Sunday, September 9, 2012

Charee Pineda

One of the nicest female celebrities I've known is Charee Pineda.
Visited her on the set of her afternoon Hit Soap with Jm De Guzman #Angelito.

Charee is a beautiful person inside and out and has always been very welcoming & warm.
We were having conversation then when a group of people asked her for photo opp.
She gladly said Yes and accommodated everyone with a smile.
Such a sweet and nice girl.

She had many scenes that day..
#Angelito's current story revolves around her grieving for losing her baby.
Mostly, no lines, but she delivered well heartbreaking acting and emotions.
and If I can just add;
They are directed so well by Theodore Boborol;
He is not just Brilliant &  Amazing as a director but as a person;
He is awesome & wonderful and I based that on how he treats people, actors & visitors.

I guess that's it for now.
More stories & updates about her in the next few weeks..
Here are some photos of Charee with a video greeting to everyone watching.