Sunday, October 14, 2012

Alex Castro on The Morgan Show

Finally, after many months of Hiatus, The Morgan Show is back! An interview with Singer-Actor-Politician Alex Castro. This has been long overdue. It came out smooth, yet I had some flaw.. I need to practice again with my questioning. It's been awhile..

During the latter part of the interview you'll see he is wearing a different top coz we had to re-do the interview since my iTouch didn't record it properly. So disappointing and frustrating.. How I wish you guys can the see that. It was more upbeat and surprising. 
But nevertheless everything still went well. 

It was Wednesday afternoon when I asked him where was his set location, luckily when he replied, I was just nearby so I visited him, gave him a birthday cake and did some catching up plus the interview.

I have always liked Alex, not just because he is good looking and has a nice voice, but because he is one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met. I'm just so proud of his dedication to serve the public especially to his constituents in Marilao. Very humble, honest and real.

He started in politics at the age of 14, served as an SK Chairman for 6 years and 5 years as Councilor now ready to help and assist a larger community. He just filed his COC running for Vice Mayor of Marilao. He will be focusing more on that but he wont leave showbiz though. He believes entertaining people is also a way of public service. 

Hope you guys will enjoy this interview as much as I did...