Friday, June 14, 2019

NEW CLARK CITY SPORTS COMPLEX and Training Facilities for Filipino Athletes, NEARING Completion

When it comes to the highest medal ever won by the Philippines in the Summer Olympic Games, it has always been silver but never the gold. The fact that not even once was the country able to claim the highest athletic achievement in a major international sporting event like the Olympics has rankled national committees and commissions for decades. Insufficient performance by Filipino Olympians can be traced to the country not having quality training facilities for them, aside from funding problems and lack of people support. On the subject of training facilities however, the Philippines can perhaps finally answer that.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

SPINOFF Series of Pixar's "MONSTERS, INC." Launching 2020 on DISNEY+

Every now and then, Disney goes and turns some of their Animated Canon films into TV series. The probability of small-screen success for such a move usually depends on two things: having the film’s original cast reprising their characters for a number of episodes and possibly multiple seasons, plus having an effective writing team to create the ongoing storyline these characters must live through. Disney’s recent hits in this vein include “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure” and “Big Hero 6: The Series.” Now, they are looking to replicate that success with yet another movie conversion, this time of a Pixar creation too.

Several 2019 PRIMETIME EMMY NOMINEE Voters Caught Engaged in BLOCK VOTING by Academy and DISQUALIFIED

It is not yet quite awards season, but a number of these major media awards such as this year’s Primetime Emmys have begun their voting on the nominee TV programs that will get in for a a chance to win the award. While there must be some method of madness as to how the TV series, documentaries, actors and others, are selected for contention at the Emmy Awards, there is the rule that each voter in these award-giving bodies must cast their selections as individuals, without discussing their choices with other voters. Guess what hiccup has just transpired on the road to the Primetime Emmys.