Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sarah Geronimo

When I got the invite to cover Sarah Geronimo’s PressCon with Cherry Mobile,
I quickly said Yes even though I already booked 2 celebrity events on that day.

Not because Sarah Geronimo is a good subject for an article but because I love her dearly and I’m a fan.  It’s always gonna be a lovely moment seeing her, what more interviewing her, I’m sure that some Popsters and Ashralds can attest to that.

Prior to her arrival at Dolce, where the presscon was held, I sent a tweet asking people what non-love questions they would wanna ask; and Yes I was flooded with replies. That’s how powerful a name Sarah Geronimo can be plus the fact that she trended on twitter that day.

I was in the best table when Sarah arrived so I got good shots. I was even very fortunate to be in her holding room where she granted me photo-opp with her and a video greeting for her fans & followers.

Sarah Geronimo is the newest brand ambassador of Cherry Mobile. It was an easy decision for the company to choose her because of the natural charisma she easily draws the public. Michelle Ngu, VP for Operations of Cosmic Technologies, Inc. said that Sarah’s personality and talents complement Cherry Mobile’s promise in bringing various multimedia phones to the public’.

That was a good decision for the company since Sarah is undeniably the definition of pure and real talent.

Sarah was so in the mood answering questions yet still looking so innocent and charming.  She said on the PressCon that she was happy and was with great pleasure being Cherry Mobile’s newest endorser.

This partnership will definitely strengthen Cherry Mobile’s position in the local mobile communications industry as the leading value-for-money and feature-packed brand of phone.

“Sarah characterizes multimedia. When one asks for that one star that steals the glam light and puts up the show, she is that one answer.” said Agnes Conopio, Brand Alliance Manager of Cherry Mobile.

Sarah now joins the ranks of other Cherry Mobile endorsers, actors Robin Padilla, John Lloyd Cruz, Anne Curtis and Kim Chiu. With this dream team of brand ambassadors, Cherry Mobile continues to captivate the local mobile communications industry and deliver products that fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Sarah Geronimo is currently filming a movie with John Lloyd Cruz which will be shown next year. She will also kick-off the year by her 24 SG concert tour and a grand concert, July of next year celebrating her 10th year in the industry.

Here are the photos I took during the event with exclusive video greeting for everyone.