Tuesday, June 19, 2018


When Disney-Pixar released “The Incredibles” in 2004, they awakened in their fans a new appreciation for the studio: the ability to make a superhero movie that is just right for the whole family. Perhaps it would become a factor in Disney eventually acquiring Marvel, who knows. It is known however that the House of Mouse was good enough for a repeat performance, such as with the Marvel-based “Big Hero 6” in 2014. This month they have revisited the old stomping grounds with “Incredibles 2”, premiered Friday last week. The sequel was well-received so far, but for receiving a health advisory.
USA Today reports that Disney is now issuing an official warning for movie audiences who are out to watch “Incredibles 2”, mainly concerning those who have epilepsy. Shortly after its premiere across US cinemas in June 15, some of the viewers of the film went on social media to discuss a sequence in the middle of the film. In this scene the “Screenslaver”, one of the antagonists, hijacks a TV broadcast with flashing imagery that puts whoever is seeing them under mind control. Flashing lights have been notorious for triggering epileptic seizures, as well as causing migraine headaches in others.
Screenslaver 3 Pixar Post
Before premiere day was out, Disney has begun sending advisories to theaters showing “Incredibles 2”, asking them to warn audiences of the potential health hazards in that scene. Said memo has been shared on social media and goes: ” ‘Incredibles 2’ contains a sequence of flashing lights, which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities.”
In addition, the Epilepsy Foundation has added its own weight with an official statement pertaining to the Screenslaver scene, noting that 3% of epileptics are susceptible to suffering seizures when exposed to flashing lights with specific intensities. Such “photosensitive epilepsy” is common in children and young adults. Their statement concludes, “(We) appreciate the efforts some theaters have already made to post warning signs for people waiting to see the movie.”
Theaters receiving the advisories have been quick to respond to the epilepsy concerns. Mauricio Mencia, supervisor for the AMC theaters at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles, notes that the advisory has been disseminated to the staff, with the cinema guest greeter who receives and tears viewer tickets also now tasked to inform them about the epilepsy health warnings. Mencia remarks on the rarity of such a move saying, “I’ve never seen something like that happen.”
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No Kidding! Japanese MANGA About JOSE RIZAL Coming Online Soon

As early back as the days of “Astroboy” and more importantly “Voltes V”, Filipinos have been exposed to the prominent bastion of Japanese pop culture that is their animation, called Anime. And with the advent of “Dragon Ball Z” and similar shows, we were introduced to manga or Japanese comics, from which these anime usually originate. In the past decade Filipino artists even consciously emulated the manga style in published works. Such is the Philippine fascination for manga/anime, that they might appreciate this new upcoming print work from Japan, about probably the greatest Filipino of them all: Dr. Jose Rizal.
Yes you read right; a manga about Jose Rizal is being developed by a publishing and distribution company in Japan for online perusal, according to CNN Philippines. The simply-named “Jose Rizal” manga is expected to run 100 pages long, telling a biography of Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda – doctor, author, philosopher, and the most celebrated patriot in Philippine history – as interpreted through a story by Takahiro Matsui and artwork by Ryo Konno. There is no detail yet regarding how much of Rizal’s life will be covered by the manga. Once online, its first pages will be viewable free.
The “Jose Rizal” manga will be published by Torico Corporation, and is the brainchild of Torico representative Takuro Ando. Ando notes that the idea for the manga took root during a stroll through Tokyo’s Hibiya Park, where he noticed the bronze bust of Jose Rizal. Curious, Ando began researching Rizal’s life, and through communication with Filipino sources, he understood the extent that the Philippine patriot affected the world through both his travels and writings. “Japan, too, was affected by the genius of Rizal, who had changed his country not through violence but through his knowledge and hard work,” he said.
Torico’s online manga service Sukima.Me, will host the original Japanese-language version of the “Jose Rizal” manga starting Tuesday June 19. Creative Connections and Commons (CCC), a Philippine tech company based in Davao City, stands as Torico’s local partner for producing an official English version of “Jose Rizal”, which in turn will be made available on Manga.Club at the same time. A new page of the manga will release every Tuesday.
During his life before returning to the Philippines – where he was eventually martyred – Jose Rizal travelled around the world, throughout Europe, across America and even in Asia. He lived in Japan for a month and a half in 1888, where he met and fell in love with Tokyo local Seiko Usui, known in his writings as O-Sei-san. His talent for languages helped him study the Japanese language, and he is also reputed to have learned oriental martial arts like jujitsu.
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Thursday, June 14, 2018

10K PASSPORT APPOINTMENT SLOTS Opened by DFA Thursday Noon, Tonight

Nowadays, more than ever, increasing numbers of Filipinos count the passport as among their most vital documents. Whether it is for preparation to be employed overseas on lucrative job orders from abroad, or simply as a means to travel internationally for tourism, passports are a highly sought-after personal document commodity. That said, the process to apply for a passport can get somewhat pricey and very time-consuming, factoring in the usual crowds at various offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs. In addition, appointment slot systems are in effect; and they do not come open often, resulting in many disappointed applicants.
But that particular worry may be alleviated by this bit of news as reported by CNN Philippines. The DFA has dropped quite the bombshell this Thursday, June 14, by announcing that they have 100,000 passport applications slots – no more and no less. The slots will open up for online applicants in two batches; the first started at 12 noon with 50,000 slots and the second batch with the remainder will be made available later tonight, at 9 PM, according to Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano. This development is welcome news for many prospective passport owners scrambling for precious time.
This opening of a large batch of passport application slots by the DFA was the beginning of steps being taken by the Department in response to harsh criticism for passport-seekers since January, that their system of awarding passport appointments in slots led to quickly filled-in times for both new applicants and renewals, lasting up to March. The DFA has taken great effort to try and increase the number of open appointment slots distributed at certain hours of the day.
Sec. Cayetano notes the agency hopes to have 10,000 appointment slots open every day, Monday to Saturday (six of seven days). As with this first wave on Thursday, they will be divided into two batches of 50,000 slots to fight over in online application, one half at noon and the other at 9 in the evening. We wish all passport-seekers good luck in their future applications.
Photo courtesy of DFA/CNN