Tuesday, November 20, 2012

24/7 In Love

Star Magic and Star Cinema's Anniversary Film 24/7 In Love is a well-stitched & feel-good movie of the year. Like what I said in my previous post; It was not made to show people who is a better star than the others but simply tells us different stories of love and what it means to some. That's what they actually did.

Every episode was a stand out. It's like short films with same concept put together to come out more lovable and interesting. It was Well-Directed; Has Great Stories and Defined Execution & Delivery of the stars.

I was smiling all though-out the film. It made me feel like I was a teenager again!. It was really nice and infectious. Let me give you little feedback on the different episodes.

Sam Milby & Pokwang

Hahahaha! Sam was incredibly handsome and a hot gigolo in here. The way he stared; melted every woman watching. His character was such a sweet talker like how he is in real life. I can feel every word he said on this movie. It was like said to me too and not just to Pokie. Mamang on the other hand was really funny. Her acting came out so natural. It wasn't forced and wasn't trying hard at all. Just the right timing and smooth delivery. The episode was perfect to start the film.

Diether Ocampo and Maja Salvador -

- A very surprising chemistry from Diet and Maja. Maj loosen-up Diet making him fit-in so well with the character, She can certainly make a common love story to something fresh and giddy. Despite the age-gap; it's still a winning episode. Good Job!
One of my favorite episodes.

Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonzo

- I'd like to think I'm Zanjoe's peg in this episode. In fairness to him; he gave justice to his character of being a becky. Just the right ingredient of 'pitik, landi and ganda' making it come out a little gayish yet still so lovable. Bea's beauty alone can sell the episode. Her acting is so clean and flawless. Very strong yet disarming.

Angelica Panganiban & John Lloyd Cruz

-Angelica can be the most jologs yet can still be the most elegant woman in this world. So pretty even without make-up! Angelic indeed! John Lloyd's acting has always been unbeatable and adorable, from the movement of his lips and eyelashes to the fierce of his eyes! So consistent! Both of them lived up to the mature characters they portrayed.

Piolo Pascual, Zaijan Jaranilla & Xyriel Manabat

-Initially I thought Piolo will have a hard time portraying the role of a mentally gifted child. I thought it will just be another Budoy. So hard to surpass Gerald Anderson's acting; But seeing some of the audience crying. He must have delivered well his character! He actually owned it! Xyriel & Zaijan are really two of the best child stars this Industry has. They prove that even as kids they can let us feel love. A heartwarming episode.

Gerald Anderson & Kim Chiu
-If every hero out there is gonna be like Gerald Anderson saving people from a burning building wearing only a brief; I swear I will burn down every building standing here in Manila just for him to get to me. But seriously; This is a sign of growth and re-invention for him as an actor; being a little sexy & daring. Kim on other hand gracefully showed her Asian Charm in this episode. 
I actually felt a long lost love in this episode despite that fact that I didn't get to hear most of the lines, since every fan base were screaming their hearts out. #KIMERALD is so back!

Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo

- Two of the most telegenic young stars of this generation. Kathryn is a sweetheart in the film. So pretty! Daniel, like what I have always said, has that incredible charm that no boy has ever had. Overflowing appeal that you wouldn't care loving him even if he is a teenager. As love team they connect well to the audience.  They have the magic that others don't have. They for sure will be the next big stars of Star Magic.

In the US, films like 24/7 In Love (star-studded & too many stories) don't really get good reception both to reviews and box office - But I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen here in the Philippines. Coz I just gave my positive review, plus I'm watching it again!

Now showing in all theaters nationwide!