Monday, June 20, 2022



The May 2022 Philippine Presidential Elections may well be considered the most era-defining political exercise in the country’s history. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., son of former President Ferdinand Marcos, was elected to office in the largest victory margin since his father’s own back in 1981. No less formidable is his would-have-been competitor-turned-running mate, and now Vice President-elect: Sara Duterte-Carpio, Mayor of Davao City and daughter of outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte. Officially, elected officials would take office on June 30 of the election year, when their inaugurations usually take place. VP-elect Duterte however decided to be inaugurated early this past Sunday.

The Philippine Star reports that Sara Duterte went into her early inauguration as 15th Vice President of the Philippines on June 19. True to form and in honor of her hometown, of which her current Mayoral term is soon to conclude, the VP-elect was inaugurated in San Pedro Square of Davao City, 11 days before the traditional inauguration day and start of term on June 30. In fact, despite the ceremony Duterte will not start work as Vice President until the last day of the month.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Ramon Paul Hernando administered the oath of office to “Inday Sara”, while her mother Elizabeth Zimmermann held the Bible she swore on and Presidents Rodrigo Duterte (outgoing) and Bongbong Marcos (incoming) stood as the chief witnesses. In her inauguration speech, Duterte-Carpio explained her decision to be inaugurated early in that it would allow her to do so in Davao City itself, where she served as Mayor for three terms (2010-13 and 2016-2022). She also remarked on what could have been with her life if she did not follow her father’s political footsteps, noting that she initially thought of becoming a doctor. The call to service by the people however, steered her until this important moment.

“I am not the best or the smartest in the Philippine but nobody in the Philippines or even the world has greater heart than I do as a Filipino,” declared Inday Sara in her speech. And voters last May agreed, with Duterte earning more than 32 million votes or 61% of the total. The outgoing Davao City Mayor also has the full confidence of incoming President Bongbong Marcos, who has already appointed her as his Secretary of Education. Among Duterte’s ideas for the future of DepEd include the return of face-to-face classes and ROTC program, and introducing mandatory military service.

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Friday, May 13, 2022



The year 2019 was a big moment for the country’s national athletes, thanks to the 30th Southeast Asian Games being hosted here in the Philippines. Despite misgivings about the cost of providing venues for competitors from 11 participating SEA nations, it became worth it when Team PH scored enough medals to become overall SEA Games champion, a feat only topped by the first Philippine Olympic Gold in Tokyo 2020/21. But when the COVID pandemic struck in 2020, it caused next SEA Games host Vietnam to put off the original 2021 date. After some uncertainty, the games finally opened this past Thursday, with the Philippines off to a good start medal-wise.

According to, Team Philippines currently stands at fourth place in that overall medal tally for the 31st Southeast Asian Games in Hanoi. Filipino athletes thus far have won 3 gold medals and 9 each from silver and bronze for a total SEA Games take of 21. One gold medal can be attributed to gymnastics prodigy and Tokyo 2021/21 Olympian Carlos Yulo, who wowed during the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics All-Around this Friday, May 13. Another top medalist today was Jack Escarpe. He bagged gold for the Kurash Central-Asian wrestling event, in the 73-kilogram men’s division.

If one wonders at the medals earned by the Philippines when the SEA Games only officially opened the evening of May 12, then that is because some events were already contested as early as Tuesday, May 10. Before the opening ceremony, events such as Kurash, Pencak Silat, Rowing and Beach Handball were already held. For each respective event, Team PH also claimed 3 silver and 3 bronze (Kurash men and women), a gold and bronze (Pencak Silat men and women), a silver and bronze (Rowing men and women), and a silver (Beach Handball). Mary Francine Cezar Padios (Women’s Single Pencak Silat) gained first PH gold this SEA Games, May 11.

In addition to his solo win, Carlos Yulo as part of the Philippine Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Team secured a silver in that event. This makes Yulo a multiple medalist for the Vietnam SEA Games 2021/22, alongside rower CJ Jasmin. More silver and bronze medals were also secured by the nation’s athletes in Men’s Wushu as well as in Men and Women’s Kickboxing, in addition to other aforementioned Kurash and Rowing events that were contested Friday.

While good, the Philippines has a ways to go to catch up with the Top three medal countries: host Vietnam (22G/11S/16B=49), Malaysia (11G/5S/10B=26), and Indonesia (7G/9S/2B=18). The 31st SEA Games will play out until May 23, two Mondays from now.

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Friday, March 11, 2022

AECC GLOBAL Celebrates NEW GENSAN OFFICE as they Continue Offering Consultancy for GENERALS to STUDY ABROAD


While planning to find employment overseas has long been part of the international Filipino experience, the idea of getting an education overseas has, perhaps for some time, be limited in scope. A Filipino going to high school or college studies abroad tends to be perceived as being wealthy enough to do so. Or maybe they have relatives already living and working in the countries they plan to enroll in. More recently however, the idea of studying abroad has become a more tangible reality for many. That does not mean getting into a foreign school is easy now. For many aspiring students, they will need help.

And help they are sure to get – help that many others before have been getting – courtesy of AECC Global. They are a leading overseas education consultancy, helping young and ambitious minds get a shot at international studies since the mid-2010s, in major centers across the Philippines: Metro Manila, the Visayas and even in Mindanao. In fact, AECC Global has already been quite established here in GenSan, only shutting down office operations during the COVID pandemic. Now however, they are back in action, and from a new accessible location to boot. They will not let a pandemic get in the way of Filipinos getting overseas education.

So how does AECC Global help in realizing that Filipino dream of studying internationally? Maybe a prospective student already has an overseas educational institution of choice. Or maybe they just have a country they have in mind to study in but no idea which school to choose from. AECC Global’s consultancy services can give recommendation institutes to the undecided. In any case, they will help the aspirant in their school application, from gathering required personal and financial documents, travel and accommodation arrangements, and even getting student visas if necessary. And they will do this for applicants completely free of charge!

You read that right. True, applicants will still dole out cash expenses for the school application, partial tuition, student visa and medical exam/insurance (if required), airfare and accommodation (if they have no relatives/acquaintances to stay with at their destination countries. But these expenses will go straight to the educational institution/the DFA/airline/et cetera. AECC Global will not charge any fee of their own for their consultancy services. Students can apply for any overseas educational level, from primary school to college, vocational and postgraduate courses. This is made possible by the wide selection of their partner institutes.

To give an idea, AECC Global consultation can help any Filipino apply to study at quality schools in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US and UK. And their help does not stop at just getting the student in. Assistance will persist throughout the applicant’s overseas student life. Many AECC Global partner institutions allow their students to pursue part-time employment. That is already a potential avenue to make money while studying. And for students who have no overseas relatives for living arrangements, the consultancy can also point them to local communities of the Filipino diaspora, so that applicants need not be strangers in a strange land.

With the world slowly opening up again as the worst of the pandemic begins to fade away, there is no better time than now for students to contemplate the possibility of getting their diplomas abroad. If they mean to pursue the OFW path then such qualifications can only be a big boon.

If you are in GenSan or from neighboring municipalities and are interested in knowing more about how AECC Global can help you study internationally, visit them at their new office in the second floor of Microtel, along the National Highway. You may also contact them by phone at (083) 823-3977 (landline) or 0917-1437751 (mobile). Or you can reach them via email at and visit their official website.

Image from the Writer, official AECC Global Facebook page