Saturday, October 20, 2012

Andi Eigenmann

Heiress of Drama Andi Eigenmann comes back in the movie scene after a long break from pregnancy.  She stars the movie ’A Secret Affair’ with Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay as her co-stars under Viva Films. Showing on October 24, 2012 and premiere night tomorrow at SM Megamall, 7pm.

Andi portrays the role of Sam, a certified playgirl, member of Friday Club.
The movie was challenging and wasn’t easy for Andi especially the throwing of the lines. She also had a hard time with first ever love scene. She wants to get better and work with people who can who can make her a good actress.  She didn’t have second thoughts of portraying the other woman. ‘I chose the role if I know I can give justice to it. I'm trying to show here what I’m capable of doing whatever is laid down to me as long as I know maganda ang projecta’ Andi said during the bloggers conference. She added ‘I need to prove that I can do better because the industry is giving me second chance. I’m willing to take it and show them I deserve it.’ 

Despite the many hurting words that have been said to Andi, I find it amazing seeing her still composed, strong and graceful.

Directed by Nuel Vaval ‘A Secret Affair’ tackles about lies, temptations and rules in relationship. Here are photos of Andi I took last October 14, 2012 with exclusive video.