Saturday, September 29, 2012


It took me awhile finishing this entry about Gloc-9.
I wanted to listen to every song first he has on his new album; 
‘Mga Kwento ng Makata’ before I write about him and his music.

After listening; I can say I have 3 favorites!

1st is the one with Billy Crawford;
The Intro Music sounded Mexican yet delivered Filipinoish.
2nd is with Bamboo;
It’s like an international vocal mixed with a pleasant Filipino Rap.
3rd is with Moonstar 88;
It’s so refreshing to hear a girl’s vocal with Gloc-9 rapping in English.

After 6 months of writing & recording; Gloc-9 is back with a new album under a new label; Universal Records. The album’s carrier single ‘Sirena’, a collaboration with singer-songwriter Ebe Dancel is now hitting the charts & the airwaves. The music video is currently #1 on Pinoy Myx with over 2 Million Views on Youtube.

During the BlogCon last September 12, 2012, I asked him about his reaction on how well people received, accepted and liked the song despite its theme (Responsible Gay).
He jokingly answered that Many Filipinos are Gay. That I won’t believe. Haha!

But seriously, Gloc-9 is a musical genius other than being extremely talented. 
He has earned the respect of the music industry, his co-artists, co-singers,
as well as the wide audience from whatever gender to whatever class.

Right now, if you ask singers who they wanna collaborate with; their answer is just Gloc-9. And when we asked him who he wanted to do music with; his answer was Regine Velasquez which I think is going to happen anytime soon since they are now under the same Label. Who knows after performing last night with Aiza Seguerra at the Araneta Coliseum & Noel Cabangon on the 30th; He might sing and rap with Regine this coming November in Mall of Asia Arena for the songbird’s anniversary concert.

I’ve seen Gloc-9 performed live many times already. And to every each of those; never did he perform less. He was always at his best; with all heart; with all soul; with all passion.. just as how he learned it from Francis M, his idol.

So guys!, here is Gloc-9’s brief track-by-track- guide to “Mga Kwento ng Makata’.

      1.    Balak ni Syke. [simple intro from a friend]
2. Apatnapungbara feat. Ian Tayao [40 bars of rap]
3. Silup feat. Denise Barbacena [read it backwards]
4. Alalay ng Hari feat. Allan Mitchell Silonga [tribute song for Francis M.]
5. Sirena feat. Ebe Dancel [life story of a gay person]
6. Hindi Mo Nadinig feat. Jay Durias [Tragic love story]
7. Sino [interlude]
8. Salarin feat. Bamboo Manalac [maybe it's our fault to]
9. Inday feat. Cathy Go [story of a maid (kasambahay)]
10. Bakit Hindi feat Billy Crawford [Always strive for better things in life]
11. Malakas [Dialogue]
12. Pison feat. Chito Miranda [Don't stop aiming for your dreams]
13. Thankful feat. Maychelle Baay of Moonstar88 [pretty obvious]

Bonus Tracks:

14. Hari ng Tondo feat. Denise Barbacena [the asiong salonga story theme song]
15. Kung Tama Siya feat Jaq Dionisio of Kiss Jane [conversation between our national heroes Rizal and Bonifacio]

Here are the photos I took during his BlogConference at Universal Records’ Tower.

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