Sunday, January 15, 2017

Enrique Gil is Grips Hair Wax' and Hair Clay's newest Endorser

In an announcement that aims to kick-start a potentially remarkable year, hairstyling brand Grips officially introduced matinee idol Enrique Gil as its new celebrity endorser.
Aside from being a multi-awarded actor and dancer, Gil is also known for wearing iconic hairstyles that fit his many roles.

“Our hairstyles are not just about good looks, they also allow us to express ourselves,” the Kapamilya star said during the official launch held at B Hotel in Quezon City. “Styling our hair, however, can sometimes be time-consuming, but thanks to Grips, hairstyling is easier and more hassle-free now.”

Easy grooming and washing
The formulation of Grips Hair Wax and Grips Clay Easywash promise an easy style, easy wash experience. Grips helps users achieve their desired hairstyle even when they are on the move. Because Grips Hair Wax and Grips Clay Easywash are easier to wash compared to other similar hair products, users need not worry about unwanted stickiness or the possible effects of ingredients that stay in the hair despite trying to wash it off.

Grips’ products also use ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5 that make hair strong and nourished.

Grips’ styling products are available in supermarkets, groceries, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide. Grips Wax 75g jars start at P81.75 SRP. Grips Clay EasyWash is available at P86.90 SRP. These products are also available at 25g jars and 5g sachets.

For more information, check out Grips’ Facebook page at  You may also follow #EnriqueForGripsWax #GripsEasyStyleEasyWash on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

CANADA in the North

To most newbie Philippine travelers, they could try to rattle off so many things they know or read about the most popular travel destinations in the United States, whether they’ve been to those same places or  not. Still, despite the fact that many in the country are working overseas in America’s northern neighbor, not really a lot springs to the Filipino mind about the Dominion of Canada. What they do imagine of it is that in some ways Canada’s much like the US, except with more open spaces and a tad colder on more months of the year. But really there’s more to it, for Canada’s story is even richer that a new traveler’s first impressions.

You can learn quite a number of interesting and incredible facts about Canada, starting from how as late as over 11,000 years ago the landmass was actually connected to Asia through a land bridge across the present-day Bering Strait and Sea, which enabled a period of migration from what was later termed the Old World into the New. This included a wide variety of animals including prehistoric people, the ancestors of the various Native American tribes that then lived in the Americas long before the age of exploration and discovery.

Anyway, when European explorers, and later colonists, began landing on the shores of North America, history began to work at full speed. The French were first to establish a long-term presence in what is modern Canadian territory, although for the most part they were more simply outposts of trade for local goods like furs and pelts. When the British came however, they were not only there to trade with the locals but to stay, and eventually the two nations would come to blows in the French and Much fuss is made over hockey, the de facto national sport (and in Canada it’s just hockey, don’t ever specify “ice” hockey to a Canadian). Another famous element that’s so Canadian is their national and federal police force the RCMP, better known as the Mounties. Mind you, their stereotypical red uniform is just for ceremony these days, ditto for the horses.

Then there’s the fascinating blend of cultures to be found in Canada, from the predominantly British Ontario, to the beautifully French Quebec with their capital of Montreal being second only to Paris as the world’s largest French-speaking city. Across British Columbia to the west coast are to be found some of Canada’s Native American peoples such as the Haida, and up in the frigid Northwest Territory are the settlements of the Inuit, whom we know as Eskimos. Long story short, Canada is never running out of sights to see and experience.

You can get to check out these wonderful places yourself by flying to Canada aboard Philippine Airlines from Manila, with their seven Canadian destinations of Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, and Winnipeg. That’s every major city in Canada, so you can’t miss anything. Simply go to their website at to check out their timetable and find the best schedule for your trip.

When travelling to Canada you can really save up on accommodation expenses by trying out Airbnb, the world’s most trusted online home stay booking network, enabling you to find affordable short-term lodging in local residences where you might be going. There’s no better way to get to experience Canadian hospitality than here. When travelling to Canada, try looking for Airbnb accommodations around your destination by searching

Nothing more really needs to be said to convince any tourist that a trip to Canada is totally worth it. More Filipinos can see reason to travel to the Great White North other than simply overseas employment. You’d be surprised at the chances of finding a bargain vacation in the land of maple syrup.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


When success comes to you in show business at an early age, it can be a heady experience; more so if the triumphs start coming one after the other. It can reinforce the notion that the child performer has lots of potential that could lead him to further greatness as he grows older and stays in the biz, but with careful management of his life, ability and gains. Much like how it goes in the Japanese entertainment scene – somewhat – a promising young talent found fame in a singing contest and is now cementing his rep as both singer and bankable TV actor.

I’m talking about MYX Celebrity VJ for the month of January 2017, Juan Karlos, or rather “JK” Labajo, the 15-year- old wunderkind taking Philippine network giant ABS-CBN and its followers by storm. In 2013 he entered the first Philippine season spin-off of the international reality singing competition “The Voice Kids”, where he went under the tutelage of renowned Pinoy rocker Bamboo MaƱalac and ultimately finished in second runner-up. Having automatically been added to ABS-CBN’s Star Magic stable of actors and actresses, JK would in addition to honing his song-craft begin making appearances in the network’s family drama series and anthologies all through 2015, featuring in “Hawak-Kamay”, “MMK”, “Ipaglaban Mo”, and “Pangako Sa Yo”.

It would also be in 2015 that JK would release his self-titled first album, with eight songs and covers showcasing his developing singing talent driven by his awesome voice. In the following year JK would become a housemate on the latest iteration of “Pinoy Big Brother”, subtitled “Lucky 7” wherein he lasted until day 23, just narrowly missing out on being a finalist for the Celebrity contestants.

Needless to say, this kid is good and more big breaks are coming his way. There’s the matter of his first solo concert in the country, to be held February 5 this year at the KIA Theatre, sponsored by Star Magic as well as his record label MCA Music Inc. This is just over two years ever since he began his dream on “The Voice Kids”, and look how far he’s come. Making their debut to audiences here will be songs from his second self-titled album, “JKL”, which now features his own compositions, the better to finally reveal his full creative power, much to the delight of his JKUFC fan club, JKUFC MCC and JKUFC Believers.

That’s not all. Also in 2017 ABS-CBN will be presenting a new drama entitled “A Love to Last”, guaranteed to make viewers giddy and squeeze the tears out like all its predecessors and contemporary shows on the network. Primarily starring Bea Alonzo and Ian Veneracion, the series will also star JK in the cast, further polishing his skills on this side of the showbiz coin as well. I’ve gotta say it, JK Labajo looks set to go even further.

JK is also nominated on Wish 1075 as Best Wishclusive Performance by a Young Artist and Wish Young Artist of the Year. He also got nominated for his song 'Para Sayo' as Wish Ballad Song of the Year and Wish Original Song of the year. Voting ends on Jan. 16, 2017, 12nn. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


When we take mass public transport, we would want to be sure that our driver, or captain, or pilot to be in good shape, both body and mind. That way they could see our bus, train, ship or aircraft through on long trips from our origin to the destination, and in the hopefully unlikely event that an emergency pops up, that these men (and women) could take on an authoritative role to keep the passengers controlled, and to evacuate them to safety if absolutely necessary. We want to be able to entrust ourselves to a genuinely dependable pilot, nothing at all like the one featured here.

CBC has it that Calgary police were called into action at the city’s international airport on New Year’s Eve December 31, 2016 to bring in a most unusual suspect: the main pilot of a passenger plane who had passed out drunk in his cockpit when it was about to take off. Crew members on the gate and in the flight of a Sunwing Airlines flight that morning from Calgary to Cancun, Mexico (via Regina and Winnipeg) have noticed pilot Miroslav Gronych, 37, a Slovakian with a Canadian work visa, to be “behaving oddly” up until being discovered out cold in the cockpit of his Boeing 737-800, apparently of alcoholic intoxication.

Calgary police spokesperson Sgt. Paul Stacey reported to media that Gronych was arrested for “having care and control of an aircraft while impaired” and “having care and control of an aircraft with a blood alcohol level over .08”. The latter is significant as it was tested two hours after Gronych’s arrest, and is considered at three times the legal blood alcohol limit. Toronto-based Sunwing Air rep Jacqueline Grossman is apologetic to the passengers who were alarmed by the event.

And that’s a lesson to learn about being careful with who you fly with. Trust a name that has long proven itself over years if not decades of service, like Philippine Airlines. From its two international hubs in Manila and Cebu, PAL flies you to a multitude of international destinations across 25 countriesaround the world. When traveling to Canada, PAL flyers can reach not only Calgary, but Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

You’re also lucky to get the best of Filipino hospitality with their friendly service crew, even as you cross the Pacific on the Philippine flag carrier’s air fleet of Airbuses and Boeings, boasting their comfortable amenities, deliciously mouth-watering menu and wealth of inflight entertainment to make the trip seem less like a trip and more staying at home, even in the sky, until you get to where you want to go. Look no further than Philippine Airlines for your international travels.

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On January 8, 2011 a man blundered into “Congress in Your Corner” speaking event in Tucson, featuring then-Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and opened fire. A total of 19 people were hit. Six of them died, and almost added to their number was Congresswoman Giffords herself, shot in the head. Thanks to timely first aid and painstaking skull surgery, she survived, although she would be impaired in her right side particularly her right arm, and was briefly unable to speak in long and complete sentences. Although she would ultimately resign from her House seat to focus on recovery, doing so to thunderous applause from Congress (even getting her last sponsored bill unanimously passed), Giffords became an inspirational figure: a brave fighter of sorts who recovered from what could’ve been a debilitating and fatal injury.

It seemed fitting then that the US Navy would make an exception in their codified naming scheme for naval vessels in order to honor Giffords by naming a new littoral combat ship (LCS) after her.

This ship, the USS Gabrielle Giffords, is now set to sail according to CNN, with the Navy accepting her delivery by shipbuilders during a turnover ceremony at Mobile, Alabama on December 23. It is the ninth LCS-type vessel to join the Navy fleet, 16th naval ship named after a woman, and 13th naval ship since 1850 to be named after a still-living person, hence the special exception mentioned earlier.

The USS Giffords is an Independence-class, built by Austal USA and one of two lines of LCS being built for the Navy, with the other being the Freedom-class of Lockheed Martin. Having taken four years to build – the announcement of its being named after former Congresswoman Giffords was back in 2012 – its official transfer from the Asutal yards to the Navy is the final step to being commissioned into active service by the year 2017. The Navy is looking forward to having at least 26 Freedom and Independence LCS total for service deployment.

All told, building the USS Giffords cost a hefty $475 million, and is yet another reason for a number of lawmakers to lambast the whole LCS program as a money sink, especially after reports of breakdowns in already-active vessels were revealed, along with cost increases in the ships still under construction. Naval leaders however see great potential in the ship type’s ability to operate close to shore (littoral) by offering fire support and landing assault units with vehicles when needed.

Spec-wise, the USS Gabrielle Giffords will be packing a 57-mm main gun, four .50-caliber guns, an 11-cell missile launcher, and options for mission modules. Its aircraft complement will be two Seahawk helicopters and a Fire Scout helicopter drone.

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