Saturday, January 28, 2012

Anne Curtis

Before I start this entry, I wanna thank Luis Manzano for the complimentary ticket he gave me to the AnneBisyosa Concert of Anne Curtis at the Araneta Coliseum last January 28, 2012.

Anne dedicated the concert for Non Singers like her. She made us realized that Dreams Do Come True! Just continue to Dream Big and work for it and soon it will be fulfilled.

Imagine a 10,000 capacity stadium was sold out! They even offered Standing Room Only.
The concert was just a blast indeed. Full of Fun, Full of Colors, Full of Stars & was so Real to every bit. 

The guests even added flavor to this concert. With Luis Manzano & Vhong Navarro both non-singers but were believers and A lovely duet 'You'll always be my baby' with Sam Milby. The crowd went wild over the love that can never be but has always been.

Anne also played the guitar with Ira Cruz & Rico Blanco. Vice Ganda was there as well to support Anne  with a funny segment. Sarah Geronimo & Anne Curtis together shook the Big Dome with their version of 'I don't wanna miss a thing'.

Anne's rendition of Adele's Someone Like You brought down Araneta. She made it her own in a classic red gown! And of course her version of Alone was just amazing & mesmerizing.
Only Anne Curtis has that confidence & charm to wow Araneta.

Congrats Anne! Never stop singing.

Here are just few videos I took. Brace yourselves!