Friday, November 23, 2012

Ina Kapatid Anak

I have always wanted to visit the set of the newest Phenomenal Teleserye #InaKapatidAnak. But the situation just won’t allow me. It’s either raining, far locations, or their taping conflicting with my schedule. Finally, last night, I made it there.  The 4 hours travel time due to heavy traffic was nothing after seeing the beautiful stars of the Primetime Soap. Kim Chiu just got off her Van, Enchong had bruises all over his face, Xian who just woke up & Maja who was tweeting about her movie 24/7 In Love.

The set was just too crowded & noisy. The location was too open for everyone. A lot of people from all ages were there waiting; from fans, to neighbors, to bystanders. They were as excited as I am! Well, that was the scene’s requirement; so everyone had to adjust.

Though he said Yes already, I didn’t get to interview Xian Lim for the Morgan Show because there were a lot of people inside the tent.  I’ll have to reschedule it on a different location soon.  So you have to watch out for that. Anyways, He just woke up when I got in. We had a little conversation about his role; telling him that Liam’s character was just perfect & rightful for him. Mysterious and Controlled. I also told him that his eyes are magnetic and sincere! They don’t just speak and express but they capture and deliver a moment. He was humble enough to say ‘Baka ikaw lang nakapansin at nagsabi niyan’. I responded right away! Of course not!  Whenever I tweet that, people would agree and would retweet. He gave me a chocolate brownie after! Hahaha. Sweet noh? Ayaw ko pang tangapin, but he insisted.

Star Cinema’s AC and her team were there as well on the set to interview Kim and Maja for 24/7 In Love. So I went with her in Kim Chiu’s tent. When Kim saw me, she went to me, beso beso and said ‘Morgy Hello andito ka! Sino kasama mo? Ano nga website mo?’ And then on…  When Maja said during the Presscon that Kim would shine on this serye, she wasn’t lying. Kim is definitely shining from one scene to another. This is by far her best performance. Emotions coming out are so real that I’m crying to some when she delivers. She indeed has grown to be a better actress and deserving to be called a Primetime Princess.

I had to call Maja’s name before I got inside her tent as a sign of respect and nervousness. Hahaha! Sabi ko, ‘Maj, Hi! Morgan here; then I opened the door and there I saw her sitting and happy seeing me. ( I guess) ‘Hello!, Kamusta? Ang layo nito,’ Maj said.. then on and on… I said, ‘You know your 24/7 In Love episode has a surprised chemistry with Diether ha! Galing! One of my favorites!’ She said! ‘Thank You! Oh diba! Sarap ma In Love.’ – Maj on #InakapatidAnak has proven her worth as a 2-time best Actress. No scene is small for her. She always gives her best in every line, in every tear fall and in every execution. Her acting here is just so commendable. From the biting of her fingernails, to the movement of her lips to the swaying of her hair. So effective and so define!

Enchong has always been one of the most accommodating celebrities ever. He is very generous with his time. – He was about take a scene when I saw him; So I had to go to other tents first.  When he came back, we talked about his skydiving experience first (His best birthday ever), his newest movie and our love for each other! Hahaha! A month ago was my 4th year with him. So imagine the many times I’ve been with him. He is actually proud of me and what I have become just as how I’m proud of him, his success and what he has achieved. – Enchong’s portrayal of his character on #InaKapatidAnak is just so lovable. A boy willing to fight for his love and family. His acting is a combination of sweet and fierce. He performs with hunger and passion. He can easily shift from someone very aggressive to someone very submissive on his roles. Just a Good Job!.

#InaKapatidAnak is such a great way to end our night. It offers a fast-paced good story, with great direction and acting. I also would like to commend Ms Janice de Belen’s portrayal as Beatrice. Such an effective Nagger and Annoying Mom. In my mind, I always hear her saying, Margaux! Margaux! Julio! Julio! Celine! Celine! Hahaha. Also Ms. Cherry Pie Picache performance. She makes her role come alive so well. An overly protective mother and but still gives in to love and lies. Also Ariel Rivera is way better here than his last soap #MulaSaPuso. His character here stands out. His eyes are just so expressive. Mr. Ronaldo Valdez is just amazing. I see my dad in him. He acts like he can be a father to everyone. His execution is unmatched. So as the veterans, Ms. Pilar Pilapil and Mr. Eddie Gutierrez – I can feel their love for acting. Natural Delivery! Very Good Performances from everyone! Having more than 35% TV rating! Congratulations! 

Please do not miss any episode! Every night on Primetime Bida!
Here is a video clip from the stars with photos I took (Click photos for larger view)