Saturday, October 6, 2012

Erich Gonzales and Mario Maurer

This coming October 31, 2012, Star Cinema brings you Thai Actor Mario Maurer and our very own Erich Gonzales in a romantic movie 'Suddenly It's Magic' which was shot in the beautiful places of Thailand and Philippines.

Mario Maurer plays the character of Marcus Hanson; a big Thai Actor who went to the Philippines to escape love and intrigue brought by past relationship. Erich Gonzales on the other hand plays the role of Joey Hermosa; A simple filipina who Marcus fell in love with. Conflict started when Fans and Marcus' Mom wanted Mario to leave Joey and be re-united with his ex-girlfriend.

Last September 24, 2012, I attended the Bloggers Conference with Erich Gonzales having Mario Maurer on Skype. This was something different for a BlogCon thru VOIP.

Erich was so game and was so in the mood to answer questions from the bloggers. I got the chance to ask her of what she did nice to Mario making the Asian Superstar be comfortable with her. Erich said she cooked adobo for Mario and the Thai Actor liked it. Gesture was returned when Erich was in Thailand. Mario also took good care of her bringing her Thai food.

Here are some interesting facts.

1.  Mario brings his own Hairstylist. 
     He doesn't want anyone touching his hair. 
     Make-up can be done by anyone.
2.  Mario likes Toycar and Skateboarding.
3.  Mario's bestfriend is a Filipino.
4.  Mario's wallet is made in Boracay.
6.  Mario is playful and likes being a prankster.
7.  Erich slapped Mario real hard on the movie.
9.  Erich is very good with beatboxing. 
     She even showed her talent on this in front of the bloggers.
10.Movie was shot in 21 days.

During the Blogcon - #SuddenlyItsMagic trended no. 8.
I got the chance to ask Mario 2 questions. Just before I threw my questions;
I was so kilig that I wasn't able to contain my happiness! Haha!.

Here are photos of Erich with a video of Skype Interview of Mario Maurer, 
both also promoting the movie. They called each other Bro and Sis.