Monday, October 5, 2015


Bold new colors added for the Holiday 2015 season.   

CONVERSE Inc. unveils two new seasonal colors of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II. Available in a bold grey Thunder and an eye-catching maroon Bordeaux, these new colors embrace the upcoming holiday season and are a perfect complement the original four colors. This marks the first seasonal collection for the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II since its debut on July 28.

Designed to meet the demands of the creative lifestyle of Chuck fans all over the world, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II combines durable new details including a Lunarlon sockliner, nonslip padded tongue, super soft micro-suede lining and a premium canvas. While dialed-up exterior details include the on-trend high foxing, monochrome matte eyelets, tonal pinstripes and statement embroidered All Star patch.

The all-new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II seasonal colors will be available on Thursday, October 1, for a suggested retail price of Php 3,990 at Converse retail stores. Visit and for more of Chuck II Seasonal Colors! #ChuckIISeasonalColors

Friday, September 25, 2015

Aiza Seguerra’s new album now certified Gold!

After the successful release of singer-songwriter Aiza Seguerra’s latest album, “Araw Gabi: Mga Awit ni Maestro Ryan” has scored a gold record award. Aiza’s gold record was awarded to her by Universal Records’ General Manager, Kathleen Dy-Go, in Eat Bulaga last September 16, 2015.

As the acoustic singer pays tribute to Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, it also features Mr. C playing the piano for single “Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka.” The album also includes fresh takes on some of the most-loved Ryan Cayabyab compositions like “Araw Gabi,” “Minsan Ang Minahal Ay Ako,” “Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika,” “Kahit Ika’y Isang Panaginip Lamang,” “Paano Na Kaya,” “Tunay Na Ligaya,” “Iduyan Mo,” among others.

The album is still available at all record bars nationwide. Digital tracks can also be downloaded on iTunes, Spinnr and Amazon. You may also listen to the full album on Deezer and album preview on YouTube.

For more information, follow Universal Records’ official social media accounts at, and

ALDEN RICHARDS receives Gold record award from Universal Records!

Alden Richards, the hottest leading man on Philippine TV, is now a Gold record-awardee as Universal Records recently announced that his self-titled debut album has officially reached its Gold record status.

On Friday, September 25 in Eat Bulaga, Alden received a Gold record plaque from Universal Records’ General Manager Kathleen Dy-Go where our “Pambansang Bae” went emotional and thanked his album producers and supporters for making this possible.

Nagpapasalamat po ako sa Universal Records for trusting me with my first album na kahit hindi po ako singer ay binigyan nila ako ng chance. Sa lahat po ng sumusuporta ng album, salamat po!” said the teary-eyed actor. Alden is currently a host of GMA 7’s Eat Bulaga and popularly paired to Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza in the phenomenal segment “Kalyeserye.”

 The album contains seven tracks including his covers of "Naaalala Ka" by Rey Valera, "'Di Na Mababawi" by Spongecola and Itchyworms' "Akin Ka Na Lang" and his carrier single, Shamrock's "Haplos" which instantly rose to the top of the charts and became the theme of GMA tv series “Mundo Mo’y Akin”. 

Alden Richards' self-titled debut album under Universal Records is still available at all leading record bars nationwide. For more information, follow Universal Records’ official social media accounts at, and

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Keeva Products Make Great Gifts for Fall Entertaining

PHOENIX -- Keeva Organics cream makes the perfect present to give your mom, sister or best friend.

Fall is a great time for getting together with friends and family. If you are tired of bringing the typical gifts like wine and fruit baskets to gatherings, you might try a gift that is a little different, but will be nonetheless greatly appreciated -- a product from Keeva Organics. Keeva Organics uses natural and safe ingredients in products that help both men and women to achieve beautiful and healthy looking skin.

One of these products is Keeva Tea Tree Oil for Acne Treatment. Many acne treatments on the market today involve the application of many different lotions, creams and face washes, which are made of harsh chemicals, can have harmful side-effects for the skin, and take half an hour or so to apply. However, Keeva Tea Tree Oil for Acne can be applied in 30 seconds and it is made of an effective, all-natural, acne fighting ingredient -- tea tree oil. For more than 2,000 years, tea tree oil has been used to cleanse the body and kill bacteria, which causes acne breakouts.

Keeva's Tea Tree Oil not only has amazing, skin-clearing results, but it also feels refreshing when it is massaged into the skin. It works so well that it is the No. 1 tea tree oil acne treatment cream on, and it has been given rave reviews.

Another product from Keeva made of all natural ingredients is the Anti-Aging Eye Cream for dark circles and puffiness. This product is made of essential oils and antioxidants such as: jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, vitamins C and E, and retino. These ingredients work together to remove lines, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots, and puffiness, while firming, lifting, and toning the skin. The Anti-Aging Cream is the No. 1 anti-aging moisturizing cream for eyes on

Keeva products are proven and powerful. The results are amazing -- so amazing that Keeva Organics offers a 100 percent refund if someone purchases a product and he isn’t satisfied.

"We believe in Keeva Organics, and we know our products work," said Jessica Holmes, a spokeswoman for Keeva Organics. "Whether you have a problem with acne or a problem with aging skin, we have a cream that can help."

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Suits Season 5

If you enjoy shows that emphasize law and the delicious scandals that ensue, you will love Suits. Suits reminds me, in a way, of the drama comparable on some level to The Good Wife series, which I also loved. Yet, Suits places more emphasis on the firm, its partners, and their associates. One associate named Michael Ross, played by Patrick Adams, is of particular interest. 

Unlike his peers, Michael never finished law school. Yet, most of his colleagues don’t know this. While Michael can crack a case like a pro, if his secret escapes, it could spell big trouble for for him, and he knows it. Watching Michael squirm as he jumps from one hot seat to another is enough to make me sweat.

Donna Paulsen, played by Sarah Rafferty, is caught in the middle. She runs the line between her friendship with Harvey and her boss, Louis Litt. While trying to remain uninvolved, she realizes her efforts are useless. She knows too much. Harvey refuses to agree to open up to Louis about his affair with Louis' sister. But, fate has its own plan and things unravel in the end. Donna finally admits the truth to Louis. This, of course, leads to disaster. Louis flies off the handle and makes a beeline for Harvey’s office immediately. 

I like what Sarah does with Donna. She still wants a friendship with Harvey. Yet, she’s torn between that, and maintaining a professional relationship with her boss. That makes Donna a kind of go-between for these two head-butting characters.

Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, has his own problems. He sees a therapist in private over anxiety issues. Yet, on the other side he is no stranger to women. Knowing Harvey’s tendencies towards women, Louis makes him promise to avoid his sister. Needless to say, Louis’ sister invites Harvey to indulge of her own accord. The temptation is just too great for poor Harvey. While they manage to keep the affair under wraps for a while, no one can keep a secret like that for long. It all comes out in season 5, sparking the fists to fly between Harvey and Louis.

With Louis spitting mad at Harvey over the affair with his sister, he is out for a little legal revenge. Harvey apologizes and confides in Louis about his therapy. While Louis seems to accept the apology, he has plans for Harvey. Those plans involve public humiliation before the other partners. Louis hopes for Harvey's unpaid suspension, but it doesn’t go quite as planned. While Louis wrote the discipline guidelines himself, he failed to read between the lines. Louis announces his decision to suspend Harvey. But, the partners are quick to remind him that this requires their vote as well.

Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres, is a woman with a mission. Gina plays a strong role with a no-holds-bar attitude. Yet, when you run a firm such as this, there is little room for amusement or pandering to others. Jessica wants what’s best for the firm. She is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the firms success. Knowing Michael's secret, she has to jump through hoops to maintain it. It’s all that she can do while trying to prevent the scandal from breaking loose and oozing out. Although, I have a feeling that there will come a time, when the hoop is too high of a jump, but what do I know. Now with Harvey in the hot seat, Jessica is trying to manage how best to deal with this nasty little surprise as well. I hope she has a balancing pole to walk the tightrope that rides the line between these two.

One of the things that I like is the increase in the show’s suspense, emotions, and drama during season 5. The fist-flying scene between Louis and Harvey was an intense, jaw-dropping moment. I am glad they opted to ramp the emotions up a notch. That’s not to discount the other scenes. Michael is walking a thin line himself. That line almost broke when he was nearly discovered by a client he once knew, Claire.  He had to pass his first case as partner off to his junior associate, and fiancĂ©e, Rachel at the last moment. Lest Claire discover him and break his secret wide open. Claire is no fool. She figures things out herself. When she realized Michael was behind her case, his secret was almost a lost cause. Rachel swooped in and saved the day when she begged Claire not to tell. What we don't know yet is whether Claire will hold to her promise.

My favorite part recently was when Harvey socked it to Louis, though. I find it satisfying to see a nasty character get what he (or she) deserves. While Harvey may have broken a promise, Louis mismanaged the situation as well. Then, of course, he had to take advantage of Harvey’s honesty later. In the most recent episode, we find that good ol’ Louis is still up to no good. It seems like nothing is ever enough. He’s a great character to despise. Yet, Harvey earns some sympathy as he works through all his problems.

Suits is a show that will keep you on your toes. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. There's also the conflict between Harvey and Louis, and Michael’s secret to contend with. If you’re looking for a juicy series to follow, Suits may be the one for you.