film ‘Pitas’ with Sid Lucero where he was discovered by his current Manager –Eric John Salut (currently the Advertising / Promotion Manager of ABS-CBN under the unit of Deo Endrinal). He came out on ABS-CBN shows ‘Momay’, ‘Green Rose’, ‘Budoy’, ‘Walang Hanggan ‘and now on Ina Kapatid Anak & hopefully ‘Bukas Nalang Kita Mamahalin’.

I first talked to Greggy via twitter the very 1st time he came out on Green Rose as Jericho Rosales’ Korean Right Hand on May of 2011. Accidentally met him in person when I visited the set of Budoy September of 2011. Hahaha! That was just a funny moment. Ever since then, we never lost contact. There are just so many things that made me like him. Well other than he is straight, He is also Smart, Conversant & Expressive, Passionate & Talented. We know what good movies are, we share the same music & we are both critics. Now I didn’t wanna sound biased when I said those but I just wanna be truthful & fair. People need to know how I have known him so they would understand why this person needs a break & opportunities. He has more to offer. He has more to share, and together we can all witness that as his star starts to grow and shine. Goodluck Greg & God Bless!

Here is an exclusive video interview I had with him at the set of Budoy with exclusive photos I took November of 2012 just before the holidays.

Manuel Chua

I’m actually a little frustrated that my Exclusive Interview with Star Magic Hunk and Pinoy Fear Factor runner-up Manuel Chua got corrupted. It took a lot of troubleshooting, software downloads, restart, using different PCs just to the make the file work. Nevertheless, I’m still thankful that I got half of the interview recovered. Perhaps than can be enough for now and I’ll just try to arrange another interview with him.

Manuel was just near where I was while he was waiting for his call to tape for ABS-CBN’s primetime soap “Kahit Puso’y Masugatan’. He gladly said Yes when I invited him to join me for Banana Split at Grams Diner where we he had our conversation & interview at the same time.

The 1st time I met Manuel was on 2008 during the 1st ever get-together of his fans club ‘SuperFriends’. Followed by many next; from tapings to mallshows to celebrity events & to TV guestings.

That’s almost 5 years ago and upto now he’s the same person I used to know. He’s one of the nicest & very accommodating. A real gentleman & very thoughtful. Manuel when stressed likes to be alone. He goes to the mountains to breathe or goes surfing to relax. He loves Jack Johnson music. He is also a businessman, owning an appliance store in Manila & in Cabanatuan. It makes me more disappointed writing this entry about him giving you guys limited information when in fact I had everything about him recorded on tape but was just lost.

Anyways, Manuel Chua has been part of almost all soaps of ABS-CBN the past 2009 to 2012. From ‘Lovers in Paris’ to ‘iDOL’ to ‘Immortal’ to ‘Mula sa Puso’ to ‘Guns & Roses’ to ‘Reputasyon’ to ‘Maria La Del Barrio’ to ‘Walang Hanggan’ to ‘Wako Wako’ to ‘Princess & I’ & currently on ‘Kahit Puso’y Masugatan’.

He is also a favorite to star in Precious Heart Romances afternoon soap operas under the unit of Direk Lauren Dyogi from ‘Bud Brothers’ to ‘Ang Lalakeng Nagmahal sa Akin’ to ‘Substitute Bride’ to ‘Impostor’ to ‘Kristine’ to ‘Hiya’s to ‘Pintada’ and now to ‘Paraiso’.

That’s almost 20 soap operas in less than 5 years and that’s lot for an artist who started from a reality show shot in Argentina. If you are wandering why.. it’s definitely because this man can act plus he has the looks & body needed to delight afternoon viewers.

This 2013 Manuel Chua will be part of ABS-CBN’s newest soap opera ‘Apoy Sa Dagat’ with Diether Ocampo, Piolo Pascual, Angelica Panganiban, Nikki Gil & Aiko Melendez. He will also be part of Coco Martin’s upcoming movie with Julia Montes under Star Cinema.

Here are the photos I took last Nov. 22, 2012 with an exclusive short video interview.
Note: Forgive thee for sounding a little nasal. Didn't have enough sleep. :)