Friday, November 2, 2012

The Dans

I felt and behaved like an X-Factor Judge when Galaxy Records' newest act 'The Dans' sang in front of me and other online writers during the launch of their album at the Board Room of PolyEast Towers in Quezon City last October 24, 2012. It's like they were auditioning and I was judging them and giving them my Yes and positive comments. 

That Friday was stressful due to heavy rains and storm. But good thing I got to hear Stephanie Dan and Kim Dan sing so heavenly that they took away all the negativities I had that day. The girls talk with class plus they are lovely and sing so beautifully and effortlessly together.

THE DANS, is a stylish acoustic pop duo and sisters, that creates a contemporary take on acoustic prowess and give listeners a perfect blend of acoustic pop.  Steph, now 27, took up BA Speech Communication in UP Diliman, already released her 2011’s Love to Love Acoustic under Sony Music which was released in other Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. She was also nominated as Female Acoustic Artist of the Year at the 4th PMPC Star Awards for Music last September 2012. True to her personality, Steph into laidback, hip, playful and vibrant music.

Kim on the other hand, belongs to to the theater stage and her background has allowed her the ability to easily adapt from stage singing, dancing and acting to acoustic pop. She took up Theater Arts at Brown University and attended acting and dance workshops at Tisch School of the Arts in New York. She had a solo debut and released a Christian album titled “Bless” under music producer Jungee Marcelo with independent label RG7. Kim’s musical style then was contemporary gospel fused in pop/hip-hop taste. 

Embracing their individual voices and blend them produce an undeniable expression of sisterhood slipping from their hearts into a fuller sound. Steph’s brilliant acoustic sweet vocals definitely complement Kim’s soaring vocal style.

Their Album; Acoustic Journey has 13 tracks; 12 covers and one original co-written by Steph with American Singer/Songwriter David Dimuzio. The album is about how it is being young and in love with a kick-off single of Selena Gomez' pop hit 'I Love You Like A Love Song'. Tracks in the album include acoustic covers of Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain and others. Also, THE DANS did a remake of a classic OPM favorite called “Why Can’t it Be” popularized by Rannie Raymundo in the 90’s.

Their album is now available in all record bars. You can also follow them on twitter; 
@KIM1DAN & @STEPHANIEDAN1 - Also follow @PolyEastRecords for more updates.

Here are the photos I took.