Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ystilo Salon

It took me awhile writing an entry about Ystilo Salon since my blog is just all about the stars. If celebrity-owner and one of my most loved artists Vina Morales was there, to welcome me and other bloggers, it would have been easier then to start an article with beautiful photos of her. But she had tooth surgery (which was very understandable) that day that's why she didn't make it. Good thing her cute and adorable daughter Ceana was there to brighten our day.

I thought the event was just to witness the make-over of the winners of 'Get Stylized Promo' of the Salon. Much to my surprise, I was given a free make-over too. Such a lovely Sunday treat from Vina Morales. 

The contest lasted for 3 months from July 15 - October 15, 2012. The winners were chosen from those with the most number of likes on Facebook holding a sign of ' I wanna Get Ystilized'. They received prize packages consisting of clothing gift certificates and head to toe make over.

Ystilo Salon has been in the industry for 14 years now. With a commitment to 'Keep Customers in Style', the Salon hired Top HongKong Hairstylist Gary Sun as Technical Consultant. Having 4 company-owned branches and more than 15 franchised branches nationwide, the Salon is still open to expand to more places in the Philippines.  If your interested of having your own branch, You may call 927-7532 or 09173124210 or email them at franchise@ystilosalon.com or visit their website at http://www.ystilosalon.com .

While the other bloggers had their make-overs, I was observing the Salon, the Services and How it was all through-out the afternoon. They have friendly staff, good and experienced senior artists, accommodating front-desk personnel plus you get extra hand-arms-scalp massage for every service avail. Other than the regular Hair Services & Treatments, they also offer Foot Spa Stress therapy, Nail Extension, Nail Art Design & Air Brush Make-up. These all come in affordable rates with aromatic scent of the salon; The place where you should be.. To be relaxed, to be pampered, to be well-taken care off, to be beautiful and of course going out of the salon even more beautiful and confident.

This should have been an easier entry If I have not forgotten that I myself is a celebrity! Haha! Morgan, having a make-over in Ystilo Salon should be more than enough reason to be a good entry for this site. 

Here are winners of the 'Get Stylized Promo' after the make-over.

Jeremy Macrohon of Ystilo Makati, Leane de Guzman of Ystilo Lipa,
Tanny Starling of Ystilo Greenhills and Christian Yack of Ystilo San Fernando.