Friday, October 5, 2012

Kim Chiu

Primetime Princess Kim Chiu is very excited to share the spotlight with real-life friend Maja Salvador on their  upcoming Teleserye 'Ina Kapatid Anak'.

A compelling story about family, love, rivalry and acceptance.

Kim plays the role of Celine; a poor but optimistic girl and a product of surrogacy. Kim also said during the interview that the character is totally new for her; where she is so loud and talkative unlike her previous Teleseryes.

Aside from the highly anticipated confrontation scenes with Maja, viewers are also excited for her team up again with Xian Lim.

Kim was on the cover of Star Studio Magazine last September  and won 'Couple of the Night' award with Xian Lim during the Star Magic Ball.

Just few observations during the pocketcon, presscon & special screening;

Kim is definetely a sweet princess, soft-spoken and grateful to all the love and support she is getting. I'm just a testament to that! Not to forget She is beautiful.. very Asian!

Lemme just close this entry by saying; Kim looks so breakable yet her presence is so strong. Like a rose so admirable but with thorns to protect itself from harm. A  flower that needs to be taken care of and I really hope she finds the man who will be there for her til the rest of time.

Other than Xian Lim; my vote also goes to JC De Vera! Haha! : ) : )
Here are the photos I took with videos...
Other photos will be uploaded in a separate entry.
You can catch the cast of ‘Ina Kapatid Anak’ tomorrow 5pm at Trinoma Activity Center.