Saturday, November 10, 2012

Daniel Padilla

Few minutes ago, Daniel Padilla was just hailed as the Male Fashionista in the recently ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Award 2012 other than his fan base 'KathNiel' winning Best Fans Club. This was determined by the most number of votes thru text and online. Talking about very active fan bases, Daniel can now be considered as one of the most influential young celebrities and definitely a trend-setter.

This is a special entry I'm dedicating for this little boy who has won not just my heart but almost every teenager's heart out there. He trends on twitter even on ordinary days, His mall shows are just way too crowded & full packed, shows where he is in from Growing up to Princess & I got very high TV ratings and Gold award for his debut album and soon Platinum.

I met Daniel Padilla 2 years ago when he started in Gimik 2010 with Jessy Mendiola. From that short span of time he has evolved from someone so innocent to someone so Incredibly Charming and Oozing with 'Angas' Appeal in a likable way. He has that magic to make every young girl love and adore him. The way he stands, The way he stares and The way he talks when all put together result to a Prince Charming any Princess would want to have. There is just so much more in him to describe, so much more to discover and so much more to love but let us all together just leave that sealed to keep his mystery. I'm sure those will come-out slowly as he aged from a handsome boy to a dashing man.

Just the other day, I met him again during the PressCon of Star Cinema's newest movie '24/7 In Love' where he stars with Kathryn Bernardo and other Star Magic Artists. He plays Billy Fernandez, a Rockstar and Superstar who worked hard to reach his dream.

Dj, is very thankful to be included in this Star Magic 20th Anniversary Film.  He has always wanted to have a movie and he is happy that after being 3 years with ABS-CBN; he finally got a role for a movie he considers big and gave him a different experience. Directed by Frasco Mortiz, 24/7 In Love is showing this November 21, 2012.

For those of you who still have no copies of his debut self-titled album, It's available in all record bars nationwide under Star Records or you can download it on and - The album has 6 tracks with the carrier single 'Hinahanap-hanap kita' featured on his Teleserye 'Princess And I'.

Other than 24/7 In Love, Daniel is also set to come out in 2 more films, 'Kuratong Baleleng' as the young Robin Padilla and 'Sisteraka' for Metro Manila Film Festival and a new teleserye 'Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw' for next year.

Here are photos of Dj I took with a video clip from the PressCon of 24/7.