Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mario Maurer

I waited for Mario Maurer's guesting on 'Gandang Gabi Vice' to air first before I post my entry about him. Right after he taped that episode was when I first saw him in person. I was lucky indeed seeing him in person, luckier, we shook hands and the just the luckiest that I got to grip his hand and said 'I Love You' to him. He was just the cutest saying Thank You with a killer smile back to me. I have been his fan ever since he starred on 'Love of Siam' & 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'. He is just one of the cutest celebrities this earth has ever had. I actually had a moment with him already even before I  saw in person when I interviewed him thru skype during the bloggers conference of his newest and first movie with Star Cinema 'Suddenly Its Magic'. I didn't contain my happiness then much more last week seeing him live that my soul fainted inside me.

Upto now, I'm still smiling that I got the chance to see and experience his wonderful being. Mario is such a sweet little boy and very accommodating and nice to all people coming his way. Just commendable for a Thai to be speaking and understanding English so well, though he said it was hard for him filming the movie in full English.

To be honest, I never thought his movie #SuddenlyItsMagic can that be Magical!. The trailer was nothing compared to how beautiful the movie was. All through-out, I was just smiling! Loving his incredible charm onscreen. Mario was already enough to sell the movie. Having Erich Gonzales as her partner was indeed a good step to add more beauty and well-defined acting to the film. Plus you have good direction, wonderful and breath-taking settings and such a great story not just about love, but also about family and dreams. Watching it again will still give you your money's worth. The movie is still showing in theaters nationwide.

Going back to his guesting on #GGV, (#MarioMaurerOnGGV which trended for almost 2 days both in the Philippines and Worldwide) showed the kid in him and how playful he can get. He was just so lovable and adorable in every bit. 

Just to end this entry, I'm sure most girls will agree with me that Mario Maurer is more than enough to break the innocence in this world. He will forever be charming and a dream boy to every Filipina.

Here are exclusive photos and video of Mario I took a week ago!

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