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Among the traditionally top tourist destinations in Southeast Asia is the island of Bali in Indonesia. It’s not difficult to understand why international travelers continue to flock into that resort island province. The vibrant Balinese culture is a major draw; so too the beaches and the high biodiversity of marine life that attracts underwater explorers. And the tourist accommodation facilities are nothing to sneeze at either. Granted, not many people can just drop everything and fly to Bali for vacation. But there’s a very affordable alternative here in GenSan to enjoy a private little resort hotel stay with a “Bali Experience”. 
Only a short drive up Conel Road leading to the Barangay proper, one can find a cozy little nook that is just the ticket to feeling like you’re staying at a resort in Bali…or the absolute closest to it. The Bamboo Garden Hotel is the hottest and most awesome little party and events place here in GenSan today. Its layout and design is sure to make any guest fall in love with it, seeing as it’s just like a tropically-themed miniature hotel, with five guest rooms, a KTV hall, an outdoor kitchen bar and grill, a veranda/covered stage, outdoor cafĂ© tables and its very own swimming pool. Getting excited yet?

The best part about the Bamboo Garden Hotel is that, rather than have its rooms be offered individually, they are presenting the whole place to be an exclusive events or party venue for a private group of guests. Bamboo Garden offers no less than three venue packages with which a party planner can organize a social event that’s sure to come across as a slice of Balinese paradise, even for just overnight, for you and your circle of jolly merrymakers.
Whichever package a guest group may avail of for their event, they’ll get to enjoy the cozy privacy of the hotel grounds, with tasteful garden plants and well-kept lawn. The open area is well-illuminated with plentiful natural and artificial shade. The garden bar is well-appointed with a refrigerator and water dispenser, along with an outdoor grill and kitchen workspace with sink. Each of the five guest rooms are exquisitely furnished with queen-sized beds, end tables, wall mirrors, their own individual bathrooms with toilets, sinks and showers, and wall-mounted flat-screen TVs with their own library of the most popular contemporary films.
Now let’s look at the various accommodation packages for the Bamboo Garden Hotel. Package 1, worth P7500, will reserve the venue for any event with a maximum of 30 people. All rooms are made available, and the partygoers can sing to their hearts’ content at the KTV hall until midnight. The swimming pool of course is free to use, along with the refrigerator to store their drinks and food. Guests beyond the packaged 30 are charged per head (P100 adult, P50 children). Check-in time at the venue is at 2 in the afternoon with checkout the following day, 11 AM.

Package 2 is a bit beefier in perks, to the value of P14500. In addition to the services and features on Package 1, guest groups will also be accorded catering by the Bamboo Garden Hotel, again good for 30 persons. The meal will consist of 3 viands, a choice of one vegetable dish or pasta, one dessert offering, rice and soft-drinks. Package 3 is the ultimate Bamboo Garden event arrangement, as for the price of P18500 the management will throw in all there is to be had in Packages 1 and 2, but the maximum party guests will be 50.
We’ve covered the amenities of the Bamboo Garden Hotel, as well as the event and catering packages they’ve in store. But that’s not all this wonderful place has to offer its guests. When booking the venue several days in advance for their event, guests can make arrangements for professional and licensed masseurs to drop by and offer Balinese massages in the guest rooms. Hey, we did say that the atmosphere in the Bamboo Garden is like a taste of Bali, didn’t we?
To wrap things up, the venue doesn’t charge fees for corkage, and guests have the option to extend their stay at Bamboo Garden Hotel beyond their initial event, if they’d like to make it a private stay-cation in GenSan. Such extensions of accommodations are also accepted, subject to management approval and availability beyond other venue bookings. Guests will have their reservations confirmed on schedule if they’ve paid at least 50% of their package price.

For many would-be vacationers or party planners, setting up an event way down south in Bali could easily cost an arm and a leg. Why pine for an expensive trip when you can go Balinese with your friends or family in a nice little quiet corner of GenSan? Look no further for your social event than the Bamboo Garden Hotel, located at Conel Road, Purok Malinawon right here in General Santos City.
Visit their official website at or their official Facebook page at for more information and photos of the venue. Finally call 0939-929- 1067 for more inquiries and to make your reservations. Bali is closer than you think.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


The CW and its stable of awesome TV series adaptations of superhero characters from DC Comics now have a new addition to its lineup. And the new guy (technically an old guy making a comeback in-universe) is totally in tune with an up and coming trend for comic-book characters crossing over to audiovisual media: the black superhero. While Disney-Marvel is taking its African king-hero to the big screen, Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment is taking their counterpart to television with “Black Lightning,” from the brilliant minds at Berlanti Productions that conceptualized “Arrow” and “Flash”. The new series premiered on Tuesday.
“Black Lightning” stars Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce, a charter high school principal, reasonable authority figure, and divorced parent with two daughters. But in secret he is also a meta-human with the power to control electricity. In his youth Pierce fought crime under the costumed identity of Black Lightning, only to retire from such heroics nine years before the TV series begins. He would have been content to spend the rest of his life being a mundane educator, only for a sudden resurgence of gang violence and rampant corruption in his community forcing him to resume his superhero identity.
At a glance it is easy to see the differences between “Black Lightning” and the “Black Panther” movie. While both feature African-American actors and actresses, the latter has them mostly portraying Africans in a secluded but highly advanced Afro-futurist nation. The CW show is far more down to earth and approachable, with an African-American high school principal doing his best to protect and guide the students under his watch. His daughters are also involved, with the elder Anissa (Nafessa Williams) being a part-time teacher and her younger sister Jennifer (China Anne McClain) as a popular athlete-scholar with an independent spirit.
In the pilot episode “The Resurrection” aired January 16, matters come to a head in Jefferson’s life when Jennifer stakes for a boyfriend a lackey of the 100 Gang which has been steadily building a corrupt influence in their neighborhood. While bound by a promise he made to his ex-wife Lynn (Christine Adams), circumstances force Jefferson to return as the Black Lightning to confront the 100 Gang, and here the show focuses on a culturally-sensitive subject in American society: the “Angry Black Man” issue, despite being channeled on a crusade against crime. “Black Lightning” treats this matter delicately yet effectively.
This first-season outing for “Black Lightning” on The CW will run for 13 episodes, and there’s a lot of catching up for Warner-DC seeing as Marvel already has “Luke Cage” on Netflix and “Black Panther” premiering on February. But judging on the quality of the pilot and upcoming episodes, it seems “Black Lightning” will do its premise and theme well.
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It’s been a hair-raisingly dangerous weekend over in the province of Albay, especially for the communities within close proximity to the perfectly symmetrical slopes of Mayon. The active volcano has been especially restless this early in the year, with about nine brief but plainly obvious eruptions and no less than 75 lava collapses, threatening to spew hot materials all the way down to the surrounding towns. In this increasingly dire situation the Albay provincial government was spurred by their governor to quickly declare a state of calamity this Monday. It was granted and put into effect on the following day.
According to Reuters, Albay Governor Al Bichara began petitioning the declaration of a state of emergency to the provincial board starting January 15, about two days after the start of the intensifying volcanic activity at Mayon, the area of which is shared geographically by no less than five municipalities and three cities in the province. The board approved the request, allowing for the state of calamity to be formally declared on Tuesday, January 16. The declaration is necessary to allow the Albay government to access its specially allotted calamity fund in order to address the immediate needs of their evacuees.
Speaking about the need to have a state of emergency declared quickly for Albay, Gov. Bichara tells news channel ANC, “This kind of eruption, it will take about weeks, so we have to sustain the operations in the evacuation centers. We need to use the calamity funds.” In his estimate, a total of 25,000 local residents in close proximity to Mayon have already been evacuated, three thousand more than the recorded number by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). Classes have also been suspended provincially in order to have the school campus be readied as evacuation centers.
Mayon’s activity ratcheted up back in Saturday, January 13, and as of Tuesday when the state of calamity was declared in Albay, the volcano has been put on Alert Level 3 by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) due to the gathering magma at the crater and the occurrence of pyroclastic flows, which would be potentially damaging if they can reach down to ground level where the surrounding communities lie. There is a possibility that a truly hazardous eruption could happen in days or weeks from now, whereupon the Alert Level will be raised to 5, the maximum.
The Philippines is home to numerous active volcanoes such as Mayon, due to being located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, where borders of tectonic plates are located, which are a major contributing factor to the emergence of volcanoes pouring out magma from deep beneath the surface of the Earth.
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