Friday, November 9, 2012

The Fray Live in Manila

'We are committed to each other than the band.', this was what Isaac Slade said yesterday at the Presscon of The Fray at the Bar 1 of Holiday Inn Hotel. These boys, who fought many times as brothers, never stop from being more committed to one another and giving good & dramatic music to their audience. 

It took them 10 years to come here in the Philippines and 4 years ago to realize they have fans in here. Thank Technology for that, for twitter and Youtube said Guitarist Dave Welsch. The band is aware how incredibly warm Filipino Fans are; from being happy people to being hospitable to being loud to being extremely excited. According to them Filipinos are luckier now to see them perform better than many years ago when they still sucked. 

I actually got the chance to ask them few questions. First I asked was about dream collaborations or if they know Filipino Acts they would want to do a show with, they mentioned the all-girl band General Luna, Also asked them If they are harassed and stressed what songs do they listen to; they said Jazz Music and Celine Dion. Currently, they listen to the songs of Bruce Springsteen, New Killers & Bob Dylan. 

Tonight, they will be performing live their biggest hits 'How to Save a Life' , 'Over My Head (Cable Car)', ' You Found Me' and some new songs from their 2012 Album Scars and Stories including Be Still (which is one of my favorites now) at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Produced by That’s Ntertainment; Get your tickets now at Ticketnet or call 911 5555.

Patron VIP – Php 6,360, Patron A – Php 5,300, Patron B – Php 4,770
Lower Box VIP – Php 4,770, Lower Box Regular – Php 3,710
Upper A VIP – Php 3,180, Upper A Php 2,650, Upper B (UB)- Php 1,590
General Admission – Php 795

Here are the photos I took with a video clip.