Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ate Gay

I have always loved Ate Gay and her comedy style. Really Funny and not trying hard and not offensive. I actually have some of her videos downloaded in my PC; her mash-up songs, her classic Ate Guy act and her incredibly out of nowhere declamation. Whenever I’m sad and down, I listen to those. It makes me smile. 

When I found out he is bringing down Mall of Asia Arena this November 30, 2012 for his first ever major concert; I didn’t hesitate to promote him all heartedly. Like how I have been telling the world of how wonderful he is as a comedian. For sure I won’t miss this big show that will certainly laugh my heart out.

Brought to us by That’s Ntertainment Productions; Directed by Philip Lazaro and Andrew de Real with special performers of The Company, Aiza Seguerra, Aegis, Anton Diva, Allan K, X-Factor Finalists, John “Sweet” Lapus, SexBomb; the real Superstar, Ms. Nora Aunor.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your tickets at www.smtickets.com or call 470-2222 for reservations. Prices are as follow:

VIP A (FIRST 10 ROWS) Reserved Seats - P2,120 
VIP B Reserved Seats - P1,590 
PATRON Reserved Seats - P1,590 
LOWER BOX A Reserved Seats - P1,060 
LOWER BOX B Reserved Seats - P800 
UPPER BOX Reserved Seats - P530 

Take time to watch this video first so you’ll know what I’m saying!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Coldplay Live 2012

I was more than thrilled when I got the invitation from PolyEast Records to attend the exclusive preview of Coldplay’s Live 2012 Concert Film for a number of reasons. 1. I’m a fan of this British Alternative Rock Band. 2. They are my idol’s (Champ Lui Pio) fave band, 3. They have an incredibly hot lead vocalist Chris Martin. and 4. They offer a semi-dramatic yet world beating music.

This ‘Coldplay Live 2012’ is a 90 minute-film showcasing the band’s first concert documentary from their performances in Paris's Stade de France, Montreal's Bell Center and Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage in support of their acclaimed Mylo Xyloto World Tour. Every show was full packed and sold out to 30,000 energetic music lovers.

From the onset of the film, it was already hypnotizing and mesmerizing. The stage, the design, the production, the concept and the band, comprised of Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Will Champion & Jonny Buckland all together came out bigger, artistic, passionate and lovable. It was like overstuffed! They sounded so real that you will feel like you are in the venue with your hands in the air, waving and singing with them. Just beyond good-vibes.

Interviews & Insights from the band members, behind the scenes from the tours and Coldplay’s ‘life on the road’ are shown in between songs. A defining moment in the film was when all the led wristbands of the audience were lighted up in neon colors blinking to the music. Also another awesome moment was when Chris Martin smashed his guitar (shown in slow-mo) on stage after singing ‘God Put A Smile on Your Face’. Everything was just wonderful from flashes of lights to pouring of confetti butterflies to dazzling fireworks to colorful screens. 

Chris Martin said on the film: “ The Mylo Xyloto tour has been the most fun we’ve ever had as a band. It felt very uplifting right from the start because of the amazing audiences that we’ve been playing for. Our crowd has become more and more a part of the concert itself. They are loud, diverse, full of soul and they make the songs sound much better that we can on our own.”

Mylo Xyloto is Coldplay’s 5th studio album that was released October of last year with hits ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Charlie Brown’, ‘Princess of China’ giving them 3 Grammy Award Nominations.

The screening took place at the board room of PolyEast Records with a glass of Ice Tea, a bowl of chips & popcorn and a big tropical burger adding cinematic glory. Hahaha!

You guys are all lucky that you get to watch this epic concert on DVD like that of a Live Experience. This is for sure the next best thing to seeing them in person. Concert in Manila may not happen yet anytime soon coz it will cost producers Millions. 

Coldplay Live 2012 CD+DVD are available for P485 and a special imported edition with free MyloXyloto baller for P1500 and will be launched on Nov. 30 at Astro Plus SM North Edsa and Odyssey Megamall. 

Follow @PolyEastRecords on twitter for more updates. 
Here is the trailer!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jodi Sta Maria

Jodi Sta. Maria was so beautiful last night in a black dress with gigantic earrings during the launch of her newest endorsement 'CosMo Body' at her newly opened restaurant Rue Bourbon in Eastwood Libis Quezon City.

From previously 125 lbs. when she was still taping #100DaystoHeaven to 105 lbs now that she is doing the highly-rated morning soap #BecarefulWithMyHeart. Jodi said at the Presscon that she was already a user of the said product even before she was offered to endorse it.

'Cosmo Body' is an over-the-counter supplement that acts by blocking the absorption of dietary fat. It is for obesity management including weight loss and maintenance when used in conjuction with reduce-calorie diet and exercise.

Director and Founder of Cosmo Body Nino Bautista was thrilled to have someone as healthy fit and inspirational as Jodi to be their first Celebrity Ambassador. He said that Jodi epitomizes the mission of their product to encourage people to live healthy.

Jodi was  a little shocked yet still confident when she saw the campaign materials having her wore swimsuit for the supplement's promotion. Jodi didn't hesitate cause she knew there was nothing wrong and having a good body is a must for her when facing the camera. This Cosmo Body definitely complements her own slimming and weight management.

Once her schedule with #BecarefulWithMyHeart is lighter, she will be making rounds to the various outlets that sell Cosmo Body along with her other duties as the health supplement's endorser.

Cosmo Body is available in nearly 800 leading pharmacies and beauty outlets through out the Philippines. For more information; You may check their website www.cosmo-skin.com or follow them on twitter @iamcosmobody or their FB www.facebook.com/cosmoskinandcosmobody.

Meanwhile her 1st lead role on a soap opera (after 14 years of being in the showbiz) #BecarefulWithMyHeart became the the #1 Daytime Program Nationwide for the whole month of October with an average TV rating of 23.3% based on Kantar Media TNS. Her performance here (together with Richard Yap) is getting a lot of positive reviews from household surveys, online communities, print and entertainment blogs.

Here are the photos of Jodi I took. 


Jake Cuenca

ABS-CBN’s afternoon soap-opera #KungAkoyIiwanMo finally ended last November 16, 2012 with a household rating of 17.8% based on Kantar Media/TNS Household Survey. Lead Actor and 28th PMPC Best Supporting Actor Jake Cuenca was very happy with the successful run of the show  getting an average rating of 14-16% for the last 7 months and was taped for almost a year.

I’m actually very fortunate that I was able to visit the set few times and that I got to observe Jake’s passion and love for acting. He has always been dedicated and committed to give a good show to his fans and followers.  It wasn’t easy. Jake barely had sleep and was taping from Monday to Saturday for this Kapamilya Gold Serye with Shaina Magdayao and another Primetime Drama with Iza Calzado. So just imagine the hardwork he put in just to give the viewers a good teleserye. Still he is thankful for the experience coz it made him a better actor.

His evening Teleserye #KahitPusoyMasugatan has been extended til February of next year for getting good TV ratings despite the late airing. Just the other day, He started shooting already his newest film ‘Tuhog’ with Eugene Domingo, Empress, Enchong Dee and Manuel Chua and will be shown this 2013.

For some of you who might have missed; Jake did his final stage appearance in underwear for the clothing brand Bench during its Underwear and Denim Fashion Show last September 13-14.  He brought down the Arena when he took off his orange underwear leaving him in black thong showing his sexy butt.  Here is a video clip I took that has around 70,000 views already. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ina Kapatid Anak

I have always wanted to visit the set of the newest Phenomenal Teleserye #InaKapatidAnak. But the situation just won’t allow me. It’s either raining, far locations, or their taping conflicting with my schedule. Finally, last night, I made it there.  The 4 hours travel time due to heavy traffic was nothing after seeing the beautiful stars of the Primetime Soap. Kim Chiu just got off her Van, Enchong had bruises all over his face, Xian who just woke up & Maja who was tweeting about her movie 24/7 In Love.

The set was just too crowded & noisy. The location was too open for everyone. A lot of people from all ages were there waiting; from fans, to neighbors, to bystanders. They were as excited as I am! Well, that was the scene’s requirement; so everyone had to adjust.

Though he said Yes already, I didn’t get to interview Xian Lim for the Morgan Show because there were a lot of people inside the tent.  I’ll have to reschedule it on a different location soon.  So you have to watch out for that. Anyways, He just woke up when I got in. We had a little conversation about his role; telling him that Liam’s character was just perfect & rightful for him. Mysterious and Controlled. I also told him that his eyes are magnetic and sincere! They don’t just speak and express but they capture and deliver a moment. He was humble enough to say ‘Baka ikaw lang nakapansin at nagsabi niyan’. I responded right away! Of course not!  Whenever I tweet that, people would agree and would retweet. He gave me a chocolate brownie after! Hahaha. Sweet noh? Ayaw ko pang tangapin, but he insisted.

Star Cinema’s AC and her team were there as well on the set to interview Kim and Maja for 24/7 In Love. So I went with her in Kim Chiu’s tent. When Kim saw me, she went to me, beso beso and said ‘Morgy Hello andito ka! Sino kasama mo? Ano nga website mo?’ And then on…  When Maja said during the Presscon that Kim would shine on this serye, she wasn’t lying. Kim is definitely shining from one scene to another. This is by far her best performance. Emotions coming out are so real that I’m crying to some when she delivers. She indeed has grown to be a better actress and deserving to be called a Primetime Princess.

I had to call Maja’s name before I got inside her tent as a sign of respect and nervousness. Hahaha! Sabi ko, ‘Maj, Hi! Morgan here; then I opened the door and there I saw her sitting and happy seeing me. ( I guess) ‘Hello!, Kamusta? Ang layo nito,’ Maj said.. then on and on… I said, ‘You know your 24/7 In Love episode has a surprised chemistry with Diether ha! Galing! One of my favorites!’ She said! ‘Thank You! Oh diba! Sarap ma In Love.’ – Maj on #InakapatidAnak has proven her worth as a 2-time best Actress. No scene is small for her. She always gives her best in every line, in every tear fall and in every execution. Her acting here is just so commendable. From the biting of her fingernails, to the movement of her lips to the swaying of her hair. So effective and so define!

Enchong has always been one of the most accommodating celebrities ever. He is very generous with his time. – He was about take a scene when I saw him; So I had to go to other tents first.  When he came back, we talked about his skydiving experience first (His best birthday ever), his newest movie and our love for each other! Hahaha! A month ago was my 4th year with him. So imagine the many times I’ve been with him. He is actually proud of me and what I have become just as how I’m proud of him, his success and what he has achieved. – Enchong’s portrayal of his character on #InaKapatidAnak is just so lovable. A boy willing to fight for his love and family. His acting is a combination of sweet and fierce. He performs with hunger and passion. He can easily shift from someone very aggressive to someone very submissive on his roles. Just a Good Job!.

#InaKapatidAnak is such a great way to end our night. It offers a fast-paced good story, with great direction and acting. I also would like to commend Ms Janice de Belen’s portrayal as Beatrice. Such an effective Nagger and Annoying Mom. In my mind, I always hear her saying, Margaux! Margaux! Julio! Julio! Celine! Celine! Hahaha. Also Ms. Cherry Pie Picache performance. She makes her role come alive so well. An overly protective mother and but still gives in to love and lies. Also Ariel Rivera is way better here than his last soap #MulaSaPuso. His character here stands out. His eyes are just so expressive. Mr. Ronaldo Valdez is just amazing. I see my dad in him. He acts like he can be a father to everyone. His execution is unmatched. So as the veterans, Ms. Pilar Pilapil and Mr. Eddie Gutierrez – I can feel their love for acting. Natural Delivery! Very Good Performances from everyone! Having more than 35% TV rating! Congratulations! 

Please do not miss any episode! Every night on Primetime Bida!
Here is a video clip from the stars with photos I took (Click photos for larger view)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

24/7 In Love

Star Magic and Star Cinema's Anniversary Film 24/7 In Love is a well-stitched & feel-good movie of the year. Like what I said in my previous post; It was not made to show people who is a better star than the others but simply tells us different stories of love and what it means to some. That's what they actually did.

Every episode was a stand out. It's like short films with same concept put together to come out more lovable and interesting. It was Well-Directed; Has Great Stories and Defined Execution & Delivery of the stars.

I was smiling all though-out the film. It made me feel like I was a teenager again!. It was really nice and infectious. Let me give you little feedback on the different episodes.

Sam Milby & Pokwang

Hahahaha! Sam was incredibly handsome and a hot gigolo in here. The way he stared; melted every woman watching. His character was such a sweet talker like how he is in real life. I can feel every word he said on this movie. It was like said to me too and not just to Pokie. Mamang on the other hand was really funny. Her acting came out so natural. It wasn't forced and wasn't trying hard at all. Just the right timing and smooth delivery. The episode was perfect to start the film.

Diether Ocampo and Maja Salvador -

- A very surprising chemistry from Diet and Maja. Maj loosen-up Diet making him fit-in so well with the character, She can certainly make a common love story to something fresh and giddy. Despite the age-gap; it's still a winning episode. Good Job!
One of my favorite episodes.

Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonzo

- I'd like to think I'm Zanjoe's peg in this episode. In fairness to him; he gave justice to his character of being a becky. Just the right ingredient of 'pitik, landi and ganda' making it come out a little gayish yet still so lovable. Bea's beauty alone can sell the episode. Her acting is so clean and flawless. Very strong yet disarming.

Angelica Panganiban & John Lloyd Cruz

-Angelica can be the most jologs yet can still be the most elegant woman in this world. So pretty even without make-up! Angelic indeed! John Lloyd's acting has always been unbeatable and adorable, from the movement of his lips and eyelashes to the fierce of his eyes! So consistent! Both of them lived up to the mature characters they portrayed.

Piolo Pascual, Zaijan Jaranilla & Xyriel Manabat

-Initially I thought Piolo will have a hard time portraying the role of a mentally gifted child. I thought it will just be another Budoy. So hard to surpass Gerald Anderson's acting; But seeing some of the audience crying. He must have delivered well his character! He actually owned it! Xyriel & Zaijan are really two of the best child stars this Industry has. They prove that even as kids they can let us feel love. A heartwarming episode.

Gerald Anderson & Kim Chiu
-If every hero out there is gonna be like Gerald Anderson saving people from a burning building wearing only a brief; I swear I will burn down every building standing here in Manila just for him to get to me. But seriously; This is a sign of growth and re-invention for him as an actor; being a little sexy & daring. Kim on other hand gracefully showed her Asian Charm in this episode. 
I actually felt a long lost love in this episode despite that fact that I didn't get to hear most of the lines, since every fan base were screaming their hearts out. #KIMERALD is so back!

Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo

- Two of the most telegenic young stars of this generation. Kathryn is a sweetheart in the film. So pretty! Daniel, like what I have always said, has that incredible charm that no boy has ever had. Overflowing appeal that you wouldn't care loving him even if he is a teenager. As love team they connect well to the audience.  They have the magic that others don't have. They for sure will be the next big stars of Star Magic.

In the US, films like 24/7 In Love (star-studded & too many stories) don't really get good reception both to reviews and box office - But I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen here in the Philippines. Coz I just gave my positive review, plus I'm watching it again!

Now showing in all theaters nationwide!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sam Milby

'Some of the most beautiful things in life come out in the most unexpected times.' This was what 26-Year-Old Acoustic Heartthrob Samuel Milby shared during the Presscon of his newest movie with Star Cinema '24/7 In Love' in celebration of Star Magic's 20th Anniversary where he stars with Pokwang and other biggest and brightest stars of Star Magic.

Sam and Pokwang, who last worked in an episode of 'Your Song' way way back are very excited to bring to life the comic story of Charles and Virgie on screen.
It was very refreshing to see Sam and Pokwang together during the Presscon. You can see real friendship in them which has been developed from the many work travels they had abroad. Off-Cam you see chemistry already which definitely led to easy portrayal of their roles in this 24/7 In Love film.

Sam said on a press release: 'Yong story namin ni Pokwang very comedy talaga. This episode has a lot of firsts. First time doing a movie with Pokwang, Ako yung first kissing scene niya ever in a movie, so she's a virgin in the movie and she's a virgin in terms of kissing scene, so I'm happy that I was the first, Hahaha!'

Sam shared that their comedy episode and the other 6 episodes have a lot of lessons for the heart which audience from all ages can relate to.

Their episode is directed by Frasco Mortiz, showing this November 21, 2012 with Red Carpet Premiere on the 20th.  More of Pokwang Click This!

Meanwhile his new Teleserye with Judy Ann Santos, Jericho Rosales and KC Concepcion with a working title 'Against All Odds' has been moved to 2013 to give way for Juday's other show Master Chef.

He also finished shooting the Indie Movie'Death March' with Jason Abalos, Luis Alandy, Zanjoe Marudo, Sid Lucero & Felix Roco directed by Adolf Alix Jr.

The last time I saw Sam prior to the Presscon was when I visited him on the set of 'Against All Odds' and 'Wansapanatym' taping a month ago. He has always been one of the nicest celebrities! (For Me) More handsome than Piolo Pascual and more appealing than John Lloyd Cruz. Lemme just add this little note about Sam which I’m sure you would all agree with me.

A heartthrob, A racer, A singer, An Actor, Hot & Good Looking Bachelor, Sweet Talker, Charming, and Lovable – Wow! What more can you ask. Having Sam Milby is even way more than winning a jackpot in a lottery. It’s harder to describe him now for as days go by, he becomes better and bolder! 

Conversation with Sam is just a treasured moment always. He talks a lot. He has a lot of stories to tell. He gets your attention the moment his lips move. I’m ecstatic whenever I’m with him and having that precious little moment & kwentuhan. Anyone gets energize with his presence. His eyes are sparkling and when he stares, it’s more than enough to light up a darkened room.

Sam is definitely a dream guy. Just imagine both of you sitting on a sofa, while he strums his guitar, starts singing you a song, looking at you in the eyes and you’re suddenly melting and speechless. You would want then time to freeze and just be in that moment for the rest of time.

I Love Sam. He may not be perfect so as anyone else but we can always have a perfect moment with him. He smiles and says ‘Thank You’ with sincerity. He has always been and will always be appreciative to the love, care and support coming his way.

Here is a video clip from the PressCon of 24/7 In Love with some photos I took.

Rachelle Ann Go

I have always been a fan of Rachelle Ann Go, her music, her singing style and her vocal acrobatics. She is actually my Peg whenever I sing. So when I got the news that she'll be having a post B-Day & Anniversary Concert, I immediately contacted my friend Annie Medina of Pinoy Song Magazine (where Shin graced September Issue Cover) to help me request a Production Pass from Viva. Luckily, they gave us some to cover the concert.

Shin produced her one night concert at the Music Museum titled Rachelle Ann Go: RAG - Rise Against Gravity last October 26, 2012 in celebration of her 8th Anniversary in the industry. The concert's concept revolves around the different chapters of her life; She opened the night singing in harness Katy Perry's song 'Wide Awake'. Followed by these chapters and songs with some thoughts from me..

Fears - Singing her 1st hit revival Don't Cry Out Loud - (When Shin started singing in the Industry, she had this thick powerful voice that was more than enough to break glass windows. I remember her major concert in Araneta with the other Champions, performing Sharon Cuneta Medley in her own style & belting.  It was just unbelievable! Including the songs; We Will Rock You and The Impossible Dream. I wish you guys could have seen that.)

Believe - as the Little Mermaid Ariel giving her rendition of Part Your World. (This was one of the best musical stage plays I have ever watched in my life. With Just Shin Alone, It was mesmerizing! Her voice was so clear! Good Diction and Enunciation!

Love - Duet with Christian Bautista (I’m a proud Shinian! That’s how they call the fans of the love team. They sing beautifully together. Complimenting each other’s voice. You and Me, We Wanted it All is their duet I will never forget, including the hit ‘Pag-Ibig na Kaya’ which was used as a theme-song in the hit KoreaNovela Princess Hours.)

Broken Heart - Singing heartbreaking songs of Joey Albert's Tell Me and Ella Mae Saison's 'Till My Heartache Ends' (I felt her rendition of these songs during the concert. Sitting on a stool in a beautiful white dress!)

Recovery and Resilience- Performing with Kyla  and with Sarah Geronimo; ( Shin sang 3 Adele’s songs with Kyla joining her in Rolling in the Deep and performing with Sarah Geronimo the Whitney Houston song Count on Me which was one of the best parts of the concert. Lovely Duet! Video Clip below..

Challenges – Singing with the Song Bird Regine Velasquez (A medley of powerful songs of Mariah Carey's Through the Rain that she used as her contest piece on Search for A Star, Celine Dion's All By MySelf, and Jennifer Holiday's And I'm telling you I'm not going.) I’m really a fan whenever Shin or Regine starts belting out songs like those! It amazes me! Giving me Goosebumps! I also have a video clip of this one below.

The Ultimate Royal Fierceness- Singing & Dancing  Rihanna Songs. (Moving to Party Pilipinas from ASAP is perhaps a good step for Shin to showcase more of her talent away from Sarah Geronimo’s shadow. She gets to have her own spotlight. )

Celebration - ending the night with her hit songs From the Start and Bakit. (I can sing most of Shin’s songs! Whenever she sings some songs differently, it makes me love her more and her music. I consider her a genius in her own style.  I remember attending her Live Recording of her Rachelle Ann Go Rocks album. It was fast and just amazing! An experience I will always cherish forever.

Indeed it was a night of Belting & Good Music. 
Every production was well thought of. 
And of course The Singing did Rise Against the Gravity of the Audience. 
Congratulations Shin! Can’t wait for ur next concert! 
Goodluck also to your coming audition to the Ms. Saigon 
Directed by Rico Gutierrez, with some styling & gowns from her brother Oz Go, 
Rise Against Gravity will air on GMA-7, 9pm on December 2, 2012. 
Meanwhile here some video clips you would enjoy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Gerald Anderson & Kim Chiu

Celebrity Peace Ambassador Gerald Anderson and Primetime Princess Kim Chiu are back together in a Star Magic Anniversary Film '24/7 In Love' on an episode 'Underwear Hero'.

Their loveteam last appeared in the movie 'Till My Heartaches End'2 years ago. Both work separately then. Gerald on the highly acclaimed 'Budoy' and Kim on the highly rated 'My Binondo Girl'.

In this 24/7 In Love movie, Kim plays the role of Patty, an Account Executive who has to save her job by finding a guy who rescued his neighbors from a fire fiasco in his underwear and became an instant celebrity. Much to her surprise, the guy turns out to be Gerald's character Alvin, her ex-boyfriend whom she has hurt from the past.

Gerald (as from the press release and as I translate) shared: 'You have to grow apart from each other even for sometimes for you to see and realize your love for a person. There are so many things that you can learn from others and when you come back together, you will be able to share more about life and yourselves that will make both of you better.'

This episode is directed by Mae Cruz and is showing on November 21, 2012. I'm pretty sure the KIMERALD fans are just very excited to see their screen team-up again just as how happy I am seeing them as friends off-cam.

During the Presscon, It was obvious that the two were getting along well, no pretentions and were just happy and relax answering questions together with the other cast of the movie.

Currently Kim is doing a good in her role as Celine on her Teleserye #InaKapatidAnak with Maja Salvador. Some of my thoughts about Kim are here click this.

While Gerald is set to star in a new Teleserye for airing next year with a working title #BukasNalangKitaMamahalin together with Cristine Reyes, Rayver Cruz, Ms. Dina Bonnevie and Ms. Maricel Soriano. He recently walked the runway last October 23 for the Philippine Fashion Week of the clothing brand Mint. He also graced the cover of M Magazine, a glossy Magazine featuring famous people of Mindanao where Ge grew up. You can catch Gerald Anderson with Maja Salvador this November 17, 2012 at 5pm in Abreeza Mall in Davao City for the movie promotion of 24/7 In Love.

And just yesterday, Gerald Anderson as Budoy won the ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Award for Pop Kapamilya TV Character.

I haven't said much yet about Gerald Anderson here in my site. Lemme just take this opportunity to say just a little. He is very dear to me. We are both Generals for those of you who don't know. I get to visit him sometimes in tapings or in some of his events. Ge has a good memory and has always been accommodating. He is very appreciative with the good things coming his way. He is very thankful for the support his fans and followers give him. He even likes it when they visit him on set. Just a gentleman in every bit. From what I see, he gives back the love by being good to his craft.

I’m sure you would all agree with me that Ge gives much value to time. I was a witness to this, (other than that episode of Sarah G Live where Ge gave sweet words about Time to Sarah), Time for his Fans, appreciating their visits on the set. Time for Family, Flying 700 miles to Gensan and back to Manila, Time for friends, Basketball and Catching up and Time for good work and charities. I won't go into details about that coz I don't want to tell the world that how good and big his heart is. I want you to discover it by yourselves just as how I did. Gerald is not just a superhero for any lonely girl out there but he is a Hero for any situation he can be of help.

I felt really sad though for the love he has for Sarah Geronimo that didn’t go to the next level.
It was a love that has always been but can never be.
But I still hope and pray he gets to find the girl who would make him happy.
He deserves all the love in the world…

Here are the photos I took with a video clip..

Martin Nievera

I'm just in the mood right now to write about Martin Nivera and his newest album with PolyEast Records even though I haven't gotten yet the Official Press Release. It's an honor for me making an entry about the Concert King and his music so I'm hoping I did get the right information online. This is like my own research with some thoughts in.  Haha! So here we go...

Musical Icon and Concert King Martin Nievera who has 26 studio albums and 14 Live, Compilation and Holiday albums (mostly awarded Gold, Platinum and Double Platinum Status) with total sales of more than half million copies, comes out with a new album '3D: Tatlong Dekada' under  PolyEast Records in celebration of his 30th year in the industry.

Martin who started the trend on making revival albums in the Philippines has decided to take more original songs this time following his Album 'Mga Awit at Damdamin' released February of this year and now a certified Platinum.

His music evolves as time passes. From song choices to styles to melodies; He constantly re-invents himself but not going far from his trademark of 'Martinizing' songs.

Now, he tries to talk less and listen more to people. He is open to suggestions and recommendations on what to sing and how to add a new flavor on it. Despite his musical status, He is humble to admit that he is not always right.

The album's carrier single is 'Ipadarama' written by Kiko Salazar. Also included are revivals used as themesongs on 2 Primetime ABS-CBN Teleseryes. 'Times of Your Life' for #Lorenzo'sTime and 'After All' a duet with Vina Morales for #ABeautifulAffair. 3D is 17-cut album and now available in Astroplus, Oddysey and all record bars nationwide. You can also download the album on www.mymusicstore.com.ph and on www.itunes.com

1. Magic
2. Ipadarama
3. Wala ng Magagawa
4. far Away
5. Only in My Dreams
6. Panaginip
7. After All This Time
8. Carry On
9. Are We Really Praying
10. Pangarap Ko Ay Magpakailanman
11. Take Off
12. Ikaw Kailanman
13. On My Own Again
14. Pangako
15. Pag-ibig Ko'y Ikaw
16. After All -
17. Times of Your Life
September of this year, Martin got a special award of 'NATATANGING ALAGAD NG MUSIKA' from PMPC Star Awards for Music other than grabbing the Male Concert Performer of the Year and Revival Album of the Year.

He was also one of the judges/mentors of the recently X Factor Philippines and became a second Dad to his mentees. Just the best & rightful judge for that reality show.

Lemme just add something here. I recently lost my Dad and seeing Martin taking care of the boys under his supervision, protecting them, giving them advices, teaching them how to dream big, how to believe in their talents and how to deal with people was just way very touching for me.

He was generous in giving compliments and was very careful in throwing constructive criticism. Those that he said were definitely for the contestants' betterment. I was one of those who constantly voiced out my thoughts on the competition thru twitter. But never did I attack any of them based on their characters and physical appearance, only with their performance and singing style. Watching from home, I felt like a child seeing a Father on TV protecting a son from the harsh comments of some viewers. I was on tears when Martin stood up and brought with him one of his mentees. That was just a commendable act not by a Judge, not by a Mentor, not by an Artist but by a Good Person with a Good Heart. You have more of my love and respect Tito Martin!. God Bless You More and Your Heart.

By the way, last Thursday, Martin taped for Kapamilya Deal or No Deal with Kedebon, I was there, saw some parts of it. That will air this Saturday or the week after at 6pm. He recently promoted his album in Libis, McKinley and Davao and He will be in the US this December for a series of show.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Daniel Padilla

Few minutes ago, Daniel Padilla was just hailed as the Male Fashionista in the recently ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Award 2012 other than his fan base 'KathNiel' winning Best Fans Club. This was determined by the most number of votes thru text and online. Talking about very active fan bases, Daniel can now be considered as one of the most influential young celebrities and definitely a trend-setter.

This is a special entry I'm dedicating for this little boy who has won not just my heart but almost every teenager's heart out there. He trends on twitter even on ordinary days, His mall shows are just way too crowded & full packed, shows where he is in from Growing up to Princess & I got very high TV ratings and Gold award for his debut album and soon Platinum.

I met Daniel Padilla 2 years ago when he started in Gimik 2010 with Jessy Mendiola. From that short span of time he has evolved from someone so innocent to someone so Incredibly Charming and Oozing with 'Angas' Appeal in a likable way. He has that magic to make every young girl love and adore him. The way he stands, The way he stares and The way he talks when all put together result to a Prince Charming any Princess would want to have. There is just so much more in him to describe, so much more to discover and so much more to love but let us all together just leave that sealed to keep his mystery. I'm sure those will come-out slowly as he aged from a handsome boy to a dashing man.

Just the other day, I met him again during the PressCon of Star Cinema's newest movie '24/7 In Love' where he stars with Kathryn Bernardo and other Star Magic Artists. He plays Billy Fernandez, a Rockstar and Superstar who worked hard to reach his dream.

Dj, is very thankful to be included in this Star Magic 20th Anniversary Film.  He has always wanted to have a movie and he is happy that after being 3 years with ABS-CBN; he finally got a role for a movie he considers big and gave him a different experience. Directed by Frasco Mortiz, 24/7 In Love is showing this November 21, 2012.

For those of you who still have no copies of his debut self-titled album, It's available in all record bars nationwide under Star Records or you can download it on www.starrecords.com.ph and www.mymusicstore.com.ph - The album has 6 tracks with the carrier single 'Hinahanap-hanap kita' featured on his Teleserye 'Princess And I'.

Other than 24/7 In Love, Daniel is also set to come out in 2 more films, 'Kuratong Baleleng' as the young Robin Padilla and 'Sisteraka' for Metro Manila Film Festival and a new teleserye 'Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw' for next year.

Here are photos of Dj I took with a video clip from the PressCon of 24/7.