Friday, November 22, 2019

TESLA Reveals CYBERTRUCK Pickup Truck; ARRIVING 2021, Target of JOKES Now

It might be said that hallmark of Tesla is the designing and manufacture of electric-powered vehicles that look and drive like one might expect of the future. Their Model X SUV and Models S and 3 sedans have been among the most prominent e-vehicles in the market today, especially the Model 3 which is supposed to make such cars reasonably affordable. Tesla’s research on auto-piloting systems has also been of great interest in spite of some major hiccups. But the company and its CEO Elon Musk have other irons in the fire, such as an electric-powered pickup truck. This Thursday night, the “Cybertruck” was unveiled.


For Filipinos tuning into noontime variety shows way back in the 1990s, the trend at the time was that the show stages were the realm where dance groups reigned supreme. When a new and danceable pop song came out, sooner or later a dance group would have taken the stage with an awesome choreographed routine for it, wowing audiences and viewers alike. Names like the Universal Motion Dancers (UMD), Streetboys and The Manoeuvres were household words with fans, and some of the members of these troupes would go on to have fruitful individual showbiz careers themselves. Now however, the stage calls them one more time.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

DISNEY Live-Action “MULAN” International POSTER Features Stunning Visuals and Curious HINTS

The 1998 Disney animated film “Mulan” was something of a landmark moment for the studio’s decade-spanning “Animated Canon.” This was the first film to feature a female lead character that was undoubtedly an “action girl,” a concept what would be visited years later with the Pixar co-production “Brave.” Over two decades since its original release, Disney is preparing to roll out a live-action adaptation for “Mulan” in the vein of all their recent live movie remakes. While the actual premiere of the film is still a few months off, new promotional material has been trickling out, like this international poster.