Sunday, February 5, 2012

Champ Lui Pio

Happy Birthday Champ!

February is Indeed a Love Month. One of the most lovable people I've known is celebrating his special day this month. Arthur Bernard Lui Pio or known as Champ to many is celebrating his 30th Birthday this February 8.  The photos were actually from my birthday. Nonetheless I used them coz it was just so fitting that he was holding a cake. Happy Birthday Champ! I Love You to bits! God Bless you and your heart. Here is a small note I wrote.

He is an Angel who came down to rock my world and everyone else’s universe. His soothing voice can destroy the loneliness of a being; His smile can torture every weary soul and make them smile again. When he stares; He can crash every bars of broken hearts and let them love again. His presence can revive a beauty that faded coz of insecurities. He is an Angel indeed who knows how to rock and still be a blessing to many.

Superficial as it may sound, but Yes, Champ is just a Patron of Good Vibes. He is a friend to keep. Just the sweetest and the most charming. He takes away blues and replaces it with rainbows. He delivers smiles and gives you gladness.

I’ve known Champ for more than 4 years now. We first met in a carnival in Mall of Asia. Funny but I was wearing a wig then. A long brown straight hair. Haha. Yet he didn’t care and was still very friendly. His dimple was like a magnet that made me want to see him more. I tried going to almost every gig he had. Even if it was midnight; even if I had work. It didn’t hinder me for he brought me so much smiles that were more than enough for me to love him til eternity. Naks!
But seriously I just admire and respect this person so much. He likes surprises and He likes good company. He has a heart for the kids and the dreamers. He supports a charity and starting musicians. He mentors, He appreciates, He treasures, He is loyal and He is hungry to learn some more.

Those that I’ve said are not enough yet to express how wonderful he is and how grateful I am to have known him and to have him as a friend.
Getting to know the real Champ is like discovering the 8th and best wonder of the world.