Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jennylyn Mercado

This is the first time I'm actually making a "Behind-The-Scene" video.
 Luckily, it's for the beautiful & gorgeous Jennylyn Mercado for her 
5th album's single "Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa" under Poly East Records.

This is not the best video you can get from me since I'm just starting; 
plus with little knowledge I have with editing & experimenting it 
on a lousy & outdated laptop; So don't be harsh on me! Hahaha!..

Nevertheless, this was made out of love..
My patience & creativity were tested..
But I was smiling the whole 5 hours I was editing the video.
Hope it does the same to you; She is infectious! :)

I'll be making a separate entry about Jennylyn Mercado as well as her album with exclusive photos & worth reading article. Watch out for that..

Thank You PolyEast Records for inviting me during her Music Video Shoot; 
and of course to you Jen for being accommodating & nice.

Note: I had to shrink the quality of the video for faster uploading & viewing. If I get to re-edit it on a Super PC; i'll reshare it on an HD quality with better presentation.

P.S. Send me your comments and tweets.. I would love to hear them..

Much Love and Enjoy!