Sunday, February 5, 2012

Treehouse Daycare

One Fine Saturday

Every other Saturday, Champ has this little charity event at the Muntinlupa Fire Station - The Treehouse Daycare. Treehouse Day Care is a place where kids have the chance to learn, interact and have fun. Students from Alabang Elementary school spend their afternoon with their Kuya Champ together with some volunteers for fun activities & recreation.

I was a witness to how warm this event was. Been there like 3 or 4 times already. The kids enjoyed coloring books, drawing, watching movies together, playing basketball, story-telling, basic skills teaching & having merienda as a family.

Champ's parents, siblings, friends & fans are their too to even make it more welcoming & entertaining.

If you have vacant time, You can go there and enjoy your Saturday with the kids too. You can bring food, reading materials, coloring books, school supplies & or even just your time, effort & assistance will greatly be appreciated. For more details; You can check their Facebook Fanpage at

Here are some photos I took.