Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rachelle Ann Go

I have always been a fan of Rachelle Ann Go, her music, her singing style and her vocal acrobatics. She is actually my Peg whenever I sing. So when I got the news that she'll be having a post B-Day & Anniversary Concert, I immediately contacted my friend Annie Medina of Pinoy Song Magazine (where Shin graced September Issue Cover) to help me request a Production Pass from Viva. Luckily, they gave us some to cover the concert.

Shin produced her one night concert at the Music Museum titled Rachelle Ann Go: RAG - Rise Against Gravity last October 26, 2012 in celebration of her 8th Anniversary in the industry. The concert's concept revolves around the different chapters of her life; She opened the night singing in harness Katy Perry's song 'Wide Awake'. Followed by these chapters and songs with some thoughts from me..

Fears - Singing her 1st hit revival Don't Cry Out Loud - (When Shin started singing in the Industry, she had this thick powerful voice that was more than enough to break glass windows. I remember her major concert in Araneta with the other Champions, performing Sharon Cuneta Medley in her own style & belting.  It was just unbelievable! Including the songs; We Will Rock You and The Impossible Dream. I wish you guys could have seen that.)

Believe - as the Little Mermaid Ariel giving her rendition of Part Your World. (This was one of the best musical stage plays I have ever watched in my life. With Just Shin Alone, It was mesmerizing! Her voice was so clear! Good Diction and Enunciation!

Love - Duet with Christian Bautista (I’m a proud Shinian! That’s how they call the fans of the love team. They sing beautifully together. Complimenting each other’s voice. You and Me, We Wanted it All is their duet I will never forget, including the hit ‘Pag-Ibig na Kaya’ which was used as a theme-song in the hit KoreaNovela Princess Hours.)

Broken Heart - Singing heartbreaking songs of Joey Albert's Tell Me and Ella Mae Saison's 'Till My Heartache Ends' (I felt her rendition of these songs during the concert. Sitting on a stool in a beautiful white dress!)

Recovery and Resilience- Performing with Kyla  and with Sarah Geronimo; ( Shin sang 3 Adele’s songs with Kyla joining her in Rolling in the Deep and performing with Sarah Geronimo the Whitney Houston song Count on Me which was one of the best parts of the concert. Lovely Duet! Video Clip below..

Challenges – Singing with the Song Bird Regine Velasquez (A medley of powerful songs of Mariah Carey's Through the Rain that she used as her contest piece on Search for A Star, Celine Dion's All By MySelf, and Jennifer Holiday's And I'm telling you I'm not going.) I’m really a fan whenever Shin or Regine starts belting out songs like those! It amazes me! Giving me Goosebumps! I also have a video clip of this one below.

The Ultimate Royal Fierceness- Singing & Dancing  Rihanna Songs. (Moving to Party Pilipinas from ASAP is perhaps a good step for Shin to showcase more of her talent away from Sarah Geronimo’s shadow. She gets to have her own spotlight. )

Celebration - ending the night with her hit songs From the Start and Bakit. (I can sing most of Shin’s songs! Whenever she sings some songs differently, it makes me love her more and her music. I consider her a genius in her own style.  I remember attending her Live Recording of her Rachelle Ann Go Rocks album. It was fast and just amazing! An experience I will always cherish forever.

Indeed it was a night of Belting & Good Music. 
Every production was well thought of. 
And of course The Singing did Rise Against the Gravity of the Audience. 
Congratulations Shin! Can’t wait for ur next concert! 
Goodluck also to your coming audition to the Ms. Saigon 
Directed by Rico Gutierrez, with some styling & gowns from her brother Oz Go, 
Rise Against Gravity will air on GMA-7, 9pm on December 2, 2012. 
Meanwhile here some video clips you would enjoy.