Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Anniversary SuperMorgy

                                                           This week marks the 1st Year of
I just wanna say Thank You to everyone for continuouly visiting this site.
You guys are awesome! :)

I am just grateful to the more than 100,000+ views!
That means, has an audience! Yehey! You take time to read, explore, enjoy and share the site.            

Let me also Thank here the 10,000+ people following me on twitter.

That's alot! More than enough to fill-in Music Museum or PICC.
You guys are just the best and you know who to really follow! :)
What's even more amazing is some of those are celebrities, VIPs, Companies, Bloggers, Press, Labels, Magazines & etc. 
They are also more than enough to fill-in a public classrom!. Haha!

Special Thanks also to those who have been viewing all the videos in my youtube account & channel. Close to a Million Views already! Grabe! I'm really happy that you spend many minutes of your time watching all those that I uploaded.

Well what more can I say but Happy Anniversary
Expect for something bigger & brighter coming your way!
It's gonna be RELOADED!

Much Love Everyone!
Remember to Cry Sometimes, Smile Often & Love Always!