Friday, August 31, 2012

Jon Avila

Happy Happy Birthday Jon Avila!

Jonathan Mullaly in real life turns 27 today, September 1.

(Though the auto-date above follows US Time; so this is advance by few hours.)

Jon who was last seen on ABC5's show is currently in the US.

Let me just make a little sharing here...

Jon is one of the sweetest and one of my most loved celebrities!

He is very thoughtful and would check on friends from time to time. 

I used to see him more when he was still part of the Cover Boys almost every Sunday in ASAP around 2008 -2009 and even when he was on Shall We Dance in ABC5. 

Every visit was special..

He was a true gentleman, accommodating, nice and really good looking as always.

He is also jealous at times that would make you want him more. Haha.

See you soon my Super Hero!

Have a good one on this special day!

Take Care!


Here are some photos of Jon I took few years back..