Friday, September 20, 2019

AIRBNB Offering IPO Next Year

There is quite the number of stories regarding big companies today that started out only through the initial efforts of a handful of people. Over a decade ago, two working roommates advertised their apartment living room, turned into a bed-and-breakfast, via a website designed by their tech partner. From this humble beginning was born Airbnb, more often than not the place to go online for simple and reasonably affordable homestay lodging or tourist experiences. The San Francisco-based company has grown and expanded all these 11 years since, doing so as a privately-held company. But that is soon about to change.

Indie Film “VERDICT” is Philippine FOREIGN OSCAR Bet for 2020

The 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino ended just this Thursday, September 19 after a week of showcasing another fresh crop of films from the country’s rising independent filmmakers. One of the indie movies shown there, while not one of the official entries, just received a great honor along with a greater responsibility. “Verdict” from CenterStage Productions got a limited screening at the PPP, as it was already an entry for two earlier international film festivals namely Toronto and Venice, the latter of which awarded it a special jury prize. Next, “Verdict” is going to the US as the country’s official bid for an Oscar Award.

BTS Fans Petition KOREAN Defense Ministry to Keep Group TOGETHER During their Upcoming COMPULSORY MILITARY SERVICE

For dedicated fans of Korean pop culture and its many performers, particularly the good-looking heartthrob males, from actors to idols to boy bands, there is always that dark shadow hanging over everyone’s adulation of the K-showbiz guys. That is the two-year mandatory military service required for all able-bodied South Korean men (and something women could volunteer for). It is a necessary burden that makes all males in South Korea equal, and something nearly impossible to receive exemption for. A number of K-Pop groups have had to part ways as its members get called to report for duty. Even international Korean sensation BTS is not exempt.