Friday, August 21, 2015

Sid Lucero: The Philippines' Indie Master

With his chiseled features, mesmerizing eyes, infectious smile and talent in acting and modelling, it's no wonder that Sid Lucero is one of the most handsome and enduring faces in both Philippine TV and fashion. Let's get to know Sid Lucero more and find out what it takes to be a sucessful actor and indie master like him.

On his showbiz career and success in the industry

Sid Lucero was born to actor Mark Gil and Bing Pimentel as Timothy Mark Pimentel Eigenmann. When asked about his screen name (because it does sounds far off from his real name), he shared that it was actually taken from his father's character in the film Batch '81.  Despite being born as a part of a showbiz royalty clan, Sid reached his status and success through his own efforts. He never relied on his family's name alone, rather he trained and worked hard to carve his place in showbiz.

Sid Ludero started his career in showbiz in 2004 in GMA's telenovela "Hanggang Kailan". This was followed by another teleserye in ABS-CBN with Judy Ann Santos in "Krystala". Though he has been in numerous teleseryes, TV shows and films throughout the years, it was his roles in Philippine Independent Films that vividly showed his prowess in acting. He gave a commendable acting performance in "Selda" which landed him a Best Actor Award in the 31st Gawad Urian Awards, 6th Gawad Tanglaw Awards and November 2008 Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece. His role on Donson landed him an award from the Golden Screen for Best Breakthrough Performance of an Actor as well as Best Actor nominations from other various film events and organizations.

On his family and personal life

The Eigenmanns are surely a close-knit showbiz family and Sid, being a part of it, is of no exception. He loves working out with his cousin Geoff Eigenmann and hanging around with other family members. 

When asked about his father's death and how it affected their family, Sid confessed that the passing away of his father had been too painful for him and his other siblings. They have been used to the presence of their patriarch especially in family events that when they celebrated Christmas last year without him, it had been a bittersweet event. However, they're also happy because they know that their father is now at peace.

Sid accedes to being a family man. Now that he is not so busy with work and he is single once again, he's devoting his time and attention to his daughter from ex-girlfriend Bea Lao. Even though that he's used to taking care of his siblings, he acknowledges that taking care of his own daughter is very different and on a whole new level. For him, being a father is a wonderful experience that helped open a lot of new perspectives in his life. He just hopes that his daughter will live comfortably and grow up to become the person that she wants to be in the future. When asked to describe his daughter in one word, Sid said (with adoration in his eyes) that she's amazing. Even before saying "I love her", I already know he has great love for his daughter Halo. 

On his trending selfie with the Hollywood stars 

Sid recently flew with co-actor Archie Alemania and director Lav Diaz for the 30th Film Independent Spirit Awards in Sta. Monica, California to represent the Philippines with their official entry, "Norte: Hanggang sa Kasaysayan".

Aside from walking in the red carpet with the Hollywood stars, they also had some selfies with them. When asked about it, Sid just said that he can't keep his fanmode off and can't keep from posting it on Instagram especially since he was able to have his selfies with really famous actors and actresses like Julianne Moore. So even if "Norte" wasn't able to bag any awards, they still felt like winners for having been given the chance to represent the Philippines in the international scene. Walking in the red carpet and taking selfies with the Hollywood stars are just added bonus.

On his hobbies and interests

Aside from mastering his craft as an Indie Master, Sid also enjoys a lot of other activities outside of acting. He loves to model and pose for prints. He also takes good care of his body and physique through working out and practicing Juijitsu. Recently, Sid excitedly shared that he learned how to cook and he now specializes in cooking meat and tomato-based pasta and dishes. He also loves surfing, traveling with his daughter and friends and eating spicy food.
Here is an exclusive one on one sit down interview with Timmy! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

JayR: The Philippine’s King of R&B on The Morgan Show

I got the chance to interview the King of R&B JayR over lunch at his resto Treehouse in A Venue Makati City

Read on and find out that aside from his voice, there’s so much more to love about JayR as he constantly re-invent himself as one of the Philippines’ most acclaimed artists. 

The Making of a King

From being dubbed as the Philippines’ R&B Prince to being hailed as the new King of RNB, there’s no doubt that JayR’s reign in the world of R&B here in the Philippines is none like any other. 

JayR whose real name is Gaudencio Silona III is a Filipino-American singer. He grew up from a family of musicians; his father is a pianist while his mother is a singer. He started his musical career from humble beginnings like being a demo vocalist for other producers in Hollywood, performing with the group called “First Impression” and producing records for various local artists in his parent’s house.

He was given a big break in the musical scene when he signed for a network deal with GMA and a record deal with Universal Records in 2003. When he released his album “Gameface” in that same year which reached a platinum record, JayR has since then became a household name in the Philippines. 

His cool, smooth and suave voice have been heard in a lot of commercials as well as teleserye and movie soundtracks. People have looked forward to his song numbers and performances as well as his duets with the R&B Princess (now dubbed as the R&B Queen), Kyla, in GMA’s shows SOP and Sunday All Stars. 

Now that he has grown from Prince to being the King of RNB, JayR is never shy in admitting that he is comfortable with the title. According to him, it makes perfect sense as the songs that he usually sings are R&B. However, he is very open in re-inventing himself as he can also perfectly belt out songs of other genres just as fine.

Taking R&B to the Next Level

JayR is not only a singer and a performer; he is also an actor, endorser, producer and a business man, owning and managing a record label. 

In 2006, he founded his own record label named “JayR Music” but renamed it into “Homeworkz Entertainment Services” in 2009. His dedication to take R&B in the Philippines into new heights is just commendable and outstanding. He did this by focusing on his independent label to better distribute his original work. This has led him to produce a new generation of Hip-Hop and R&B artists like Q-York, Chelo A., Salbakuta and Mica Javier to name a few. His own label has also opened a number of opportunities for him to work with international names such as Marie’ Digby and Timbaland Productions. 

On his YFSF Experience

After a decade of staying with GMA, JayR transferred to ABS-CBN just this 2015. According to JayR he needed some change and a new environment to work with.

Surprisingly, the change was something he didn’t expect. He became a contestant on a high rated reality show “Your Face Sounds Familiar” in which he emerged as one of the top finalists. 

At first, JayR confessed that it was indeed challenging to impersonate other celebrities as the task requires a lot more than just singing. However, he said that he enjoyed working hard and doing his best for all his performances during the show. Viewers have applauded JayR for his feats especially when he performed as Pepe Smith, Kenny Rogers and Alice Cooper. Even the rock icon himself, Alice Cooper, recognized his performance and tweeted about it, urging his followers to check out JayR’s performance as Alice Cooper in YFSF. 

When asked about what he felt about Alice Cooper’s tweet, JayR beamed and said: “It feels great to be noticed by the ‘Godfather Of Shock Rock.’ I feel like my hard work is paying off and getting recognized so much, that even the icons I portray are taking notice. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten that kind of attention, and I must say that it is extremely satisfying.”

What’s next for JayR after YFSF?

After YFSF, JayR is trying his best to juggle his career and his businesses. He recently acquired the Treehouse Tavern in Makati. He invited us to visit the place and enticed us by enumerating what it offers. Other than their best tasting pancakes, beef steak, lechon kawali, burgers and pastas , They also have foosball, darts, beer pong and a PS4 where people can actually play while waiting for their food and drinks. Treehouse is a perfect place to just hang-out and chill that’s why it is always packed with people every day.

Aside from managing his restaurant, JayR can also be seen every Sunday on ASAP. He’s also busy with his tours for his album “Elevated” inside and outside the country. Check out his website for more details about his schedule and gigs

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Alternative Rock Band IMAGINE DRAGONS to perform live in Manila

Following their massively successful debut in 2012 to an arena headlining tour in 2014, Grammy-winning alternative rock band IMAGINE DRAGONS is coming to Manila!

Music Management Inc. (#MMILive) is thrilled to announce the Las Vegas four-piece band will bring their Smoke + Mirrors Tour on August 27, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Tickets are now sale via SM Tickets (

After the successful run of their debut Night Visions—filled with anthems like “On Top of the World”, “Demons” and the Grammy Award-winning single “Radioactive” -- Imagine Dragons spent nearly two years bringing their passionately inventive brand of alt-rock to arenas around the world. With more than 130 headline dates and 50 festivals across the globe, the Las Vegas-based quartet threw themselves into creating material for their second album Smoke + Mirrors, which marks the first release recorded in their new self-built home studio. 

“So many things were changing for us so quickly, the only way to feel some kind of stability was to keep writing,” says frontman Dan Reynolds, who founded Imagine Dragons with guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman.

After Alex Da Kid signed them to his KIDinaKORNER / Interscope label, the band made its major-label debut with the release of Continued Silence, a 2012 EP featuring the 2x platinum breakthrough single "It's Time." Night Visions arrived later that year and Imagine Dragons found themselves on a skyward trajectory that saw the album debut at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, sell nearly four million copies worldwide, and became the No. 1 album on Spotify Worldwide for 2013.

Night Visions' second single, the 9x-platinum "Radioactive," hit No. 1 on the Billboard Rock chart and earned the band a 2014 Grammy for "Best Rock Performance" and also became the best-selling rock song in U.S. digital history. The third single, "Demons," hit No. 1 at Alternative and Top 40 radio, and has sold 3.9 million copies in the U.S. The band has sold more than 24 million tracks worldwide and has surpassed one billion streams on Spotify.

Smoke + Mirrors marks the band’s very first Asian Tour so don’t miss the chance to see one of contemporary rock music’s most important bands on August 27, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena, promoted by MMILive and Live Nation.

Visit #MMILive, SM Tickets (, or call (+632) 470-2222 for the latest ticket information. 

Smart opens pre-registration for Samsung Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Shortly after the much anticipated worldwide unveiling of the Samsung Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus at its Unpacked Event at the New York Lincoln Center, the Philippines’ undisputed mobile services leader Smart Communications, Inc. has opened its pre-order site for the latest powerhouse devices of the Korean tech giant.

Be among the first to get hold of the Samsung Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus when they reach the Philippine shores by signing up at

“The Samsung Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are a welcome addition to our portfolio of phone offerings that are specially designed so you can live the Smart Life to the fullest,” said Smart Postpaid business head Kathy Carag.

Go bigger on your Smart Life experience

Prior to the launch, Samsung teased netizens with an intriguing blog post enumerating reasons why a bigger phone is better – for taking pictures, filming videos, reading articles, for texting or chatting, preparing business presentations, watching films,  and playing mobile games.

“The phone is no longer just for making calls and listening to music. It has evolved into a life companion capable of making just about every aspect of our lives more convenient, and screen size plays a big part in this,”  Samsung noted.

As expected, Samsung packs bigger and better features in its latest phablet and smartphone, advancing their design, multitasking features, and battery life.

With the Samsung Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, you can go bigger on your Smart Life experience -  from capturing and sharing your biggest moments on Instagram or Facebook, watching your favorite videos on iFlix or Viewstream, listening to music on Spinnr or Deezer, playing mobile games or preparing your business presentations on the fly.

“If you are searching for a powerful smartphone or phablet, or simply want to upgrade to a multitasking handset that can keep up with the diverse needs of your lifestyle, these new Samsung devices,  optimized by Smart, might just be perfect for you," Carag added.

Tens of thousands of new Smart Postpaid subscribers

Smart expects the latest Samsung devices to sustain its remarkable growth in the first half of the year as tens of thousands of new subscribers signed up to enjoy Smart Postpaid ’s attractive device and content bundles, backed by the country’s widest 4G and LTE network.

Pre-order sites can be accessed through these links:

Smart Postpaid: 

Smart Infinity:

To stay updated on the latest Smart Postpaid offers, log on to and follow Smart’s official accounts on Facebook and Twitter (@SMARTCares) for updates. #SmartNote5 #SmartGalaxyS6Edge

Zoo Addiction

If there is one thing I love, it’s a captivating tale of science fiction. The television series ‘Zoo,’ based on a novel by James Patterson, is such a tale. That is why I would definitely recommend anyone to watch it. If you love delving into a world where science has some real repercussions, then you will love Zoo.

Zoo is all about when science falls into the wrong hands for all the wrong reasons. Each new episode adds suspense and leaves you wondering who will survive in the end. The summer series began at the end of June at a running start. It is the perfect way for any television buff to spend summer evenings.

One of the things that I really like about this is that it isn’t inclusive to one species of animals or location. The idea behind the show covers all animals on a global arena. One minute everything is fine. The next, the animals are attacking and killing people without provocation. In that way, it has an almost apocalyptic feel to it. Everyone is tense in the show because the problem that they all face is magnified and no one knows how to stop it.

The series began at the end of June in Botswana. James Wolk plays an American zoologist named Jackson Oz. Jackson rescues tourist Chloe Tousignant from a lion attack. Only Chloe turns out to be an animal behavior analyst. It seems that animals across the globe are turning on people. It only takes the first few episodes for them to form a group with others to solve the problem. 

Traditional animal behavior patterns across the globe change or alter. The animals’ behavior suggests a newfound level of intelligence that rivals that of humans. They attack unsuspecting people who venture into their territory or cross their paths. Back in episode two, a perfect example of this showed a man who led into an ambush by a pet dog owned by the hotel. Zoo lions in the same episode begin to portray hive-like communication patterns. Everything relates back to a powerful biotechnology company called Reiden. We also discover that Jackson’s late father, Robert is somehow involved as well.

In the center of the chaos is our primary group of characters, including Jackson Oz. Jackson speaks to his mother about the animals in episode three. She suggests he locate his late father’s rejected research results in Japan.

As the story continues, we delve deeper into the mystery behind the mother cell. It is the one thing that appears to be the root cause of the whole problem. The tale is one of science fiction that leaves you yearning for more.

James Wolk’s character, Jackson Oz, is the most interesting of the group. He is working on a global problem and dealing with his late father's involvement in it. There’s some internal conflict going on in his mind, no doubt.

Wolk is new to television acting. He graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre, & Dance back in 2007. He has been a rising television star since 2008. That is when he landed his first role in Front of the Class. Since 2008, his acting career has been rocketing uphill. In a few short years, he has played several more roles, lending variety to his acting career.  I think it’s safe to say that we will be seeing much more from James Wolk in the future. I fell in love with him on his role as an advertising guy on the TV Series 'The Crazy Ones' with Robbin Williams.

Catch ZOO every Tuesday at 9pm on CBS.