Friday, June 8, 2012

Sarah Geronimo

I wanna share this photo I took 4 years ago on October 26, 2008. Look at her; Just like before and now; Ever beautiful and charming...

I just felt the need to dedicate an entry to Philippine's Pop Star Princess; Sarah Geronimo.
My Mention Tab was about to collapse for the last 2 days. My tweets about her has now reach a total of almost 500 Retweets. She is indeed a magnet to the mass public as well as to the socialites & even to the altas..
I didn't really wonder coz previously  my 2 tweets about her during the Coke 100 event were also Retweeted over a 100 times. 
Talking about the power of Popsters, Ashralds & all groups associated with her: 
and i quote..

March 24, 2012

Sarah Geronimo is a total performer! With voice so powerful & so strong! She created tidal waves by the bay with her presence & vocalprowess.
Sarah Geronimo 's singing voice by the bay earlier was more than enough to create Tsunami backwards! Solid & Flawless performance! Whew!

Luis Manzano actually started tweeting wanting Sarah Geronimo to play on Kapamilya Deal or No Deal. That's when I started posting follow-up tweets which I believe trended in my timeline. Haha.. And here they are:
and i quote..

June 6, 2012

Who wants Sarah Geronimo to play? Lemme hear u! "@luckymanzano: Sana nga free rin si Sarah para maka guest siya sa #KapamilyaDealorNoDeal"
Hey guys! Do u want Sarah Geronimo & Senator Miriam Santiago play on #KapamilyaDealorNoDeal hosted by @luckymanzano ? C'mon! Let's Retweet!

June 7, 2012

Sarah Geronimo U r d Queen of Retweets; Based on my timeline; More than 100+ RTs wanting u 2 play on #KapamilyaDealorNoDeal That says it all
Haha! That's what I've been trying 2 say! In less than 30mins! You guys Retweeted that more than 50x! Hail to the Queen! Sarah Geronimo
C'mon! You guys are super awesome! Now that's almost 200 Retweets in less than an hour with my tweet about Sarah Geronimo Rock on Popsters!
I just made a tally of all Retweets I got about Sarah Geronimo for 2days in my timeline & whew! 400+ Retweets! Isn't that crazy? Siya na! :)

I just wanna say Thank You to everyone who Retweeted what I said.
It only means that you guys do agreed on what I said about her.
And that we are one in giving her praises & admiration cause she deserves every bit of it.
So genuine, So true, So humble, So talented, Extremely Good and Just lovely.
By the way; Grab a copy of Mega Magazine June 2012 issue with her on the cover.

Also, This July 7, 2012; Sarah will have a birthday concert at the Araneta Coliseum. Tickets have been sold-out already but good thing they will have a repeat on July 21, 2012. Tickets for the July 21 are still available at Ticketnet or you can call them at 911-5555.
Ticket Prices are as follows:
Patron A (Reserved Seating)             P3920
Patron B (Reserved Seating)             P3360
Lower Box B  (Reserved Seating)     P3360
Upper Box A  (Reserved Seating)    P1680 
Upper Box B (Free Seating)                P840
General Admission (Free Seating)  P450