Saturday, October 13, 2012


Callalily is back and finally releases its fourth album ‘Flower Power’ under a new label; Universal Records. Contract Signing of the band and their manager Darwin Fernandez took place at the Universal Records Office on October 1, 2012 with Universal Records’ Managing Director Kathleen Dy-Go and Operations Manager Peter Chan. 

I was very fortunate to have heard some of the cuts in the album prior to its official launch during the listening session at the board room of Universal Records.

With all fairness, Kean is vocally good. You can feel his passion & energy everytime he sings. The band’s performance comes out so smoothly yet so powerful regardless if they are playing in front of a small crowd or bigger audience.

Flower Power’ (a 10-track album, all-original, 9 Tagalog Cuts & 1 English with carrier single ‘Pasasalamat’ which is currently no.1 on Myx Countdown & the best selling single on is a celebration of gratitude, friendship, good music and new beginnings. The album was materialized after 3 years with songs personally written by the band members themselves based on personal experiences, like Di Kita Malilimutan’, ‘Buhay’ and ‘Walang Sumipot’. The songwriting was a group effort, with learning applied from many known excellent songwriters. By the way, My favoriteTatsi will also be doing vocals for Buhos ng Ulan in this album.

Callalily has always wanted ‘Flower Power’ to be the title of their album. It was a slogan advocacy in the 60’s and 70’s campaigning for peace and love which what they wanna give to a bigger audience now. So when the opportunity with Universal Records came in, they grabbed the chance and carefully selected powerful songs to be in the album from the many lists they had in their own treasure boxes.

During the BlogCon I threw a lot of questions and promised them that I’ll be in the launch at Eastwood Central Plaza for support.

Just 2 days before the launch, #FlowerPower has started trending on twitter till before the official rockin began on October 12, 2012.

I was there, I was one of those who cheered and screamed!I was very happy for them; that after 7 long years ‘Callalistas’ (The official fan group of the band) were still there for them showing love and shouting their hearts out. Kean was wild on stage! He sang like how he has always been! Tatsi was incredibly charming on stage playing the guitar with some vocals. Aaron has striking presence!Lem was energetic and was so in the mood.

The album launch was a huge success!
It was a night of party and celebration!
Congratulations to Callalily and to everyone who has been a part of that epic launch!
Flower Power is now available on all record bars, on and on iTunes. You can also catch the band’s mall show on
Oct 21 – Robinson Nova
Nov. 2 -  Robinson Lipa
Nov. 3 -  Robinson Sta Mesa
Nov. 4 -  Robinson East
Nov. 11- Robinson Dasmarinas
Here are some photos I took during the Blog-Con and listening session.