Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jodi Sta Maria

Jodi Sta. Maria was so beautiful last night in a black dress with gigantic earrings during the launch of her newest endorsement 'CosMo Body' at her newly opened restaurant Rue Bourbon in Eastwood Libis Quezon City.

From previously 125 lbs. when she was still taping #100DaystoHeaven to 105 lbs now that she is doing the highly-rated morning soap #BecarefulWithMyHeart. Jodi said at the Presscon that she was already a user of the said product even before she was offered to endorse it.

'Cosmo Body' is an over-the-counter supplement that acts by blocking the absorption of dietary fat. It is for obesity management including weight loss and maintenance when used in conjuction with reduce-calorie diet and exercise.

Director and Founder of Cosmo Body Nino Bautista was thrilled to have someone as healthy fit and inspirational as Jodi to be their first Celebrity Ambassador. He said that Jodi epitomizes the mission of their product to encourage people to live healthy.

Jodi was  a little shocked yet still confident when she saw the campaign materials having her wore swimsuit for the supplement's promotion. Jodi didn't hesitate cause she knew there was nothing wrong and having a good body is a must for her when facing the camera. This Cosmo Body definitely complements her own slimming and weight management.

Once her schedule with #BecarefulWithMyHeart is lighter, she will be making rounds to the various outlets that sell Cosmo Body along with her other duties as the health supplement's endorser.

Cosmo Body is available in nearly 800 leading pharmacies and beauty outlets through out the Philippines. For more information; You may check their website or follow them on twitter @iamcosmobody or their FB

Meanwhile her 1st lead role on a soap opera (after 14 years of being in the showbiz) #BecarefulWithMyHeart became the the #1 Daytime Program Nationwide for the whole month of October with an average TV rating of 23.3% based on Kantar Media TNS. Her performance here (together with Richard Yap) is getting a lot of positive reviews from household surveys, online communities, print and entertainment blogs.

Here are the photos of Jodi I took.